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You'll hear from Corphish in Treasure Town that Sunflora, who's at the bottom floor of the guild, is excited about something. Corphish says it sounds suspiciously like a dungeon, since Sunflora keeps on exclaiming about some place called the Surrounded Sea. Sunflora is at the bottom level of the guild, so go there.

Sunflora will start off the conversation by asking whether you know a place called the Surrounded Sea. Apparently, it's a sea far to the north. It's also uncharted on the ocean, and unfortunately has been encrusted with ice over tens of thousands of years. But good news! Fortunately, someone found a break in the ice, so the gap opened a way to go into that enclosed area. Sunflora, like Corphish said, gets extremely excited and fussily claims about a world that was never seen for ten thousand years.

Apparently, there's more to the already kind-of-long story--the world's ocean currents course through the Surrounded Sea. Rare treasures are carried through the currents! Just thinking about it makes Sunflora want to faint! She calms down a bit and explains that Surrounded Sea's entrance is east of Blizzard Island, the previous dungeon. Sunflora, knowing what a great exploration team the two of you are, says that the two of you should check it out yourselves!

Surrounded Sea

As this is a sea, it is covered entirely with water. Likely, the main type here is Water. There are 20 floors here, and on the 20th floor there will be a warp zone that will teleport you and your partner out of the dungeon as well as a Wonder Egg. There are also three Deluxe Boxes which contain Reviver Seeds.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Tentacruel (Pokémon) Tentacruel B1-B3, B5-B10, B12-B19 44-45 -4.5%
Slowbro (Pokémon) Slowbro B1, B3-B19 43-45 -12%
Shellder (Pokémon) Shellder B1-B5 1-? 6.4%
Horsea (Pokémon) Horsea B1-B11, B13-B19 14 8.2%
Seadra (Pokémon) Seadra B1-B19 44-46 -10%
Starmie (Pokémon) Starmie B1-B4, B6-B19 43-46 -4.5%
Lapras (Pokémon) Lapras B10-B15 44 6.7%
Slowking (Pokémon) Slowking B1-B12, B14-B19 ? -12%
Qwilfish (Pokémon) Qwilfish B1-B9, B11-B19 45 6.9%
Remoraid (Pokémon) Remoraid B1-B19 26 8.2%
Octillery (Pokémon) Octillery B2-B13, B15-B19 45 -12%
Kingdra (Pokémon) Kingdra B1-B19 44-47 -12%
Carvanha (Pokémon) Carvanha B1-B2, B4-B14 ? 0.5%
Wailmer (Pokémon) Wailmer B1-B15 13 4%
Wailord (Pokémon) Wailord B16 ? -12%
Clamperl (Pokémon) Clamperl B1-B19 15-17 8.2%
Finneon (Pokémon) Finneon B1-B19 ? 8.2%
Lugia (Pokémon) Lugia B18 ? 10% *

Like mentioned earlier, after completing this dungeon, you'll get transported out.

The Hatched Egg

When you wake up after the day you get the Egg at the Surrounded Sea, your partner will talk to you about it for a bit. According to your partner, it appears to be glowing a mystical light. Your partner begins to brood about what's inside of it. Suddenly...the egg moves! And then it moved again...twice! And...the egg is hatching!

The egg hatches. It's a Manaphy! Manaphy is happy to have hatched and says hi. Your partner is awed, but Manaphy disregards this and speaks some nonsense. Your partner mentions how cute he is. Your partner happily asked what kind of Pokémon he is. Apparently the baby Manaphy doesn't get it. Your partner wonders if he's too young to understand what it says, but the little Pokémon simply repeats "I say?".

Your partner has changed from happy to puzzled, as now the both of you have no idea on what to do with the baby. Your partner never had to deal with a baby Pokémon before. After a while of thinking, your partner comes up with a great idea to ask Chatot at the guild, since he's the head of intelligence.

Blue Gummis

The game shows you and your partner fussily telling Chatot about the Manaphy. Chatot then says that Manaphy is a rare Pokémon, and they usually hatch at the bottom of the cold sea. It usually then travels the seas over thousands of miles. According to Chatot, Manaphy is rarely sighted! Despite being the head of intelligence, there's not much else he can tell you, as this is such a rare Pokémon. Well, you've got something to be proud of!

Your partner is amazed at how rare Manaphy is, and Manaphy is too. Chatot then asks what the two of you are intending to do with Manaphy. Your partner struggles to answer this question, wondering what the two of you really should do. Before your partner comes up with an answer, Manaphy starts to cry!

