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After completing the Sky Peak Station Passes, do two optional missions. After those are done, a Mr. Mime will be waiting outside Spinda's Café. He'll comment on you being very energetic as you continue to explore, but immediately goes off to another subject--the tale of a famous explorers, Scizor. Apparently, Scizor was an explorer whose fame stretched across the world. All explorers admired him.

Unfortunately, Scizor went missing while he was exploring Blizzard Island, far in the southwest. Many exploration teams, especially those who looked up to him, went searching for him. All of them resulted in failure as the bitter cold and swirling blizzards, and everyone gave up.

There have been rumors, too--they say that Scizor was searching for an amazing treasure. He, again, quickly goes on to another subject, saying how Team ___ is a great exploration team, especially when they saved the world of the planet's paralysis. According to Mr. Mime, no exploration teams have ever visited Blizzard Island after the rescues were called off. But he asks you to go. He tells you that Blizzard Island is in the southwest (again). So, of course, what do you think you should do? Well...simple...go and rescue Scizor!

Blizzard Island

You can already see from its name that the main type here is going to be Ice. Even if you're something good against Ice, this could still be a hard dungeon, so bring some legendaries if you have to resort to that. This dungeon has 20 floors.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Golduck (Pokémon) Golduck 1-20 41 -12%
Marill (Pokémon) Marill 1-20 42 -0.5%
Azumarill (Pokémon) Azumarill 1-20 47 0.5%
Sneasel (Pokémon) Sneasel 1-20 12 6.4%
Piloswine (Pokémon) Piloswine 1-20 ? -12%
Delibird (Pokémon) Delibird 1-20 41-44 8.2%
Smoochum (Pokémon) Smoochum 1-20 17-19 6.4%
Vigoroth (Pokémon) Vigoroth 1-20 44 -10%
Azurill (Pokémon) Azurill 1-20 13 8.2%
Nosepass (Pokémon) Nosepass 1-20 ? 6.4%
Swablu (Pokémon) Swablu 1-20 13 6.4%
Castform (Pokémon) Castform 1-20 40 6.4%
Snorunt (Pokémon) Snorunt 1-20 14-15 8.2%
Piplup (Pokémon) Piplup 1-20 ? 8.2%

After completing the dungeon, you'll reach a midway point, as always with a Kangaskhan Rock. This means you'll enter a cave on the island, which is called Crevice Cave!

Crevice Cave

Like with Blizzard Cave, the main type here is Ice. There is a total of 14 floors, though there is a relay point between 10 and 11. The 11th floor starts the dungeon Lower Crevice Cave.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Golduck (Pokémon) Golduck 1-14 ? -12%
Jynx (Pokémon) Jynx 1-14 43 -4.5%
Marill (Pokémon) Marill 1-14 42 -0.5%
Azumarill (Pokémon) Azumarill 1-14 45-46 0.5%
Sneasel (Pokémon) Sneasel 1-14 14 6.4%
Swinub (Pokémon) Swinub 1-14 15 8.2%
Piloswine (Pokémon) Piloswine 1-14 41 -12%
Delibird (Pokémon) Delibird 1-14 42 8.2%
Smoochum (Pokémon) Smoochum 1-14 ? 6.4%
Slakoth (Pokémon) Slakoth 1-14 ? 8.2%
Vigoroth (Pokémon) Vigoroth 1-14 41 -10%
Slaking (Pokémon) Slaking 1-14 45 -12%
Azurill (Pokémon) Azurill 1-14 ? 8.2%
Nosepass (Pokémon) Nosepass 1-14 ? 6.4%
Swablu (Pokémon) Swablu 1-14 11-12 6.4%
Altaria (Pokémon) Altaria 1-14 ? -12%
Zangoose (Pokémon) Zangoose 1-14 42-43 6.4%
Snorunt (Pokémon) Snorunt 1-14 ? 6.4%
Piplup (Pokémon) Piplup 1-14 ? 8.2%
Prinplup (Pokémon) Prinplup 1-14 ? -10%
Empoleon (Pokémon) Empoleon 1-14 45-47 -12%
Snover (Pokémon) Snover 1-14 14 8.2%
Weavile (Pokémon) Weavile 1-14 ? -12%
Glaceon (Pokémon) Glaceon 1-14 44 -10%
Mamoswine (Pokémon) Mamoswine 1-14 ? -12%

After completing this, you'll head over to Lower Crevice Cave!

