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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. This walkthrough follows the remade Game Boy Advance version, not Pokémon Red and Blue.
The guide for those can be found here.

Celadon City

Celadon City
The Know-It-All man's room on the rooftop of Celadon Mansion

Celadon City is the second-largest city in the region, and it has plenty going on to live up to the hype. The Celadon Department Store is an essential stop, since almost anything a Trainer could want is up for sale here. The Celadon Mansion is a hotel-of-sorts, and the current tenants are none other than Game Freak, the team that developed Pokémon. The Game Corner houses the slot machines, and those coins can be redeemed for valuable prizes in the Prize Corner next door. In addition, the city is also home to the Celadon Gym, nestled on a hill in the southwest.

If it was not already apparent, there are two Rocket Grunts loitering around the city. It looks like Team Rocket has something planned for Celadon... Next door to the restaurant in the south of town is an operation that is shipping 2,000 Pokémon every month to the Game Corner as slot prizes. Those kind of numbers mean big money, and that has Team Rocket's name written all over it. They are up to something, and as one of the workers points out, it surely has nothing to do with a hidden switch behind a poster in the Game Corner.

Celadon Mansion

The tall building in the north of town is Celadon Mansion. On the third floor, Game Freak's game designer promises a reward for showing him a completed Pokédex.

Follow the path behind the Pokémon Center to find a break in the trees that leads to the back door. Bring no more than five Pokémon, and take the stairs to the Know-It-All man's room on the rooftop to find an Eevee. Eevee is an extremely versatile creature, since it can evolve into one of three different forms. Exposure to a Water Stone, Thunderstone, or Fire Stone results in a Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon, respectively. Any of those three evolutions will make a powerful addition to the player's team, especially since they can cover the weaknesses of his/her starter's final form. These stones can only be purchased in the Department Store.

Enter the mansion through the front door and speak to the old woman on the first floor. She gives the player a cup of Tea, a healthy alternative to the usual drinks. Give this to one of the thirsty Saffron guards and he shares it with the others, granting the player access to the city.

Spr 3f 133.png
Normal Unknown
Run Away
Held item:
Eevee Lv.25
Helping Hand
Quick Attack

Celadon Department Store

2F: Trainer's Market

Upper cashier
TM Normal TM05 (Roar)
Pokémon Dollar1000
TM Normal TM15 (Hyper Beam)
Pokémon Dollar7500
TM Ground TM28 (Dig)
Pokémon Dollar2000
TM Fighting TM31 (Brick Break)
Pokémon Dollar3000
TM Normal TM43 (Secret Power)
Pokémon Dollar3000
TM Normal TM45 (Attract)
Pokémon Dollar3000
Lower cashier
Great Ball Great Ball
Pokémon Dollar600
Super Potion Super Potion
Pokémon Dollar700
Revive Revive
Pokémon Dollar1500
Antidote Antidote
Pokémon Dollar100
Paralyze Heal Parlyz Heal
Pokémon Dollar200
Awakening Awakening
Pokémon Dollar250
Burn Heal Burn Heal
Pokémon Dollar250
Ice Heal Ice Heal
Pokémon Dollar250
Super Repel Super Repel
Pokémon Dollar500

3F: TV Game Shop

There is nothing for sale on the third floor, but the man behind the counter will offer to teach Counter to one of the player's Pokémon.

4F: Wiseman Gifts

The evolutionary stones are sold here. Pick up any but a Leaf Stone for the player's new Eevee. Be sure to buy a Poké Doll too, as it will be important a little later.

Wiseman Gifts
Poké Doll Poké Doll
Pokémon Dollar1000
Retro Mail Retro Mail
Pokémon Dollar50
Fire Stone Fire Stone
Pokémon Dollar2100
Thunder Stone Thunderstone
Pokémon Dollar2100
Water Stone Water Stone
Pokémon Dollar2100
Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
Pokémon Dollar2100