You and your partner are both surprised to see the Manaphy crying, and your partner asks what's wrong. The cry is surprising and sudden! Chatot easily tells you he's hungry. Your partner agrees and wonders what the two of you should feed him. Chatot thinks for a moment, thinking how Manaphy is a Water-type. Chatot tells you you should feed him Blue Gummis. Your partner agrees and thinks on where to find them, then remembers you found them at Craggy Coast.

Back at Craggy Coast

Do not rush through floors, as you need to find many Blue Gummis. Search everywhere if you have to resort to that--to narrow down your search, many Blue Gummis can be found at the B7F floor.

After giving Manaphy a Blue Gummi, his crying will soften up a bit. Your partner supports it to eat the Blue Gummi. Manaphy doesn't quite understand and thinks it's a "Goomi". Manaphy nibbles on it for a bit, then suddenly gets happy, and shouts "Goomi! Goomi!". Your partner is relieved that he ate the Gummi and it wasn't as hard as they thought it would be.

Manaphy comes straight up to your face and yells Goomi again. Your partner laughs cheerfully and happily exclaims that the Manaphy likes you. After this, your partner takes a more serious demeanor and tells you how this guy is still a how about Manaphy moves in? After agreeing, your partner will get extremely happy. Manaphy will yell another random word "Doodit". Chatot doesn't know if this is a good idea though...

Your partner wonders what's wrong with Chatot. Apparently, Manaphy is a Pokémon that would normally grow up in the sea. This environment is unlike the sea in many ways. Add to the already horrid news, basically no one knows anything about Manaphy, so who knows what could happen? Your partner thinks about it for a wouldn't be that safe to just return Manaphy back to the sea. Your partner wants to look after Manaphy until he gets a bit bigger. Your partner begs Chatot, who thinks--but your partner is not going to give up, it really wants Manaphy to be part of your residence. Chatot agrees.

Later, your partner is showing Manaphy the residence. Manaphy doesn't know what a house is. Your partner does not get curious like it used to and decides to teach Manaphy. Manaphy appears to like the word "house". But your partner is still confused as to what to do now. Manaphy then shouts "Goomi", which your partner understands to be "Blue Gummi". Your partner proudly states the appetite Manaphy has. So, you have to go back to Craggy Coast to get another Blue Gummi.

After giving the second Blue Gummi to Manaphy, he will be happy. Manaphy chews on it for a while, and your partner asks if it's tasty, before hastily changing it to "Goomi tasty?". Even with this translation, Manaphy still does not understand what tasty is. Your partner says that tasty is right, and asks again. Manaphy then realizes with the word is and shouts that it is tasty. Your partner is very happy that Manaphy knows what it means, and that Manaphy will grow up in no time at this pace! Suddenly, Manaphy stops being jolly and yawns. Then, he falls asleep!

You and your partner are happy, saying that Manaphy ate his fill and now needs to go to sleep. Your partner tells you to be quiet so he can sleep, and says good night to Manaphy.

Visit the Beach

When you say good morning to Manaphy the next day, he'll call you by name, which you and your partner are very surprised at. Your partner exclaims it's awesome! Manaphy thinks it's awesome too, but maybe it's just a misunderstanding of a word again. Your partner does not ponder this, and asks you what the two of you should do with him today. Eating and sleeping isn't healthy enough...then, your partner decides to take a walk with him at the beach! Manaphy likes the word walk, again.

Once you arrive at the beach, your partner will beckon Manaphy closer. When Manaphy sees the water, he's quite surprised! He loves the water, being a Water-type. When he gets closer to the water, he shouts "Kyakya! ♪ Kyakya!♪". Your partner explains to Manaphy that this is the sea. Still, Manaphy, having trouble with new words, asks what "sea" is. Your partner agrees and says that the sea is where Manaphy came from. Manaphy, hearing this, yells in excitement. So happy, he even dances around you, shouting your name! Then he shouts "sea" again. Your partner is happy that Manaphy is happy. Your partner claims it was such a good idea to take him down to the beach. Then Manaphy looks towards the water again and cries out, then dances a little, and the movie fades away...

The game claims you, your partner, and Manaphy played until sunset. But that night...

Manaphy wakes up before the two of you did. He looks out at the ocean. Something suspicious is going on...

The Sick Manaphy

When you wake up the next morning, your partner will greet you good morning, and do the same to Manaphy...or it would have, if Manaphy was there! Your partner gets desperate and looks through Sharpedo Bluff, but Manaphy isn't there. It asks you if you know where Manaphy is, but no avail--you don't know where Manaphy is either.

