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After the incident in Treasure Town, Cresselia will tell you she will hunt down Darkrai with you. So, she'll be near your bluff, and will tell you to go and get ready quickly. Once you are ready, she will lead you to Dark Crater!

At the Entrance

It appears to be a volcanic cavern, with slimy, purple walls on the outside and small flames regenerating from them. Your partner thinks about this for a moment, then decides that you really are about to face Darkrai. Cresselia mentions there's no telling what Darkrai has in store for the three of you. You must proceed with utmost caution!

Dark Crater

You can already tell from the name the description of the place the main type is Fire. This dungeon is very long, having 30 floors (though there is a midway point halfway through), and you'll have to deal with some varying weather conditions. Make sure you have a Water-type with you, to help you out. Still, you have Cresselia with you, so it shouldn't be as hard as it would be.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Chimchar (Pokémon) Chimchar 1-10 5,6 8.2%
Cyndaquil (Pokémon) Cyndaquil 1-10 5-7 8.2%
Hippowdon (Pokémon) Hippowdon 1-10 ? 8.2%
Numel (Pokémon) Numel 1-11 15 6.4%
Slugma (Pokémon) Slugma 1-12 15, 16 8.2%
Growlithe (Pokémon) Growlithe 1-13 16, 18 8.2%
Ponyta (Pokémon) Ponyta 1-13 17 8.2%
Torchic (Pokémon) Torchic 1-14 5 8.2%
Monferno (Pokémon) Monferno 1-15, DP1-5 44 -10%
Charmander (Pokémon) Charmander 1-15, DP1-5 5 8.2%
Quilava (Pokémon) Quilava 1-15, DP1-5 50 -10%
Combusken (Pokémon) Combusken 1-15, DP1-8 45 -10%
Flareon (Pokémon) Flareon 1-15, DP1-9,11-14 50 -12%
Camerupt (Pokémon) Camerupt 3-15, DP1-6 47 -12%
Rapidash (Pokémon) Rapidash 4-15, DP1-9,11-14 ? -4.5%
Mewtwo (Pokémon) Mewtwo 6 D 50 -22% *
Arcanine (Pokémon) Arcanine 7-15, DP1-9,11-14 ? -12%
Entei (Pokémon) Entei DP10 TD 47 6.4% *
Magcargo (Pokémon) Magcargo 13-15, DP1-11, Bottom ? 0.5%
Rhyperior (Pokémon) Rhyperior DP3-14, Bottom ? -12%
Magmortar (Pokémon) Magmortar DP5-14, Bottom ? -10%
Charizard (Pokémon) Charizard DP6-9,11-14 ? -12%
Typhlosion (Pokémon) Typhlosion DP6-9,11-14 ? -12%
Infernape (Pokémon) Infernape DP6-14 ? -12%
Torkoal (Pokémon) Torkoal DP7-14 ? 6.4%
Mismagius (Pokémon) Mismagius DP7-14, Bottom ? 8.2%
Blaziken (Pokémon) Blaziken DP9-14 ? -12%
Aggron (Pokémon) Aggron Bottom ? -10%
Arbok (Pokémon) Arbok Bottom ? -12%
Darkrai (Pokémon) Darkrai Bottom 53 -22%
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