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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Route 6

Route 6

Route 6 consists of a road running south from Saffron City and passing the southern end of the Underground Path on its way to Vermilion City.

Vermilion City

Vermilion City

Vermilion City is a popular port city located between Route 6 and Route 11. Vermilion Port sees many ships coming and going, including the S.S. Anne, which has recently arrived for its yearly visit on its voyage around the world.

A Rare Addition

Speak to Officer Jenny near the city's north entrance. She recently apprehended a mischievous Squirtle that was causing trouble around the city, and now needs to find a Trainer who can tame its unruly behavior. If you have caught at least 60 Pokémon, she recognizes you as a competent Trainer and asks that you give Squirtle a good home.

Time for a Trade

Visit the Pokémon Center and speak to the Hiker sitting on the sofa. He is hoping to trade for a Geodude, and is willing to part with his Alolan Geodude in exchange. His is a Rock/Electric Pokémon, a unique typing not seen outside of its evolutionary family. This trade may be conducted multiple times.

This or That

To the west of the Poké Mart, there is a person sitting on a bench who asks if you prefer the Puppy Pokémon, Growlithe, or the Scratch Cat Pokémon, Meowth. Regardless of your answer, you are given a certain task.

  • This Black Belt asks that you catch 5 Growlithe. Speak to him again after doing so to receive a PersianP.
  • This Beauty asks that you catch 5 Meowth. Speak to her again after doing so to receive an ArcanineE.

Instead of this Pokémon following behind when let outside of its Poké Ball, you are able to ride on its back! This lets you move at a faster pace than the normal walking or running speed.

Pokémon Fan Club

The building to the north of the Vermilion Gym is home to the Pokémon Fan Club. Speak to the Chairman and listen to his rambling thoughts to receive either a Pikachu SetP or an Eevee SetE in appreciation. This lets you dress up like your partner Pokémon!

After becoming best friends with your partner Pokémon, speak to the Chairman again to receive more clothing for both you and your Pokémon. This time, he gives you the Raichu SetP or the 8 Eeveelution SetsE.

Dressing the Part

As you head south to Vermilion Port, show the S.S. Ticket to the Sailor here and you are free to board the S.S. Anne. In addition, he gives you a Sailor Set for being the 100th guest on the ship. This includes a set for both you and your partner Pokémon.

Vermilion Port

S.S. Anne

S.S. Anne

The S.S. Anne is a popular luxury cruise ship that sails all around the world and visits Vermilion City once a year. This will not be a relaxing time, as there are many Trainers on board.


When you enter the ship, you are greeted by Trace. As he thanks you again for his ticket, Blue approaches from the left. He is headed to the exit with his party favors, and shares one with you: a Shalour Sable. He mentions having overheard rumors about Team Rocket's plans, and warns the two of you to avoid the group before leaving the ship. If you take the time to talk to Trace, he'll reveal that not only is Blue strong enough to have beaten the Pokémon League's Elite Four in the past, but also that he apparently had a rival who's even stronger than him.

From the entrance, you can speak to the girl in the first room on the right to have her heal your Pokémon. Turn to the right and take the stairs down to the lower floor.


This part of the ship is a dead-end hallway with five cabins. Visit the middle room for a Full Heal, then battle Engineer Dylan to reach an Elixir. Battle Sailor Huey and pick up the Super Potion in the fourth room from the stairs, then head back up to the main floor.


Follow the hallway around to the front of the ship, and visit the second cabin from the left to get a Paralyze Heal. Turn the corner and continue on to reach the kitchen. Collect the Super Repel, then leave the kitchen and climb the nearest stairs to reach the upper floor.


The nearest doorway leads to the deck of the ship, where two Sailors are looking to battle. Step inside the second cabin from the left to get a Revive, then visit the fourth room to battle the two Gentlemen and pick up a Nugget. When you approach the captain's quarters at the back of the ship, Trace is just leaving. He mentions that the man is famous for mastering a Secret Technique and offers to teach the move to anyone interested.

Rival Battle 4

Trace's team is much the same as it was in the previous battle in Cerulean City, aside from his Pidgey having evolved and a couple of new moves.

Pikachu In Let's Go, Pikachu!:

Eevee In Let's Go, Eevee!:

After the battle, he urges you to visit the captain to learn his Secret Technique. Enter the captain's quarters to find him hunched over a trash can; it seems like he got seasick. Speak to him to help him out with a quick backrub and he will be feeling good as new. He is about to teach you his Secret Technique as thanks until your partner Pokémon makes it clear that it wants to learn the move, too. The famous swordmaster walks over to a potted plant in the corner and chops it down in one swing! Chop Down lets you cut down certain inconveniently-placed trees to reach new areas.

Be sure to collect all of the items on board before leaving, as the ship sets sail when you do.

Meet Mina

After the ship leaves, you find a blonde girl standing on the pier. She was so caught up with sketching a picture of the ocean that she missed her ship, which she intended to ride on her way home to the tropical Alola region. She does not seem very bothered by this change in her plans and decides to stay here in Kanto for a while longer. Mina specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon and can be challenged to battle once per day.

Vermilion City

Visit the Pokémon Center to prepare for the upcoming Gym, then make your way to the southwest part of town. When you approach the small tree growing next to the building, the Gym guide calls out to you from the other side. Examine the tree to use Chop Down and clear the path to the Gym.

Vermilion Gym

Vermilion City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Lt. Surge

The Lightning Lieutenant

The Vermilion Gym specializes in Electric-type Pokémon. Electric-type moves are super effective against Flying- and Water-type Pokémon, while Electric-type Pokémon are weak to Ground-type moves. Grass Pokémon are a good option, as well; they resist Electric attacks and can fight back with status moves like Sleep Powder. The Gym Leader can be found in the back room, beyond an electronic barrier. Reaching him requires challengers to flip two switches hidden among the many trash cans. When defeated, the Gym Trainers hint that a can next to the blue can contains a switch, while none of the cans next to the red can contain one. Once the first switch has been found, the second will be in an adjacent can. If the wrong can is inspected and there is no switch inside, the puzzle resets.

Each of Lt. Surge's Pokémon know Thunderbolt, a powerful Electric-type attack that receives a Same-type attack bonus when used by each of his Electric Pokémon. The best way to avoid this is to use only Ground-type Pokémon like Diglett, as they are immune to Electric moves. His Magnemite also takes serious damage from Fire- and Fighting-type moves. Be especially careful with his Raichu, as it has the higher stats of an evolved Pokémon, so its Thunderbolt hits harder. Certain Ground Pokémon like Geodude and Onix are part-Rock, as well; though immune to Electric moves, Raichu's Double Kick deals serious damage to Rock Pokémon.

Vermilion Gym
Thunder Badge

After the battle, Lt. Surge awards you the Thunder Badge. Having three Badges ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 40. He also gives you his Autograph and TM36 (Thunderbolt) as prizes.

Meet Up with Misty

After leaving the Gym and chopping down the small tree, Misty calls out to you from next to the Poké Mart. She is impressed that you have defeated Lt. Surge and heals your Pokémon to full health. She is on her way to swim in the sea and wonders where you are headed next. After suggesting Diglett's Cave, she offers to show you the way. If you accept her offer, she walks with you to the entrance of Diglett's Cave on Route 11, to the east of the city.

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