Your partner is on the bending point of being stressed. Your partner then relooks, as if it didn't look properly last time, but it's the same result. Your partner runs around, and decides the two of you need to look outside. So, the game pauses, and run to look for Manaphy!

When you reach the crossroads, Chatot comes out from the guild. He is surprised but happy to see you and mentions he's just on his way to see Manaphy, and jollily asks how Manaphy is doing. Your partner ignores this and explains to Chatot that Manaphy has gone missing!

Chatot is shocked, and then asks you if you were going to take care of it well, and knew this was going to happen--he speaks in a bossy sort of tone. He tries to lift everyone's spirit by saying that, if Manaphy is a toddler, it couldn't have gotten that far. After a moment of spacing out, he claims he will look inside of the guild, while you and your partner go and look outside.

Once you arrive at the beach, you'll see Manaphy there, near the ocean. Your partner will spot Manaphy and get relieved, but still is angry at Manaphy--it asks why Manaphy left just to go near the ocean. After all, if Manaphy wanted to go near the ocean, he could have just asked! However, Manaphy remains silent. Your partner disregards this and again gets strict, in a pep-talk sort of way. Still, Manaphy says nothing. Your partner notes this and its angry mode quickly switches to the curious mode. Your partner asks Manaphy what's wrong, but Manaphy ignores your partner...then collapses! You and your partner get surprised and quickly take him back to the bluff.

You and your partner are back at the bluff, with Chatot and the two of you watching over Manaphy. Your partner wonders how Manaphy got sick, while Chatot says it probably got sick from being away from the sea, and this environment isn't the sea. After pondering on how to cure it, Chatot mentions you can find a thing called Phione Dew in a dungeon at Miracle Sea. Your partner is then pumped up and claims the two of you are going to get it.

Chatot will be looking after Manaphy--meanwhile, hurry up and get the Phione Dew!

Miracle Sea

Likewise, the main type here is Water. Since this is a sea, there will be water all around. For the first part, there is 18 floors--after reaching a midway point, there will be four, meaning 22 floors in all.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Tentacruel (Pokémon) Tentacruel 1-18, D1-3 43-47 -4.5%
Slowbro (Pokémon) Slowbro 1-18, D1-3 43-47 -12%
Cloyster (Pokémon) Cloyster 1-18, D1-3 43-47 -4.5%
Horsea (Pokémon) Horsea 1-18, D1-3 11-15 8.2%
Seadra (Pokémon) Seadra 1-18, D1-3 43-47 -10%
Starmie (Pokémon) Starmie 1-18, D1-3 43-47 -4.5%
Chinchou (Pokémon) Chinchou 1-18, D1-3 44-48 8.2%
Lanturn (Pokémon) Lanturn 1-18, D1-3 44-48 -4.5%
Slowking (Pokémon) Slowking 1-18, D1-3 43-47 -12%
Qwilfish (Pokémon) Qwilfish 1-18, D1-3 43-47 6.9%
Remoraid (Pokémon) Remoraid 1-18, D1-3 26-30 8.2%
Octillery (Pokémon) Octillery 1-18, D1-3 43-47 -12%
Mantine (Pokémon) Mantine 1-18, D1-3 42-46 8.2%
Kingdra (Pokémon) Kingdra 1-18, D1-3 44-48 -12%
Sharpedo (Pokémon) Sharpedo 1-18, D1-3 44-48 -12%
Wailmer (Pokémon) Wailmer 1-18, D1-4 11-15 4%
Cradily (Pokémon) Cradily 1-18, D1-4 44-48 -4.5%
Clamperl (Pokémon) Clamperl 1-18, D1-4 15-19 8.2%
Huntail (Pokémon) Huntail 1-18, D1-4 44-48 -12%
Gorebyss (Pokémon) Gorebyss 1-18, D1-4 44-48 -12%
Relicanth (Pokémon) Relicanth 1-18, D1-4 44-48 6.4%
Luvdisc (Pokémon) Luvdisc 1-18, D1-4 44-48 8.2%
Shellos (Pokémon) Shellos 1-5 2 6.4%
Finneon (Pokémon) Finneon 1-18, D1-3 11-15 8.2%
Lumineon (Pokémon) Lumineon 1-18, D1-3 44-48 8.2%
Mantyke (Pokémon) Mantyke 1-18, D1-3 15-19 8.2%
Darkrai (Pokémon) Darkrai 3 53 -22% *
Lapras (Pokémon) Lapras 10-17, D3 44-46 6.7%
Gyarados (Pokémon) Gyarados D4 46 Unrecruitable Boss
Phione (Pokémon) Phione D4 100%

Your team spots a group of Phione, who are laughing about something. Everything seemed so jolly when suddenly, a loud roar comes a long and a Gyarados pushes through!