Lower Crevice Cave--Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Golduck (Pokémon) Golduck ? 41 -12%
Jynx (Pokémon) Jynx 1-4 ? -4.5%
Marill (Pokémon) Marill 3 ? 0.5%
Azumarill (Pokémon) Azumarill ? ? 0.5%
Sneasel (Pokémon) Sneasel ? ? 6.4%
Swinub (Pokémon) Swinub ? 16 8.2%
Piloswine (Pokémon) Piloswine ? ? -12%
Delibird (Pokémon) Delibird 2 43 8.2%
Smoochum (Pokémon) Smoochum ? ? 6.4%
Slakoth (Pokémon) Slakoth 1-4 ? 8.2%
Vigoroth (Pokémon) Vigoroth 3 ? -10%
Slaking (Pokémon) Slaking ? ? -12%
Azurill (Pokémon) Azurill ? ? 8.2%
Nosepass (Pokémon) Nosepass 3 44 6.4%
Swablu (Pokémon) Swablu ? 13 6.4%
Altaria (Pokémon) Altaria ? ? -12%
Zangoose (Pokémon) Zangoose ? ? 6.4%
Snorunt (Pokémon) Snorunt 1 ? 6.4%
Piplup (Pokémon) Piplup ? ? 8.2%
Prinplup (Pokémon) Prinplup 4 ? -10%
Empoleon (Pokémon) Empoleon ? ? -12%
Snover (Pokémon) Snover 3 ? 8.2%
Weavile (Pokémon) Weavile 3 ? -12%
Glaceon (Pokémon) Glaceon 2 ? -10%
Mamoswine (Pokémon) Mamoswine ? ? -12%
Darkrai (Pokémon) Darkrai 2 53 -22% *
Froslass (Pokémon) Froslass Pit 41 Unrecruitable Boss
Froslass is encountered only the first time around.

Boss Battle

Upon reaching the end of the cave, your team will notice Scizor, frozen in a block of ice. Just as you get closer for a better look, a voice laughs sneakily. You and your partner get extremely surprised, but the Pokémon talking don't seem to have notice--instead, it's just pondering over how visitors are a rare sight. Another blizzard hits you, covering you up entirely...and suddenly...

A Froslass appears!

Apparently, Froslass is the "host" of this island, where visitors are not frequent. Froslass appears to be saying something "kind", as it appears to be "worrying" how you struggled to get through the blizzards. Froslass then beckons you to come closer...again, "caring" for your well being, as Froslass is now thinking about how you're chilled to the bone. But then...Froslass threatens to freeze you!

Because of this, it all starts a battle...

It's actually very easy, since she's only in the early level 40s. You should be very leveled up by now, so hit her with your strongest attacks!

Froslass will be knocked into Scizor, and after a blizzard, will disappear. After this, Scizor will thaw out and have a hard time speaking. It also has a hard time remembering where it is, but then recalls it was exploring and frozen by Froslass. Scizor then notices you, and assumes you are rescuing him.

The Secret Rank

Suddenly, you are teleported back to the Crossroads of Treasure Town. Scizor is there, thanking you for rescuing him, since, if you hadn't come, he would have been frozen forever. He did not expect himself to be there as long as he did, and is still shaken by the thought. Since it's obviously not fair to go through the island and the caves without getting repaid, he decides to give you a little something.

But he has a hard time thinking of anything to give you, as he hardly has any money. Your partner quickly says it's OK, saying you understand his words of thanks. Soon after, he comes up with something to give you--since you're an exploration team, he reveals he's been a honorary member of the Pokémon Exploration Team Federation, something both you and your partner get surprised at. Still, your partner doesn't get the thing about "honorary member". He explains that an honorary member has the right to give special status to exemplary exploration teams. Fortunately, both you and your partner made the cut! So, he confers upon you...the Secret Rank!

Still, your partner is as confused as ever as to what the Secret Rank is. Scizor explains more--an exploration team with that rank is eligible to take Special Missions. Special Missions, apparently, are highly confidential jobs that are sent from the Exploration Team Federation itself. And yet...your partner is still confused, as to highly confidential means. Unlike before, Scizor (who is probably losing patience inside) tells your partner that it may not now, but will learn in due time. Scizor comments how he has to do it on your exploration badge, and does it!

Your partner still does not get it, but...thanks Scizor anyway. Scizor remarks that it's the least he could do for you rescuing him. Scizor then leaves.

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