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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Route 11

Route 11
Diglett's Cave

Route 11 is a grassy path between Vermilion City and Route 12 to the east. The southeastern end of Diglett's Cave can be found here, and leads back to Route 2.

Strive for Success

Visit the gate on the route's east side and speak to the Scientist. He happens to be one of Professor Oak's aides and has been tasked with evaluating your Pokédex progress. If you have caught at least 30 different species, he rewards you by unlocking the Judge function. This can be used at any time from a Pokémon's status screen to view its battle potential.

Diglett's Cave

Diglett's Cave is a long tunnel that spans nearly the whole region, linking Route 11 to the east side of Route 2.

Route 2 (East)

Route 2

The east side of Route 2 was initially inaccessible without Chop Down. The northwestern end of Diglett's Cave emerges here.

Let There Be Light

One of Oak's aides is waiting for you near the house outside Diglett's Cave. He has a trick to demonstrate for you, but invites you inside as it is too bright for it outdoors. As a reward for capturing at least 10 different species, he teaches your partner Pokémon a new Secret Technique, Light Up. This move makes it easier to navigate the dark interior of certain underground areas.

Meet Up with Trace

When you step outside, you run into Trace again. He is surprised that it was your partner Pokémon who has learned Light Up instead of you, and mentions someplace where you may be able to put it to use. He offers to take you there; if you decide to travel with him, he leads you back to the east side of Cerulean City.

Pewter City

Pewter Museum of Science

On this latest visit to Pewter City, you can use Chop Down to clear the small tree on the northeast hill to reach the employee-only area of the museum. Speak to the Scientist standing next to the table to receive the Old Amber. There are Scientists elsewhere who have apparently developed a way to regenerate Pokémon from ancient bits of DNA like this.

Fork in the Road

If you did not take Trace's offer to travel together, the next step is to return to Cerulean City. There are two ways to get back there: either travel east through Mt. Moon again, or hike back through Diglett's Cave and head north from Vermilion City. Once back in Cerulean City, make your way to the east side of town and use Chop Down to clear the small tree and continue eastward.

Route 9

Route 9

Route 9 is a rocky, uneven mountain road that links Cerulean City and Route 10.

Route 10 (North)

Route 10

Route 10 connects Route 9 to Lavender Town in the south. Much of the route is occupied by a river and the grounds of the Kanto Power Plant. Anyone traveling through the area must venture through the dim interior of Rock Tunnel. A remote Pokémon Center near the cave gives Trainers a chance to prepare themselves.


When you try to move south past the Pokémon Center, you are stopped by a Team Rocket Grunt. He recognizes you as the person who continues to thwart the group's plans, and calls over two more Grunts. A fourth appears from behind the building, blocking your escape. They hold you responsible for ruining Team Rocket's reputation and plan to get their revenge. As the Grunts close in, a red-haired woman passing by on her Lapras steps in. She cannot forgive ganging up on a child and takes on three of the Grunts, leaving only one left for you to battle.

The three Grunts are dumbfounded. Even outnumbered, the woman defeats them with ease. She introduces herself as Lorelei of the Elite Four and threatens to freeze them all solid with her powerful Ice-type Pokémon, scaring them off in a hurry. She notices that you are collecting Gym Badges, and looks forward to the day when you challenge the Pokémon League.

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