Appendix:Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky walkthrough/Chapter 1

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Are...Are you OK?!
No! Don't let go!
Just a little longer...Come on! Hang on!
N-n-no! I can't...hold on...!


Along the beach Krabby are blowing bubbles that are dancing along the shoreline, and as usual you partner is there, feeling sad and trying to recover from its lack of courage. Your partner always comes back to the beach for the mood-lifting view, but today there is something different to see-a Pokémon washed up on the beach! That Pokémon is you, with no memory-just your name and the feeling that you used to be human. The two of you are harassed by Koffing and Zubat, who steal your partner's precious Relic Fragment and escape. Your partner asks for your help, so the two of you follow them into the Beach Cave.

Beach Cave

Beach Cave is more like a tutorial dungeon, so it should be fairly easy. Be sure to collect Oran Berries, though. In the pit, the two will show up, and will insist on not giving back the treasure, especially after your partner says it's a treasure. Knock them out, let them run away, and get the Relic Fragment back.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Kabuto (Pokémon) Kabuto 1-4 1 Unrecruitable (Moves: Scratch and Harden)
Shellos (Pokémon) Shellos
East Sea
1-4 2 Unrecruitable (Moves: Mud-Slap and Mud Sport)
Corsola (Pokémon) Corsola 1-4 2 Unrecruitable (Moves: Tackle and Harden)
Shellder (Pokémon) Shellder 1-4 1 Unrecruitable (Moves: Tackle and Withdraw)
Team Skull
Koffing (Pokémon) Koffing Pit 6 Unrecruitable Boss (Moves: Tackle and Poison Gas)
Zubat (Pokémon) Zubat Pit 3 Unrecruitable Boss (Moves: Leech Life and Leer)
Zubat and Koffing can only be found here the first time around.

Back at the beach

Your partner then tells you about the Relic Fragment and how (s)he wants to form an exploration team. Should you agree, you have began the story. Then, a cutscene is shown with the Logo.

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