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Route 20

Route 20

Route 20 is a road that connects Floccesy Town and Virbank City. A river runs from the south all the way to Floccesy Ranch in the north. In autumn, the fallen leaves change the scenery dramatically. Hiker Jerome blocks the stairway to the east side of the route for now, and Hugh is nowhere to be found on the west side. He must have gone to Floccesy Ranch, so cross the bridge and head north.

Floccesy Ranch

Floccesy Ranch

Floccesy Ranch came about naturally as Pokémon and people gathered in the area. The ranch is owned and operated by a husband and wife. A rich forest lies just beyond the ranch's northern boundary.

When you try to enter the pastures to the west, Hugh runs up to challenge you to another battle.

Snivy (Pokémon) If the player chose Snivy:

Tepig (Pokémon) If the player chose Tepig:

Oshawott (Pokémon) If the player chose Oshawott:

After the battle, you deliver the extra Town Map to him. Just then, the ranch owner and his wife appear. She hands you a Potion, and he asks if either of you have seen their missing Herdier. Hugh gets angry at him for his careless attitude, and runs off to search for the dog. It's not in the pastures, so check the forest to the north. Hugh catches up to you near Janitor Orville to give you a Parlyz Heal. Go east to reach a grass patch with another Potion, then turn south to reach a clearing, where Herdier is cornered by a Team Plasma Grunt. Hugh dashes off to notify the owner, and the thug throws TM21 (Frustration) at you as a distraction while he escapes.

Now that you have delivered the extra Town Map and found the lost Herdier, you can return to Floccesy Town to have Alder help train your Pokémon.

Floccesy Town

Alder's house

After returning from Floccesy Ranch, Alder will ask you to battle his two students. Their Pokémon change depending on which starter Pokémon you chose, so keep type match-ups in mind.

Pledge Grove

When you step outside, you meet a man named Mr. Medal. He gives you a Medal Box, which lets you participate in the Medal Rally competition. You can earn a variety of Medals during your adventure by meeting various conditions, like finding hidden items or evolving a Pokémon. Talk to Mr. Medal in any Pokémon Center to receive them. There are 255 different Medals to collect. Once he leaves, Alder steps outside to inform you that the Aspertia Gym has reopened.

Pledge Grove

The path behind Alder's house leads to Pledge Grove, a tiny clearing shrouded by trees. Bring Keldeo to inspect the deep cut marks on the boulder and it will learn Secret Sword, its signature move. As long as it knows this move, Keldeo will remain in its Resolute Form.

Aspertia City

Trainers' School

The boy blocking the entrance moves out of the way, so you can finally visit the Trainers' School. The large blackboard describes the various status conditions, like Poison or Paralysis, that can affect a Pokémon. Talk to the boy nearby to get an X Defend. In the back of the building, a girl teaches you how to cancel a Pokémon's evolution. Step through the back door to reach the Aspertia Gym. The man near the door, Clyde, will be waiting at every Gym to give you a Fresh Water.

Aspertia Gym

Aspertia Gym

Aspertia City Pokémon Gym
Gym Leader: Cheren

The one who seeks the right path

The Aspertia Gym specializes in Normal-type Pokémon. Cheren's Pokémon all know the move Work Up, so defeat them quickly before getting hit by a powered-up attack. If you caught a Riolu in Floccesy Ranch, its Fighting-type attacks can inflict serious damage. If you're playing on Challenge Mode, then Riolu's Fighting-type attacks only inflict normal damage on Pidove so make use of Mareep's Electric-type attacks if you caught one in Floccesy Ranch. If you have a Pidove or Purrloin, you can use Growl to counter Work Up.

Aspertia Gym
The Basic Badge

Easy Mode/Normal Mode

Challenge Mode

Defeated, Cheren awards you the Basic Badge, which makes all Pokémon up to level 20 obey, even those obtained in a trade. He also gives you TM83 (Work Up) as a prize.

Bianca is waiting for you outside the Gym. Impressed with your victory, she gives you TM27 (Return) as well as the C-Gear. Cheren exits the Gym, and the three of you register each other's numbers in the Xtransceiver. Bianca also registers Professor Juniper's number for you. Just then, Hugh shows up to challenge the Gym, and Cheren leads him to the battlefield. Bianca informs you that the next Gym is in Virbank City, east of Floccesy Ranch.

Floccesy Town

On your way back through Floccesy Town, Bianca shows up again to upgrade your Pokédex with the Habitat List, which shows every Pokémon seen and caught in an area. She also reminds you that Pokémon can sometimes be found in rustling grass before heading off again.

Route 20

Cheren and Hugh catch up to you at the bottom of the stairway. Cheren explains that stronger Pokémon, sometimes even two at once, can be found in patches of dark grass. He gives you a few Pecha Berries to help with Virbank Gym, then leaves. Hugh stays here to train in the dark grass for now.

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