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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo Switch iteration, not Pokémon Yellow. The guide for that game can be found here.

Route 3

Route 3

Route 3 is a grassy road that leads east from Pewter City into the mountains around Route 4. Many Trainers can be found along the way as they raise their Pokémon for the upcoming cave.

A Trainer of Trainers

A short way into the route, a Coach Trainer will introduce himself to you. Recognizing you as a new Trainer, he explains that others like himself can be found in various places, training other Trainers. They provide a good challenge in battle and can give out good rewards, so go ahead and take him on!

Route 4 (West)

Route 4 is divided into two sections by a large mountain. The smaller western area holds only a Pokémon Center and the entrance to the mysterious Mt. Moon.

The Magikarp Salesman

Inside the Pokémon Center, a shady man to the left of the counter offers to sell you a Magikarp for $500. The fish is nearly useless until it evolves into the powerful Gyarados at level 20. With enough money to spare, you can end up with a strong Water-type Pokémon sooner than normal.

Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon

Mt. Moon is a mystical mountain that is known for its frequent meteor falls. The shards of stars that fall here are known as Moon Stones. There are many Trainers exploring the tunnels inside. Many cave-dwelling Pokémon, like Zubat and Paras, make their home here.


When you first enter the cave, you run into the two shady characters that had previously blocked the road through Viridian City. They let slip that they are looking for rare Fossils to sell, and demand that you hand them over if you find any.

Collect the Potion to the west, then battle Bug Catcher Kent to reach a set of 5 Great Balls. Follow the tunnel eastward to battle Lass Evelyn and turn the corner. The red-haired woman from earlier is annoyed that she cannot get away from you, and runs off to the north. Climb down the nearest ladder to B2F.

B2F (South)

Grab the Rare Candy from the raised platform. Inspect the crater to find a hidden Moon Stone and take the ladder back to 1F.


Go south to battle Super Nerd Jovan and pick up the nearby Awakening. Continue east past Youngster Robby to reach an Ether. Turn north through the eastern-most tunnel to pick up a Repel, then inspect the crater to the north for a Stardust. Battle Lass Miriam and continue westward. The blue-haired man tells you to stop following them and runs farther ahead. Climb down the second ladder to a different part of the basement.

B2F (Northeast)

Pick up the Nugget from the platform. Inspect the crater to find another hidden Moon Stone before returning to 1F.


Continue westward along the tunnel. Grab the Pearl in the crater to the north, then climb the third ladder.


A short distance from the ladder, you catch up to the Meowth that belongs to the two shady characters, who runs off in a hurry.

B2F (Outer Area)

Go north to get a Revive, then head southeast to battle a Team Rocket Grunt and collect the nearby Potion.

In the southeast corner, you find the two shady characters trying to convince Meowth to help them gather Fossils.

Continue along the winding tunnel in a clockwise direction to the northwest, where you find another Revive and another Team Rocket Grunt blocking the way. Head north to be stopped by Super Nerd Miguel, who claims both the Helix Fossil and Dome Fossil lying here as his own. Defeat him, and he lets you choose one of them for yourself. The Helix Fossil was once a Omanyte, while the Dome Fossil was once an Kabuto. Go west toward the final ladder and you are ambushed by the shady duo and their Meowth, who finally introduce themselves as Jessie and James. They intend to steal the fossil you just acquired, and draw you into battle. As the first Double Battle you have encountered, the Pokémon in the top-left and top-center slots in your party will take part.

Afterward, the pair runs off, leaving you free to climb the final ladder to the exit.

Route 4 (East)

Route 4

Route 4 is a one-way road leading downhill from the mountains to Cerulean City.

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