5F: Drugstore

Upper cashier
Pokémon Dollar9800
Protein Protein
Pokémon Dollar9800
Iron Iron
Pokémon Dollar9800
Calcium Calcium
Pokémon Dollar9800
Zinc Zinc
Pokémon Dollar9800
Carbos Carbos
Pokémon Dollar9800
Lower cashier
X Attack X Attack
Pokémon Dollar500
X Defense X Defend
Pokémon Dollar550
X Speed X Speed
Pokémon Dollar350
X Sp. Atk X Special
Pokémon Dollar350
X Accuracy X Accuracy
Pokémon Dollar950
Guard Spec. Guard Spec.
Pokémon Dollar700
Dire Hit Dire Hit
Pokémon Dollar650

Rooftop Square: Vending Machines

Each Vending Machine dispenses Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade. Buy one of each drink to give to the little girl nearby, and she will give the player up to three TMs—TM16 (Light Screen) for a Fresh Water, TM20 (Safeguard) for a Soda Pop, and TM33 (Reflect) for a Lemonade—as thanks. Take the opportunity to stock up on Fresh Water, the most cost-effective method of HP recovery, which recovers 1 HP for every PokémonDollar.png4 spent.

Vending Machine
Fresh Water Fresh Water
Pokémon Dollar200
Soda Pop Soda Pop
Pokémon Dollar300
Lemonade Lemonade
Pokémon Dollar350

Celadon Gym

Celadon Gym


The Nature-Loving Princess!

The Celadon Gym specializes in Grass-type Pokémon. This will likely be one of the easiest Gyms to defeat, as Grass Pokémon have multiple weaknesses. These plants fare poorly against Fire-, Ice-, Flying-, and Bug-type attacks. The majority of the Pokémon here are also part-Poison, which adds a weakness to Psychic moves. Bring a few Antidotes and Parlyz Heals to deal with status problems. For extra help, TM13 (Ice Beam) and TM35 (Flamethrower) can both be won in the Game Corner for 4,000 coins each.

Celadon Gym
The Rainbow Badge

Defeated, Erika awards the player the Rainbow Badge, which commands all Pokémon up to level 50, and enables the use of Strength in the field. She also hands over TM19 (Giga Drain), a Grass-type move that damages the opponent while restoring the user's health, as a prize.

Rocket Game Corner

The Prize Corner next door
Locations of hidden Coins

All of the prizes here are offered at extremely high prices, so the player will need a huge supply of coins to get everything. A few can be found dropped on the ground, and talking to the other players results in a few more. Aside from that, the player must either buy them—50 coins for PokémonDollar.png1,000 or 500 coins for PokémonDollar.png10,000—or take his/her chances with the slots. Some prizes are extremely rare, while others can be found only here.

At first glance, everything looks normal here. People are relaxed, having fun at the slot machines, but there is something unsettling about the guy glaring at the poster... As soon as the player approaches, he attacks. He runs off, leaving the poster exposed. Examine it to flip the switch, which reveals a set of stairs nearby, and descend into their hideout.

Coin Case 50 Coins
Pokémon Dollar1000
Coin Case 500 Coins
Pokémon Dollar10000

Left Window
Smoke Ball Smoke Ball
Miracle Seed Miracle Seed
Charcoal Charcoal
Mystic Water Mystic Water
Yellow Flute Yellow Flute

Middle Window (FR)
063 Abra
035 Clefairy
147 Dratini
123 Scyther
137 Porygon

Middle Window (LG)
063 Abra
035 Clefairy
127 Pinsir
147 Dratini
137 Porygon

Right Window
TM Ice TM13 (Ice Beam)
TM Steel TM23 (Iron Tail)
TM Electric TM24 (Thunderbolt)
TM Ghost TM30 (Shadow Ball)
TM Fire TM35 (Flamethrower)

Rocket Hideout

Rocket Hideout, B2F
Rocket Hideout, B3F
Rocket Hideout, B4F

Team Rocket is headed by a shadowy figure known as Giovanni. This mob boss is in possession of the Silph Scope prototype, which can identify the ghosts back in Pokémon Tower. It is impossible to get past the spirits without that item, so make sure he doesn't escape with it!

B1F (north)

Grab the Escape Rope, check the potted plants for a hidden PP Up, and head downstairs.


This floor is the first area that the player encounters spin tiles. When stepped on, these send him/her spinning off to a stopper tile.

