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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Gold and Silver.
These pages follow the original Game Boy Color iteration, not Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The guide for those games can be found here.

Olivine City

Olivine City

Olivine City is a major port city located in northwest Johto, between Route 39 to the north and Route 40 to the west. The Olivine Gym stands in the north part of town, and the Olivine Lighthouse helps to guide ships like the S.S. Aqua into the harbor.

Beacon's Plight

When you approach the Gym, Silver is just leaving. He informs you that the Gym Leader is away at the lighthouse, taking care of a Pokémon that has fallen ill. He walks away, wondering aloud why she would do such a thing, as he firmly believes that any Pokémon unable to battle is worthless.

Fishing Guru 2

Visit the first house to the south of the Gym and speak to the Fisherman inside to receive a Good Rod. This mid-level fishing rod can reel in a greater variety of water-dwelling Pokémon than the Old Rod.

Time for a Trade

There are two houses standing side-by-side in the northeast part of town. Visit the western house to find a man who would like to trade Pokémon. He is willing to part with his Voltorb in exchange for a Krabby. Krabby can be found in Olivine City and on Route 40 to the west, and is an easy catch with a Good Rod.

Olivine Café

The Olivine Café is located to the west of the Pokémon Center. Speak to the Sailor inside to receive HM04 (Strength). This field move lets a compatible Pokémon move large boulders with ease.

Olivine Lighthouse

Olivine Lighthouse, Beacon Room

The Olivine Lighthouse is located in the southeast part of the city. A certain Pokémon usually serves as the lighthouse beacon to safely guide ships into the harbor, but has recently fallen ill.


Battle other Trainers on the way to the fifth floor.

5F (Outer)

Go south to find TM34 (Swagger), then battle Bird Keeper Denis on the north side of the building. Pick up the Rare Candy on the east side and jump down through the gap in the floor.

4F (Outer)

Head northwest to battle Lass Connie, then jump down through the nearby gap.

3F (Inner)

Battle Sailor Terrell, then pick up the Ether and climb up the stairs to 4F.

4F (Inner)

Climb the stairs to a separate part of the fifth floor.

5F (Inner)

Battle Sailor Ernest, then collect the Great Ball and climb up the stairs.

6F (Beacon Room)

On the top floor, you find the local Gym Leader, Jasmine, keeping the ill Ampharos company. Amphy would normally use its tail to illuminate the harbor, but does not have the strength for it at the moment. Jasmine informs you of a pharmacy across the sea in Cianwood City, and as she cannot leave the Pokémon unattended, asks if you would bring their medicine back for Amphy.

Route 40

Route 40

Route 40 includes a small beach outside Olivine City and a stretch of open ocean leading south to Route 41.

Route 41

Route 41

Route 41 is a water route that connects Route 40 to the north and Cianwood City to the west. It is a rough spot in the sea where whirlpools can block the way.

Whirl Islands

The Whirl Islands form an archipelago between the Johto mainland and Cianwood City. These islands are connected underwater by a sprawling network of dark caves, where seawater and boulders restrict movement in some areas. The rough seas make it impossible to reach them without a certain field move.

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