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If you were looking for the Gym Leader from Fuchsia City, see Janine.

(Japanese:アンズ Anzu) is a character who appeared in the eighth Pokétoon, Jigglypuff's Song.

Anzu is a girl known to Momo who decides to tease her with the song her Jigglypuff sings. This ended up breaking the confidence of Momo's Jigglypuff, who fleed when it remembered his previous experiences when trying to sing. A few days later, she decided to tease Momo again but, to defend Momo, Jigglypuff started singing. Initially Anzu was repulsed by Momo's Jigglypuff music, but this changed over time. Days passed and Momo and Anzu became friends and often got together to hear the melody of Momo's Jigglypuff. This, however, ended up causing the two girls to fall asleep.


Anzu's Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff is the Anzu's only known Pokémon. Anzu used his Jigglypuff's singing to provoke Momo, initially this ended up making Momo and her Jigglypuff afraid to demonstrate their melody.

Jigglypuff's only known move is Sing.

Debut Jigglypuff's Song
Voice actors
Japanese Miho Okasaki

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 富田 美憂 Miyu Tomita

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