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Time Stopped

A couple of days after you being put on sentry duty, Chatot announces that time has stopped in Treeshroud Forest. Everyone is bewildered from this, and Chatot explains what has happened from this. He also says this is because the Time Gear from the area was stolen!

New area and recruitment

Right after the announcement, Chatot will give you a new assignment because of your capturing of Drowzee: traveling into a new area. This is a waterfall area, first known as Secret Waterfall. Once you climb to the next floor, Chimecho comes and informs you of the new recruitment system. You can now recruit new members! There is one restriction, though. You must deliver the final blow for even a chance to recruit the member, not your partner or any other team member. Once your team gets four members, every other recruited member is teleported to the guild, where it can now be found in the assembly.

Secret Waterfall

When you arrive, you just see a waterfall. Your partner walks straight into it, and is quickly shot back. You may think that it's impossible to go through, but then you have another dizzy spell, and see a silhouette jumping through the waterfall, and landing into a cave. You tell your partner about this, but they are skeptical. After much pondering, your partner decides they'll trust you. You both jump in, and land safely in the cave.

Waterfall Cave

Now it's time to explore! This area is 8 floors full of many Water-types, with some Grass-type thrown in. Grimer, a Poison-type, can also be found. If you yourself are a Water-type and your partner isn't a Grass-type or Electric-type, or vice-versa, you'll most likely have trouble. If you or your partner is Grass or Electric, or you are Electric and your partner is Electric, or vice-versa, you should have no problem, unless you're underleveled or if you encounter numerous Grimer. This would be a good time to recruit some members for your team.


Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Psyduck (Pokémon) Psyduck 1-8 9-10 8.2%
Poliwag (Pokémon) Poliwag 1-8 9-10 6.4%
Grimer (Pokémon) Grimer 1-8 9-10 6.4%
Tangela (Pokémon) Tangela 1-8 10-11 6.4%
Wooper (Pokémon) Wooper 1-8 10-11 8.2%
Lotad (Pokémon) Lotad 1-8 10-11 6.4%
Surskit (Pokémon) Surskit 1-8 11-12 6.4%
Barboach (Pokémon) Barboach 1-8 11-12 8.2%
Whiscash (Pokémon) Whiscash 5-8 11-12 0.5%

When you finish exploring, you see a giant gem in the wall. It's stuck, though, and you and your partner take turns pulling it. Another dizzy spell is activated, and you see the silhouette you saw before being taken by a current of water. While this happens, your partner pushes the gem. This, however, releases the surge of water, and your team is shot to the Hot Spring. You relax for a while, and are now ready for more adventures. Later, you find out that the silhouette you kept seeing was Wigglytuff! You tell Chatot this a little bit after your summary about the cave, and he later tells you that the Guild master did, indeed, go through that cave. Chatot wonders why you would want to spoil your discovery like that. Later that night, your partner talks about how they want to solve the mystery of their Relic Stone again, and also says how exploring with you boosted their courage. Also mentioned is how your dizzy spells always happen when you touch something. Chatot then arrives and tells you to see the guild master, who tells you about the upcoming expedition, and how you're being considered to go on it! It's now time to step up the effort!

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