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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 45 (optional)

Route 45

Route 45 is a rugged route leading down from the mountains. The ravine forces the path to split and recombine multiple times, and many small ledges prevent northbound travel. The east entrance to Dark Cave is located just outside of the city, and the route eventually reaches a small lake, where it turns west toward Route 46.

Dark Cave, via Routes 31 and 46
Dark Cave, via Route 45

Dark Cave (optional)

Though Dark Cave was first accessible from Route 31, but ledges prevented players from exploring the whole cave. The moves Surf, Strength, and Rock Smash are needed to fully explore the area. This cave is the only location where wild Dunsparce can be found, and one of the few places where wild Wobbuffet can be found.

Blackthorn side

Turn west, then head south. Collect the hidden Elixir, then surf south across the lake. Grab the Revive from the southeast platform, then go west to reach TM54 (False Swipe). Head north across the lake and follow the path around to the southwest. Speak to the man in the northwest corner to receive the BlackGlasses, then head south and jump the larger pair of ledges. Check the dark rock for a hidden Hyper Potion, and step through the doorway to the Violet side.

Violet side

A Potion and a hidden Poké Ball can be found to the west, and a Black Flute is located to the south, past a small pool of water. Use Surf or Rock Smash to travel eastward to a narrow tunnel, then use Strength to move the boulder. Use Rock Smash again to reach the northeast corner, and the Hyper Potion not far to the south. Jump the ledge and inspect the east wall for a hidden Max Ether. Collect the Full Heal to the south, and the Dire Hit to the southwest, before exiting to Route 46.

Route 46 (optional)

Route 46

The rugged mountain road of Route 45 comes to an end in Route 46, as the mountains give way to smaller cliffs. To the west, a small grove of Apricorn trees grows in a secluded field. Head south through the gate, and cut through Route 29 to return to New Bark Town.

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den

Only select Trainers can enter the Dragon's Den, a place for training and meditation. The Dragon Master lives inside the shrine on the south side of the cave. Be sure to enter with no more than five Pokémon!

Climb down the ladder to the main cavern. Fight Ace Trainer Kobe, then collect the hidden Revive to the west and the Calcium to the southeast. Surf west to battle Ace Trainer Piper and find a hidden Max Potion. Swim southwest to fight Twins Clea & Gil, and pick up the Max Elixir nearby. Use Whirlpool to calm the waters, then sail east past the shrine before turning north. Grab the Dragon Fang from the east side, then backtrack and enter the shrine.


The Dragon Master realizes right away that you were sent here by Clair. He gives a short test to determine your attitude towards Pokémon. Avoid the negative answers to pass the test.

Question Answers
1 What are Pokémon to you? Ally Junior Friend
2 What helps you to win battles? Strategy Training Cheating
3 What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle? Weak Strong Anyone
4 What is most important for raising Pokémon? Love Violence Knowledge
5 Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Which is more important? Strength Both Weakness

Clair appears, expecting you to have failed. She refuses to believe the truth, until the Dragon Master steps in. He orders her to accept her defeat, and threatens to tell Lance of these events. She hurriedly awards you the Rising Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon and enables the use of Waterfall in the field. The Master scolds her, and she leaves quickly. Speaking of waterfalls, the Master mentions a huge waterfall, deep in the Whirl Islands, where Lugia is said to rest, but reaching it requires a Silver Wing...

As you head to the exit, you find Clair waiting on the north shore. She hands over TM59 (Dragon Pulse), and tells you to return to New Bark Town and take Route 27 to reach the Elite Four.

Upon exiting the cave, you receive a call from Professor Elm, asking you to visit the Lab. Before leaving town, re-enter the cave and speak to the Master again to receive the special Dratini. If you answered all of the questions correct on the first attempt, it will come with the special egg move Extreme Speed. Otherwise, it will have Leer instead.

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