The Gyarados, apparently, has been looking for the Phione for a long time, since he "finally" found them. He wonders if Phione is the one who creates the cure-all, called Phione Dew. All the Phione do not respond, which causes the Gyarados to get upset and orders to for them to rejoice and answer him. He wants the Phione Dew for himself! Suddenly, Gyarados turns around and asks who you are. Without responding, he thinks you have a bone to pick with him.

Gyarados makes fun of you, saying that it's a million years too early for you to pick a fight with him. No mercy for meddlers! Then, you start a fight with him! He roars, which is enough to push all the Phione crowding around away.

Boss Battle

As a Water and Flying type, Gyarados is very weak to Electric types, so if you have any Electric types, you should bring them here. However, he does have high HP and some good moves, so you might take a lot of damage. All in all, it isn't too hard to defeat this Pokémon.

After defeating him, he'll wriggle in pain, implying that he is fully defeated. He is surprised that he got defeated and tells you to never forget this, and then scurries away.

Suddenly, the Phione come back and compliment you on your battling skills. All of them say--"Very good!". The front Phione, which appears to be the leader, gives you a strange golden box as a thank you. It turns out the golden box was a Phione Dew! You are then teleported back to the bluff.

Goodbye, Manaphy

Chatot is surprised that you obtained the Phione Dew. What?! Did he doubt your abilities?! Anyway, Chatot tells you to quickly give it to Manaphy. Your partner agrees and gives it to Manaphy. After giving it to Manaphy he slightly opens his eyes...then fully opens his eyes...then says thanks to you, calling you by name...

Your partner is glad that Manaphy got better. Chatot is also very happy that the Phione Dew worked. Manaphy should be fine if he rests up for two or three days. Your partner gets teary-eyed, as it was very worried for Manaphy.

Several days later...

Manaphy is shown dancing around near the cliff of the bluff. Your partner exclaims that Manaphy is as good as ever. Manaphy is still a baby, exclaiming "Good! Ever!". Your partner is very glad to see that Manaphy is alright. The happy music dies away as Chatot begins talking to you. Obviously, this is bad news...

Your partner seems to already know what Chatot is saying...saying yes and that the two of you know quite unhappily. Manaphy needs to develop the ability to survive in the sea...your partner turns to you. It decides that the two of you should take Manaphy closer to the sea, in the sea, possibly.

Suddenly, you are at the beach, and it is sunset--Chatot is sitting next to a Walrein, a Pokémon he invited from the Northern Sea. Apparently, it's ideal for Walrein to look after Manaphy. Walrein agrees, saying that he's heard everything he's needed to know. Walrein will now take full responsibility for taking care of Manaphy. Your partner asks Walrein to take good care of Manaphy. The sad music begins, and your partner begins to talk to Manaphy...

Your partner wants Manaphy to be good and listen to Walrein. To grow strong and healthy in the sea...still, Manaphy does not get it. Your partner has some difficulty explaining that as Manaphy gets older...don't forget you and your partner. Manaphy is still confused and asks your partner its name, and then your name. Chatot, who has been watching this all along, has emotion seething inside of him. Prolonging it will make things worse. Chatot asks Walrein to do it, quickly...Walrein agrees. Walrein tells Manaphy that he's taking him.

Manaphy is confused. Walrein comes closer, and Manaphy gets surprised and confused. He calls out the two of your names. Walrein takes Manaphy and begins to swim with it. Manaphy calls out the two of your names, and your partner sniffs a bit. Take care, Manaphy.

The next morning, your partner happily says good morning to you, then turns to the empty spot where Manaphy used to be. The little guy's can respond to your partner by either saying "It's sad" or "This is for the best...".

If you say "This is for the best..." your partner will agree with you--if you choose the other option, your partner says the two of you did the only right thing for Manaphy. Your partner trusts Walrein, saying that Walrein will probably raise him properly. Maybe...maybe one day, you and your partner will be able to see Manaphy again.

Your partner gets tough again, saying that they can't sit around feeling remorse forever--Manaphy wouldn't want that. Still, it can't go back to feeling normal right away. And yet, the two of you should be positive and keep on moving forward.

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