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Team Skull on B2F

After the morning cheer, you and your partner go up to the Job Bulletin Board to get a job. However...there is Koffing and Zubat there. Aren't they familiar?

Your partner gets aggravated at the fact that they are here and Koffing and Zubat taunt your partner again, making him/her back down a bit. However, he/she comes up with a comeback on how you and your partner easily defeated Koffing and Zubat. Koffing and Zubat are undaunted and say they didn't have the "Chief" with them. You and your partner get puzzled, but Zubat could "smell him coming now"!

The Chief turns out to be a Skuntank, who is the leader of Koffing and Zubat, who are part of a team called Team Skull. Skuntank appears to have a bad personality, attacking you with what appears to be a Poison Gas, knocking you out. After several taunts and remarks, the team goes away. After this, your partner goes up to you and says that Team Skull is right...he/she really is a chicken. Your two answers could be "No, you're not," or "BOK BOK BOK!". The second answer is slightly odd.

After a few more optional jobs and sentry duty, you'll gain access to Apple Woods. Chatot asks you to go to Apple Woods to get some more of Wigglytuff's favorite food, Perfect Apples. You two go quietly, but you won't leave Team Skull is planning to cause you some trouble!

Apple Woods

Much bigger and much harder than Waterfall Cave, the main type here appears to be Grass, however there will be occasional Bug-types. There are 12 floors in this dungeon.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Caterpie (Pokémon) Caterpie 1-4 10 8.2%
Hoppip (Pokémon) Hoppip 1-5 11 8.2%
Budew (Pokémon) Budew 1-5 11-12 8.2%
Burmy (Pokémon) Burmy
Sandy Cloak
1-5 D 11 8.2%
Oddish (Pokémon) Oddish 1-6 11-12 8.2%
Butterfree (Pokémon) Butterfree 1-7 T 14-17 5.5%
Paras (Pokémon) Paras 1-12 11-13 8.2%
Weedle (Pokémon) Weedle 4-9 12 8.2%
Exeggutor (Pokémon) Exeggutor 4-12 12 0.5%
Combee (Pokémon) Combee 6-12 T 12-13 6.4%
Gloom (Pokémon) Gloom 7-12 12-13 0.1%
Kakuna (Pokémon) Kakuna 8-12 14 5%
Beedrill (Pokémon) Beedrill 8-12 D 11-12 5%

The boss here is Team Skull, who were hiding in the trees. However you don't have an official fight, as Koffing and Skuntank simply send a Noxious Special Gas Combo at you, knocking you out. After that happens, Koffing and Skuntank leave, but there's another member left who hasn't...Zubat! He also got knocked out by the Noxious Special Gas Combo, and he hurries after his fellow team members. Oh'll just have to admit it to Chatot--you couldn't get any Perfect Apples.

B2F and Wigglytuff's Room

There you are again, explaining to Chatot how you couldn't get the Perfect Apples. Your partner tries to blame Team Skull, only to receive a yelling Chatot. Chatot then looks to the bad side, having to face Wigglytuff alone...but then has a better idea for punishment: you're going with him!

So Wigglytuff doesn't seem at all disappointed. He then asks for some Perfect Apples. Chatot then says that Team ____ has failed to receive the Perfect Apples, making Wigglytuff go on a slight rampage. However, just when it was going to get really bad for you and your partner, Team Skull arrives! He gives Wigglytuff a Perfect Apple.

As you had no dinner that night, both of your stomachs rumble and have a hard time going to sleep. Oh well. The punishment could have been more severe, as Chatot said.

Team Skull isn't asleep; they're discussing what happened in Wigglytuff's Room. Zubat and Koffing wonder why Skuntank stepped in just when it was looking worst for Team ____. Skuntank says they're trying to grow on Wigglytuff, trying to make him choose them for an upcoming expedition.

Croagunk's Swap Shop

An addition that's not that important. When you're done with the morning cheers, Chatot says that Team ____ shouldn't get their hopes up about being chosen for the Expedition, as the incident between Wigglytuff and the Perfect Apple was very severe and Wigglytuff is probably not going to pick them.

After this, your partner tells you how he/she was already sick from hunger...and now he/she is even more sick now that Chatot told them that. There is suddenly a voice calling to you. It's Sunflora and her friends! She calls you to your own room, where her friends give you an Apple. After that, you and your partner explain what Chatot said. Sunflora, Chimecho, Corphish, and Bidoof comfort you.

When you try to go upstairs, Croagunk will call you over (for the first time). He asks what you and Sunflora and her friends were doing back in the room...but that's not what he called you for. He called you for the Croagunk Swap Shop. He then explains what it is.

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