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Forming an Exploration Team

The player and partner head for Wigglytuff's Guild and step onto a grate that lets a Pokémon look at another Pokémon's footprint. After some trouble analyzing your footprint, you and your partner enter the guild. Chatot, the guild's second-in-command, tells you that they have no time for salespeople or silly surveys. Your partner tells Chatot that you and your partner want form an exploration team. This makes Chatot look surprised and mumble to himself about how rare it is to see a kid want to join the guild, especially because of how hard the guild's training is. Your partner asks if the training is really that severe and Chatot tells him/her that it isn't and that the training is as easy as it can be. Chatot then shows you and your partner the guild's second underground floor, which is where the apprentices mainly work. He then tells you that to register a team, you need to talk to the Guildmaster, Wigglytuff. He also tells you not to be discourteous to him. Chatot tells Wigglytuff that he has two Pokémon that wish to join the guild as apprentices and he introduces himself to them. He tells you that your team must register a team name and you select a name for your team. After selecting a name for your new team, Wigglytuff registers your team and gives you an official Exploration Team Badge, a Wonder Map, a random scarf, a colored ribbon, and a Treasure Bag. Chatot shows you and your partner your room, which only has two beds and a window. Chatot tells you not to stay up late. Later, when you go to bed, your partner says that he/she is finally glad that he/she finally made himself/herself come to the guild. Your partner also thought Wigglytuff would be scary, though he seems pretty friendly and that you and your partner are going to experience all sorts of things tomorrow, but he/she isn't very scared. Actually, it is the other way around and your partner is super excited about the adventures you and him/her are going to make. Your partner then sleeps while you think about how exciting it is to be in an exploration team and how fun it is to be friends with your partner. You then think about who you are and how you turned into a Pokémon. You then sleep.

The First Mission

The next morning, you hear someone abruptly shouting into your room and telling you to wake up. Your head is pounding because of the voice being so loud. The Pokémon asks you why you are still asleep and tells you to wake up. The Pokémon then tells you to snap out of it and introduces himself as Loudred, who is also an apprentice at the guild. Loudred tells you if you're late for the morning briefing, you will regret it as Wigglytuff has a big temper. If you make him lose it, it would be a scary scene and tells you and your partner that he has goose bumps just thinking about what would happen. Loudred then tells you to wake up because he doesn't want to get in trouble because of you two showing up late. Startled, you and your partner head out to the main room. Loudred tells you that you're late and Chatot tells him to be quiet because of his ridiculously loud voice. Once Chatot notices that everyone is there, Chatot calls out Wigglytuff for the morning address. When Wigglytuff comes out, he is actually revealed to be sleeping, while there are Pokémon whispering about how he can sleep with his eyes open. After Chatot thanks him for his "words of wisdom" and tells the guild to take those words to heart, the guild begins their morning cheers:


Then the guild's members go to work. Chatot calls your team to go with him instead of wandering around. You, your partner, and Chatot go to the Job Board and he tells you and your partner basic information about mystery dungeons, how they appear because of the flow of time becoming messed up. After your partner describes to you how the cave you went in yesterday was a mystery dungeon. After that, you're given your first mission, retrieving a Spoink's pearl in Drenched Bluff. Your partner tells Chatot that he/she wants a job more exciting while Chatot tells him that your team needs to pay their dues and tells you what happens if you faint in a dungeon again. You're then told to get on with the job

Drenched Bluff

Floors: 7
Boss: None
Predominant type: water

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Lileep (Pokémon) Lileep 1-6 3-4 6.4%
Anorith (Pokémon) Anorith 1-6 3-4 8.2%
Shellos (Pokémon) Shellos
West Sea
1-6 4-5 6.4%
Chingling (Pokémon) Chingling 3-6 4-5 8.2%
The depths of Drenched Bluff
The entrance to Drenched Bluff

Outside of Drenched Bluff, your partner reminds you that Spoink's pearl is on the 7th floor. He/She then tells you to be careful as it sounds like a seriously dangerous place. After that, you're told to do your best and you head in. The game now tells you that you and your partner can now hold one item. The game also tells you that the Treasure Bag can also hold 16 items with you and that some items only work if held by a Pokémon. If the game hasn't given them already, it will give many more tips. On the 7th floor, you find Spoink's pearl and return it to the Guild. In the Guild, Spoink thanks you and tells you that the pearl must be on his head. Spoink then rewards your team with a Protein, a Calcium, and an Iron, and 2000 Poké. Your partner is very excited about the big payroll but Chatot asks him/her to give it to him and explains that the guild shall take most of the Poké and will give only 10% to the team. Your partner is very upset. After that dinner, Chimecho thanks everyone for waiting and tells everyone that she finished making dinner. After dinner, the team goes to bed. At night, your partner asks you if you thought today was hectic because so much happened. Your partner then tells you that he/she is relieved that the mission had succeeded and tells you how disappointing it was how the guild gets 90% of the money. Your partner tells you that what made him/her happy was getting thanked. He/She then goes to sleep.

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