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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Viridian City

Viridian Gym

Viridian Gym

Welcome to Viridian Gym, the last of the Kanto League. The Gym Leader, Blue, is the only one around that does not specialize in any single type, and instead uses the team from his time as Champion three years ago. He has installed a maze of spinner tiles to thwart any would-be challengers. Similar to the Blackthorn Gym, the unstable floor causes your lead Pokémon to retreat to its Poké Ball. To reach the Gym Leader, step only on red tiles, beginning with the one in the southeast. Go west from the first stopper tile, then north, northeast, and east twice to reach the end.

With a diverse team and great movesets, Blue is the most challenging opponent you have faced at this point. He leads with his Exeggutor, and its Trick Room will likely allow it, Machamp, and Rhydon to outspeed the competition temporarily; it can also cause status problems with Hypnosis. Hit it with Bug-type moves for massive damage. His Arcanine knows the powerful Flare Blitz, as well as Dragon Pulse and ExtremeSpeed for coverage; use Special moves to bypass its Intimidate Ability. Rhydon can deal serious damage with Earthquake and Stone Edge. Use Water-, Grass-, or Ground-type moves to take it down, but Water and Grass Pokémon should be wary of its Thunder Fang and Megahorn, respectively. The combination of Gyarados' Dragon Dance, Waterfall, and Ice Fang can prove lethal, so knock it out quickly with Electric-type attacks. His Machamp's No Guard Ability ensures that DynamicPunch connects with the target, causing Confusion every time; take it out with a Psychic-type blast, as Stone Edge and ThunderPunch can deter Flying-type opponents. Finally, his Pidgeot relies on Return and Air Slash, and can mimic your previous attack with Mirror Move. Hit it with Electric-, Rock-, or Ice-type moves to bring the battle to an end.

Viridian Gym
The Earth Badge

When the smoke clears, Blue awards you the Earth Badge, the sixteenth and final Badge which enables the use of Rock Climb in the field. He also hands out TM92 (Trick Room) as a prize.

Exit the Gym to receive a call from Professor Oak. He congratulates you on earning all eight Kanto Gym Badges, and asks that you visit the Lab.

Pallet Town

Oak's Pokémon Lab

In recognition of your victories over the eight Gyms of Kanto, Oak rewards you with HM08 (Rock Climb). Now that you have earned all sixteen Badges, he grants you access to Mt. Silver, off to the northwest. The hallowed mountain is strictly off-limits to the average Trainer, but you have now proven yourself more than that. But before rushing off to that rugged, forbidding mountain, there are a few loose ends to resolve.

Now that you have Rock Climb (optional)

With the final HM Rock Climb in your possession, there are a multitude of helpful items you can obtain in both regions. If you plan on breeding, there are some helpful incenses to pick up. These incenses are the only way to obtain certain baby Pokémon like Bonsly, Mantyke, and Munchlax. There are also some valuable items such as the Magmarizer, Dubious Disc, and Oval Stone that can used to evolve Pokémon such as Magmar, Porygon2, and Happiny.

Cherrygrove City

National Park

Route 38

Olivine City

Route 42

Mt. Mortar

Route 45

Rock Tunnel

Diglett's Cave

Cinnabar Island

Route 10 (north)

Kanto Power Plant

In the time it took to obtain the final Badge, the second of Kanto's legendary birds has appeared just outside the Kanto Power Plant. Use Rock- and Ice-type moves to cut Zapdos' health, then switch to Grass-, Bug-, Flying-, Fighting-, or Steel-type attacks to limit the damage it sustains. If you fail to catch it, defeat the Pokémon League once more to cause it to reappear.

Spr 4h 145.png
Electric Flying
Held item:
Zapdos Lv.50
Rock Special
Electric Status
Psychic Status
Electric Special

Cerulean City

Cerulean Cave, 1F
Cerulean Cave, 2F
Cerulean Cave, B1F

Cerulean Cave

Cerulean Cave is a large network of maze-like tunnels that extend deep into the mountains on the outskirts of Cerulean City. The undeveloped cave is pitch-black inside, so using Flash is recommended. Surf, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb are also required to fully navigate the area. Bring a healthy supply of Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls, as a violent legendary Pokémon resides on the lowest floor.


Walk to the water's edge and surf northward. Climb the ladder in the northeast corner.


Circle around and clear away the two cracked rocks. Collect TM24 (Thunderbolt) and backtrack to 1F.


Surf westward, then climb out of the water on the northwest side. Pick up the Nugget and climb up the southernmost ladder on the west side.


Clear away the cracked rock and follow the path to the end. Grab the PP Up and backtrack to 1F.


Head south and clear out the cracked rocks in the southwest corner for a hidden Hyper Potion. Turn east and pick up the Full Restore near the two crystals. Turn north and climb up the nearest ladder.


This wide-open area of 2F holds several hidden items. Collect the Ultra Ball, Big Pearl, PP Up, Zinc, and Full Heal before returning to 1F.


Cross under the bridge, then turn south. Inspect the smaller crystals for a hidden Revive, then climb the stairway to the bridge. Head northeast for a Max Elixir, and northwest to reach a Sea Incense situated on the north wall. The narrow ledge that runs along the north and east walls serves as a quick escape route. Follow this path to the southeast corner and examine the small crystals for a hidden Rare Candy. Circle around and climb the ladder at the south end of the bridge.


Got west, south and east to collect the Odd Incense to the east, track back to the second-to-last junction and go west to reach the Ultra Ball and hidden Protein to the west. Go back to the first junction after the ladder and take the northeast path to the north wall, then turn west to reach the northwest ladder.


Climb down the next ladder to reach the basement floor.


Follow the west wall southward and use Rock Climb twice to reach an Ultra Ball. Turn east and scale down the wall, then follow the dead-end path for a Dusk Stone. Climb the northern rock wall to reach a group of cracked rocks; break the two in the corner to reach a hidden Max Revive. Circle around to the north wall, and take the first right for another Max Revive. Follow the trail southward to the water, and swim to the northeast. Break the two cracked rocks to find a hidden Ultra Ball to the west. Go north onto the upper level, and use Rock Climb to reach an Electirizer in the northeast corner. Jump the ledge, scale down the wall and break the nearby rock to find a Nugget. Go south and surf to the southeast corner for a Black Sludge. Circle around and climb onto the east-central platform to meet the Genetic Pokémon.


Having traversed the entire cave, you finally come face-to-face with Mewtwo. Use Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks to drain its health quickly, then follow up with Fighting and Poison moves to wear it down further. Inflict status ailments like Sleep or Paralysis to increase your odds of capture, and launch a barrage of Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls. It has only one damaging move, Psycho Cut, so Dark-type opponents are immune to its assault. If you fail to catch it, defeat the Pokémon League once more to cause it to reappear.

Spr 4h 150.png
Psychic Unknown
Held item:
Mewtwo Lv.70
Psycho Cut
Psychic Physical
Psychic Status
Power Swap
Psychic Status
Guard Swap
Psychic Status

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