Enter the maze and follow the spin tiles to the stopper tile in the northwest. Backtrack to get the X Speed from the northeast corner. On the way southward, the player will find a Moon Stone, TM12 (Taunt), and a Super Potion. Climb the stairs to the east to find two more Rockets and a Hyper Potion, then backtrack through the maze and head down the northern stairs.


Go south past the lone Rocket to get TM21 (Frustration). Check the north hallway for a hidden Nugget, and enter the second spin tile maze. Grab the Rare Candy on the way southward, pick up the BlackGlasses near the stairs, and head down to B4F.

B4F (west)

Head west and collect the Max Ether from the table. Go north to find TM49 (Snatch) and another Rocket Grunt. He is so flustered from losing the battle that he drops the Lift Key, which activates the hideout's elevator. Take the key back to B2F.


Spin through the maze and enter the elevator in the southeast. Ride down to the east side of B4F.

B4F (east)

Grab the Calcium from the table, beat Giovanni's two guards, and step inside the final room. Giovanni's Onix and Rhyhorn are both vulnerable to Grass and Water moves, while his Kangaskhan takes serious damage from Fighting attacks.

After the battle, Giovanni disappears. Pick up the Silph Scope that he left behind, take the elevator up to the first floor, and beat one last Rocket on the way out.

Now the player can finally leave Celadon. Bring the Tea and head east to Route 7. Step inside the gate to be stopped by the guard. He automatically sniffs out the drink, and as he shares it with the other three guards, it is now possible to freely come and go through Saffron City. The Saffron Poké Mart offers the powerful Max Repel, and it may be a good idea to buy a few for the haunted tower. Ignore the rest of the city for now, and continue east to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town

Pokémon Tower

Pokémon Tower, 1F
Pokémon Tower, 2F

Under normal conditions, the Ghosts of Pokémon Tower are totally immune to Normal- and Fighting-type attacks. Anything with a strong Ghost- or Dark-type attack, like Wartortle with Bite, is good to bring along. To avoid the random encounters, just spray on the Max Repel—after catching a Gastly, of course. One opponent is unavoidable; the rival is waiting on the second floor.


By this point, he has assembled a team that includes Grass, Fire, and Water Pokémon. In addition to his starter Pokémon, the others that make up this trio may be either Exeggcute, Growlithe, or Gyarados; whichever is absent is the same type as his starter. These new additions have forced him to swap out his Raticate.

His Pidgeotto, despite leveling up and learning a new move, is still not much of a threat. Exeggcute can cause problems with its Sleep-inducing Hypnosis, but its Barrage has relatively low power. His Growlithe is still just a pup, and cannot deal serious damage yet. Gyarados' high Attack makes it a decent threat, so take the sea serpent down quickly with Electric or Rock attacks. His Kadabra can inflict decent damage with Confusion, but its other moves are no real threat. His starter has grown to level 25 and learned some new moves, but play to its weaknesses to take it down with little effort.

001 If the player chose Bulbasaur: 004 If the player chose Charmander: 007 If the player chose Squirtle:


Pokémon Tower, 3F
Pokémon Tower, 4F
Pokémon Tower, 5F
Pokémon Tower, 6F
Pokémon Tower, 7F

Grab the Escape Rope near the north wall and climb the stairs to 4F.


Pick up the Elixir and Awakening in the center of the room, and the Great Ball near the south wall. Climb the western stairs.


There is a Channeler in the center of the fifth floor that has not been possessed, and she maintains a purified area against the spirits. This protected zone will fully heal every Pokémon in the player's team, restoring health and eliminating any status problems. Collect the Cleanse Tag here and the Nugget from the south side before moving on.


As the player approaches the stairs to the top floor, the ghost attacks and the Silph Scope activates, revealing a level 30 Marowak. This spirit cannot be caught, so all that can be done is to defeat it. Once the battle is over, the mother Marowak's spirit is calmed and departs to the afterlife, finally able to rest in peace. Take the stairs to the top floor... right to a group of Rockets.


Fight off the few Rockets to reach Mr. Fuji. Speak to him, and the two leave for his home at the foot of the tower.

Volunteer Pokémon House

Speak with him again to receive the Poké Flute, an item that instantly awakens any sleeping Pokémon. This lets the player rouse the two Snorlax, west of Celadon and south of Lavender.

Head out west to return to Saffron City.

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