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On the Beach

Are...Are you OK?!
No! Don't let go!
Just a little longer...Come on! Hang on!
N-n-no! I can't...hold on...!

Those are the opening words of Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. The black screen then shows rain falling on a stormy sea. Several landmarks are lit up with lightning. There is a black scene, then it shows a pretty sea with a beach and cliff in the bottom left hand corner. You wake up and ask yourself where you are. You fall back asleep.

Wigglytuff's Guild

This cuts to your partner outside the Wigglytuff's Guild thinking of going inside. Your partner says that she/he's going to do it. As soon as he steps on the lattice, however, your partner jumps back off the lattice at the sound of the footprint detector. Your partner can't work up the courage and says that he/she thought holding his personal treasure, the Relic Fragment, would give him/her courage. Your partner then leaves the path up into the Guild. Back outside the entrance, a Koffing and a Zubat float and speak. They decide to steal the Relic Fragment.

Back on the beach

There is a cut scene of the beach with Krabby blowing bubbles. Your partner comes and says what a pretty sight it is. This cuts to a setting sun with bubbles in front of it. He/She then remarks on how when the weather is good at sunset they come out to blow bubbles. He/She says he is feeling sorry for himself, but the sight cheers him up. Your partner then notices you, lying on the beach, unconscious and comes over to wake you up. You tell your partner that you are a human and he/she panics, and says that you look like a totally normal Pokémon. He/She asks for your name, which you will tell him/her. Then, the aforementioned Koffing and Zubat turn up and steal your partner's treasure. They run off with it.

In Beach Cave

After Koffing and Zubat run off with your partner's Relic Fragment, your partner asks if you will go after them with him/her. When you accept, you both enter Beach Cave.

Beach Cave has four floors and a Beach Cave pit, where you battle Koffing and Zubat to retrieve the Relic Fragment.


Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Kabuto (Pokémon) Kabuto 1-4 1 Unrecruitable
Shellos (Pokémon) Shellos
East Sea
1-4 2 Unrecruitable
Corsola (Pokémon) Corsola 1-4 2 Unrecruitable
Shellder (Pokémon) Shellder 1-4 1 Unrecruitable
Team Skull
Koffing (Pokémon) Koffing Pit 6 Unrecruitable Boss
Zubat (Pokémon) Zubat Pit 3 Unrecruitable Boss

Koffing and Zubat

In the Beach Cave Pit, which is the 5th floor of Beach Cave, you and your partner battle Koffing and Zubat. When they are defeated they give the Relic Fragment back to your partner and run away. Your partner picks it up and you both leave. Outside your partner tells you about how he didn't have enough courage to become an explorer and find the mystery behind his Relic Fragment. Then he asks you if you want to join the Wigglytuff's Guild with him. When you agree, the game title appears and you are asked if you want to save the game.

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