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In the Main Room

Before your morning cheers, Chatot announces that the upcoming expedition is to take place soon. Your partner falls to the downside again. Chatot then announces that Team Skull, while not becoming official members of the guild, will be there for the expedition. Many official members get aggravated. After the morning cheers, the usual "HOORAY!" becomes "Hooray...", causing Wigglytuff to get angry. Chatot panics and says to be happy, even if it hurts.

After this, your team has to go through some jobs and sentry duty. After plenty of this, there will be a day when Chatot is announcing the chosen members!

The Chosen Ones

You and your partner can't feel too excited about this. After all, Chatot did tell you that Wigglytuff probably wasn't going to pick your team, so you and your partner are feeling down all through the choosing. However...Wigglytuff says (in very scrawly writing) that everyone is chosen to go! Team Skull gets agitated and, because of that agitation, ask about the guild. Wigglytuff says they'll put extra security systems.

Chatot says you better go and get ready before they leave to go on the expedition, so go to Treasure Town and buy some useful stuff. To avoid losing precious items and your money, visit Kangaskhan's Storage as well as Duskull's Bank. After you're fully ready, go back to Chatot and talk to him to tell him you're ready.

Despite telling Chatot you are ready, you will still stay in the guild for a considerable amount of time as Chatot explains about what groups the guild will be traveling with, with the exception of Team Skull, who are obviously traveling by themselves as a group. You, your partner, and Bidoof are traveling together.

Craggy Coast and Small Path

The guild has set to meet in a forest covered by clouds on the Wonder Map. You and your partner set to go off to Shoreline Rockground first, and then make way to the camp.

Upon getting to Shoreline Rockground, you will see a Kangaskhan Rock, which Bidoof explains is like a replacement for Kangaskhan Storage, as you can not only store items there but also keep a record of your game.

When you try to enter the place, there are two paths. Choose which one to go through and you will be taken there.

Small Path

A path really just for training, since it takes you right back where you started.

Craggy Coast

The path that really takes you further. If you had trouble with Waterfall Cave, you should train a lot at Small Path as the main type here appears to be Water, though there is one Dragon type.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Spheal (Pokémon) Spheal 1-5 11 8.2%
Krabby (Pokémon) Krabby 1-9 11 6.4%
Dratini (Pokémon) Dratini 1-9 11 8.2%
Wingull (Pokémon) Wingull 1-9 11 6.4%
Gastrodon (Pokémon) Gastrodon
East Sea
1-9 11 8.2%
Sealeo (Pokémon) Sealeo 6-9 12 0.5%

After clearing this dungeon, you will be taken to the other side of Shoreline Rockground...however, all of your stomachs rumble! You eat and decide to stay there for the night.

Mt. Horn and Rock Path

Like the other road before you, when you try to enter, there are two paths, Mt. Horn and Rock Path. Pick one and you will be taken there.

Rock Path

Like Small Path, for training purposes only, as it takes you right back where you started.

Mt. Horn

A considerably hard level. Craggy Coast wasn't as annoying as this one, as many Bug and Grass types here can cause status problems as well as Aerodactyl which can make you flinch with Rock Slide. Not only that, but you have to endure 11 floors of this! The main type here appears to be Bug, so it will be simple if you are a Fire type, especially considering there are some Grass types here. However, the Aerodactyl is a real annoyer, so if you've got a Water or Electric type by your side (or are one of those types yourself) you'll be fine.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Shroomish (Pokémon) Shroomish 1-6 13 6.4%
Natu (Pokémon) Natu 1-7 13 8.2%
Parasect (Pokémon) Parasect 1-7 13 -4.5%
Ariados (Pokémon) Ariados 1-7 13 0.5%
Beautifly (Pokémon) Beautifly 1-8, 10-11, 13-14 13 0.5%
Cascoon (Pokémon) Cascoon 2-3, 6-10, 12-14 13 -10%
Bonsly (Pokémon) Bonsly 8-14 14-15 8.2%
Aerodactyl (Pokémon) Aerodactyl 8-14 14-15 8.2%
Venomoth (Pokémon) Venomoth 8-14 14-15 -4.5%
Pineco (Pokémon) Pineco 8-14 14-15 8.2%

Once you are done with this course, you finally make it to the base camp. Chatot scolds you since you "took so long". You are in an extremely foggy place which isn't clear at all. This was the base camp? Explains why it's so foggy on the map.

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