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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Goldenrod City

Back in Goldenrod, many areas are blocked off by Rocket Grunts. Head out to the Radio Tower to run these thugs out of town!

Radio Tower, 1F
Radio Tower, 2F
Radio Tower, 3F
Radio Tower, 4F
Radio Tower, 5F
Radio Tower, Observation Deck

Radio Tower


The lone Rocket on the ground floor is blocking the stairs to the rest of the tower. Only Team Rocket members are allowed upstairs, so you are turned away. To infiltrate the tower, it seems that you must now disguise yourself as the enemy.

Goldenrod Tunnel

The Goldenrod Tunnel is deserted, except for a single Rocket Grunt at the Memorial Photo Studio. Team Rocket had to recruit new members for this operation, but ran out of uniforms. This Rocket decided to "borrow" a uniform from the studio, and suggests that you do the same.

Radio Tower


After fooling the Grunt with your disguise, you move to climb the stairs when Silver shows up. He recognizes you and blows your cover, which forces the Grunt to attack. Afterwards, the guard runs upstairs to alert the other Rockets, and Silver runs off, still mumbling about defeating that Dragon Tamer.


There are four Grunts on the second floor, as well as a few cowering DJs.


The third floor is guarded by two Grunts and a Scientist. The locked door on the east side requires a Card Key to open, so climb the western stairs instead.

4F (west)

Mary and her Meowth are being held hostage along with Ben on the fourth floor.

5F (west)

The Director is right here, confined to his office... or he would be, if this was not Petrel in disguise. All six of his Poison Pokémon have the Levitate Ability, so Psychic attacks are their only weakness.

When defeated, Petrel gives up the location of the real Director: in the Underground Warehouse, at the far end of Goldenrod Tunnel. He also hands over the Basement Key.

Goldenrod Tunnel

In the tunnel, you meet a fourth Kimono Girl. She starts talking about a legendary Pokémon, but catches herself and leaves before revealing too much. Unlock the door and head downstairs.

Warehouse Exterior

Rival battle 4

It is not long before Silver reappears. He is still looking for Lance, but has no problem challenging you in the meantime.

Chikorita Player chose Chikorita: Cyndaquil Player chose Cyndaquil: Totodile Player chose Totodile:

Once he leaves, there are two Rocket Grunts nearby to take out. After that, the next obstacle is the shifting walls. To clear a path to the east exit, flip the blue switch first, then the green switch, and the red switch last. Pressing them in a different order allows you to reach the Smoke Ball in the southwest. Go south and defeat the female Grunt; the purple switch nearby opens a shortcut to the entrance.

Warehouse Exterior
Warehouse Interior

Warehouse Interior

Follow the winding hallway to reach an Ultra Ball near the first group of crates. A short distance past that is a single box with a hidden Max Potion inside. Fight the first Grunt and collect the Max Ether from the southeast corner. Head north past the female Grunt and head west. Fight one last Grunt, pick up TM82 (Sleep Talk), and talk to the Director. He gives you the Card Key, which opens the shutters on the Radio Tower's third floor. Climb the northeast stairs to the Department Store basement, pick up the Amulet Coin, and ride the elevator up to the exit.

Radio Tower


Swipe the Card Key through the slot, and the shutters open. Take out the Grunt and head upstairs.

4F (east)

Proton guards the east part of 4F. Beat him and collect the Ultra Ball.

5F (east)

Ariana taunts you for not having Lance as backup, before challenging you to a battle. Fight her off, then take the elevator to the top floor.

Observation Deck

Archer, Team Rocket's current leader, claims that seizing the Radio Tower was a means to call Giovanni back from his solo training, so that the organization can reclaim its former glory. Take him on to put an end to their plans!

Defeated, Archer laments that their operation was in vain. Like Giovanni did before him, he formally disbands Team Rocket and disappears.

A moment later, the Director arrives. He thanks you for chasing the Rockets off, and gives you the Rainbow WingHG/Silver WingSS to express his gratitude. He claims that the Radio Tower stands on the site of an old tower, and during demolition, that shimmering feather was found at the top. After he leaves, speak to DJ Mary on 4F for a BrightPowder, and the girl on 3F to get TM11 (Sunny Day).

Route 44

Route 44

Route 44 is a quiet mountain road that serves as the only path into Blackthorn City. Both the north and south paths lack any tall grass, but Pokémon like Tangela and Lickitung can be found in the grass between the two lakes. The Ice Path is located in the east.

Ice Path, 1F
Ice Path, B1F
Ice Path, B2F
Ice Path, B3F

Ice Path

Ice Path is a mid-sized cave that connects Route 44 directly to Blackthorn City. Navigation can be difficult, as some areas of the cave are covered by a layer of ice. It is also the only location where wild Swinub and DelibirdSS can be found.

1F (northwest)

Pass over the first patch of ice and continue on to the second. This one is larger, and the large pieces of ice make travel more difficult.

Puzzle Solution
#1 Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right

After that, go east to reach the next ice patch. This one is smaller, and there is an item, HM07 (Waterfall), lying on the far side of the ice. After that, cross over the platform to reach the northeast ladder.

Puzzle Solution
#2 Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right

B1F (north)

There are four boulders scattered around this floor, and each one must be dropped through a different hole to form a path on the floor below. Go north and loop around to find the first two boulders.

Boulder Solution
#1 (southwest) Right 1, Down 3, Left 5, Down 1, Right 1
#2 (west) Up 4, Right 1, Down 1
#3 (east) Left 1, Down 5, Left 1, Down 2, Left 4
#4 (north) Up 2, Right 2, Up 3, Left 2

Start off with the southernmost boulder. Use Strength to move it southward and drop it through the southwest hole. Go back and move the second boulder as far north as possible. Head to the east side to reach the third boulder, and drop it through the southeast hole. Go north and drop the fourth boulder through the north hole. Finally, move the second boulder to the northwest hole. Climb down the ladder in the northeast.

B2F (west)

The boulders from the floor above have formed a convenient spiral that leads to the center of the room. Check the four corners for items, including a Max Potion, a hidden Carbos, and a hidden Ice Heal. Follow the boulders to the room's center, pick up the Full Heal, and climb down the ladder.


Smash the rock, or loop around to the right, to reach the NeverMeltIce. Climb up the east ladder.

B2F (east)

Go south, then head east across the platform. Stand two steps east of the platform, and slide south then east to reach TM72 (Avalanche). Turn around and slide west to reach the ladder.

B1F (south)

Inspect the stalagmite on the south edge of the ice for a hidden Revive. Head northwest, and move the boulder one space southward. Slide west over the ice, then south to reach the Iron. Climb up the western ladder.

1F (southeast)

Grab the Protein on the platform and head south. Another of the Kimono Girls can be found to the south; it seems that she got stuck on the ice. Slide down, left, down, then right to reach her. After a quick shove to clear ground, she thanks you and leaves. Slide left, up, right, down, right, and down to reach the PP Up, then head south to reach the exit. Welcome to Blackthorn City!

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