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Route 2

Route 2

Route 2 is a short tree-lined road that connects Striaton City and Accumula Town. The three brothers of Striaton Restaurant often visit the route to help train Pokémon Trainers.

The Lady on the hill wants to see a Pokémon with the Solid Rock Ability; fulfill her request to get a Dawn Stone. A Repeat Ball and a Full Heal can also be obtained on the hill. To the west, a Carbos and a hidden PP Max can be found in the small clearing behind the cuttable tree. To the south, a hidden Max Revive can be found between the two ledges, and an Ultra Ball sits in the tall grass near the two Youngsters. Go west to discover a Hidden Grotto near Lass Mali, and grab the second Max Revive near Veteran Oriana. A Calcium can be found behind the boulder.

Accumula Town

Accumula TownBW

Accumula is a small town between Route 2 and Route 1. Because of its many hills, the town offers some great views.

The Northwest Building

Visit the northwest building and climb to the second floor. Talk to the man near the stairs to receive 10 Poké Balls. The little girl wants someone to play a game of rock-paper-scissors using the Grass, Fire, and Water types. The dark-haired girl quizzes you about your starter Pokémon's height and weight; answer correctly to get either a Grass Gem, Fire Gem, or Water Gem, depending on your starter's type.

The Northern Building

Stop by the building next door, and climb to the second floor. Talk to the young man to get a BalmMushroom.

The House on the Hill

The Lass at the top of the stairway wants to see a Pokémon that is 17' (5 m) or taller. Show her a towering Pokémon like Onix or Gyarados to receive a Fluffy Tail. This can be done once per day.

The Lady inside is stuck in a slump. She hopes that a Pokémon with a cry like an instrument could cheer her up. Show her a Kricketot and her mood improves somewhat. After that, show her a Whismur to finally knock her out of her slump. She thanks you with a Metronome.

The Southwest Building

The Youngster at the bottom of the stairway wants to see a Pokémon that is 8" (20 cm) or shorter. Show him a tiny Pokémon like Joltik or Foongus to receive a Poké Doll. This can be done once per day.

The Lass on the first floor would like to trade her Ambipom for your Excadrill. After doing so, she asks you to battle in order to show how it has grown. After that she asks for another trade, this time, your Hippowdon for her Alakazam. She then asks for another battle against her old Pokémon.

Route 1

Route 1

Route 1 stretches between Accumula Town and Nuvema Town. The change in seasons is quite evident here, as flower petals ride the spring breeze and dead leaves flutter in the autumn wind.

South of the two Backpackers is a dark-haired girl in the middle grass patch; talk to her to get a Potion, then check the grass for an Ultra Ball. Surf west across the water to reach a Full Restore, then turn south. Ace Trainer Cheyenne is running laps around a grass patch; in the center lies a hidden Protein. Defeat the Pokémon Rangers to get a Lum Berry from each, then grab the Prism Scale from the south side. Enter the gate to arrive on Route 17.

Route 17 (south)

Route 17BW

Route 17 leads westward across the sea from Route 1. The swift ocean currents can make travel difficult, so proceed carefully.

Surf to the first spot of shallow water to find a hidden Blue Shard, then go north to reach another. Ride the northern westbound current to reach the Dive Ball near Fisherman Bucky, then sail west to Route 18.

Route 18

Route 18

Route 18 consists almost entirely of a single large island at the end of Route 17. The crescent-shaped island forces travelers from Route 1 into a large U-turn, directing them towards the P2 Laboratory in the northeast.

Climb up the stairway and head north past Veteran Gina to reach the prefab house. The female Ace Trainer inside will restore your team's health, while the man in sunglasses will buy any Rare Bones you have for PokémonDollar.png10,000 apiece. Cross the bridge to the south and move the boulder into place to reach a Zinc and a hidden Rare Candy. Double-back and go down the stairway, then move the second boulder to enter the valley, where you can find Veteran Vincent and a Star Piece. Head west to fight Hiker Stephen, then go south past Veteran Maya to get TM19 (Telekinesis). Climb the stairway to the northeast to meet Crasher Wake. The Gym Leader from Sinnoh stares out to sea, singing to himself, before rushing off to participate in the Pokémon World Tournament. Cross the next bridge to collect the Magma Stone, which causes Heatran to appear in the deeper part of Reversal Mountain that Bianca was investigating. Go down the stairway and surf east to the P2 Laboratory.

Route 17 (north)

P2 Laboratory, Plasma Frigate

The P2 Laboratory island

The P2 Laboratory was built on a quiet island as a secret base for Team Plasma to conduct certain research experiments. With Ghetsis defeated, the Plasma Frigate is anchored here from now on.

A handful of Plasma Grunts can still be found on the ship. Colress apparently allowed them to stay as long as they bring out their Pokémon's potential by treating them well. Enter the back of the ship and take the warp panel to the room where Kyurem was imprisoned. Take the warp to the east to reach the Control Room, where you meet Colress again. He has continued with his research after Team Plasma's defeat, and wishes to measure your Pokémon's strength in battle. His Magneton, Magnezone, Metagross, and Klinklang are all vulnerable to Fire- and Ground-type attacks, Rotom is immune to Ground-type attacks due to Levitate, but it can't stand Grass-type moves, and Beheeyem fears Ghost- and Dark-type attacks. Aim for their weaknesses to score massive damage!

If you win the battle, he rewards you with a Master Ball, the best Poké Ball variety that is guaranteed to catch any creature! After this battle, you can challenge Colress once per day.

Leave the ship and the island behind, and surf southwest past Swimmer♀ Dara to reach the bay on Route 18. A PP Max and a hidden Prism Scale can be found to the south, while an Iron and a hidden PP Max are located in the tall grass north of Battle Girl Wendy. After collecting the items, return to Route 1 and continue south to Nuvema Town.

Nuvema Town

Nuvema Town

The easternmost town in Unova, Nuvema is home to the Juniper Pokémon Lab, where Professor Juniper researches Pokémon origins. Cheren and Bianca are originally from Nuvema Town.

The Hero's House

The middle house is the home of the hero from two years ago. Inside you can meet their mother, who mistakes you for her child, who is off looking for a friend named N. Visit her anytime to get your Pokémon healed up. Before you leave, venture upstairs to the hero's bedroom to find an old King's Rock.

Cheren and Bianca's Homes

Bianca's house stands to the southwest, while Cheren's house stands to the southeast. Talk to their parents to hear stories about the two. Cheren's father gives you a Berry Juice, a thank-you gift for being his son's first Gym challenger.

Juniper Pokémon Lab

Cedric Juniper can be found in the lab. Talk to him to receive the Super Rod, which he meant to give you back in Aspertia. Use this high-tech fishing rod to hunt for Pokémon that live beneath the water's surface!

Professor Juniper is here as well, hard at work. Visit her often to have her evaluate the progress of your Pokédex. After making substantial progress on the Pokédex, you can receive a few special items.

Be aware that there are four Pokémon that cannot be seen during your adventure. These include either RuffletB2 or VullabyW2, either SkittyB2 or BunearyW2 and both the first and final forms of the starter Pokémon that was not chosen by either you or Hugh (the second form is used by Rosa or Nate in Nimbasa against Ingo and Emmet).

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