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Normal and Alolan Vulpix in the anime

A regional variant (Japanese: リージョンフォーム Region Form) is a species of Pokémon found in a specific region that takes on a different form than it does in most other regions. These Pokémon have uniquely adapted to habitats that are different than those where its species naturally live in other parts of the world. As such, many things may be different about them, from their appearance and way of living to even their type, moves, Abilities, base stats and height and weight. This is analogous to genetic drift in regards to real world phenomena, where a population that is isolated from the rest of the species develop unique traits and eventually evolve into a new species.


In the Alola region, a species' regional variant is referred to as its Alola Form (Japanese: アローラのすがた Alola form). A Pokémon in its Alola Form is described as Alolan — for example, Exeggutor in its Alola Form is referred to as Alolan Exeggutor. Only Pokémon introduced in Generation I have Alola Forms.

In Alola, when breeding Pokémon whose offspring has a regional variant, the offspring's form depends on its parents. If either parent is the species' normal form and holds an Everstone, and if the offspring is in the same family as that parent, then the offspring will hatch as the normal form. In all other cases, the offspring will always hatch in its Alola Form.

In Alola, if a Pokémon evolves from a species that does not have an Alola Form to one that does, such as Cubone, it will always evolve into its Alola Form and cannot evolve into its normal form.

Pokémon Normal form Alola Form
Image Type Ability Image Type Ability
Rattata Rattata  Normal  Run Away or Guts
Hustle (Hidden)
Alolan Rattata  Dark  Normal  Gluttony or Hustle
Thick Fat (Hidden)
Raticate Raticate  Normal  Run Away or Guts
Hustle (Hidden)
Alolan Raticate  Dark  Normal  Gluttony or Hustle
Thick Fat (Hidden)
Raichu Raichu  Electric  Static
Lightning Rod (Hidden)
Alolan Raichu  Electric  Psychic  Surge Surfer
Sandshrew Sandshrew  Ground  Sand Veil
Sand Rush (Hidden)
Alolan Sandshrew  Ice  Steel  Snow Cloak
Slush Rush (Hidden)
Sandslash Sandslash  Ground  Sand Veil
Sand Rush (Hidden)
Alolan Sandslash  Ice  Steel  Snow Cloak
Slush Rush (Hidden)
Vulpix Vulpix  Fire  Flash Fire
Drought (Hidden)
Alolan Vulpix  Ice  Snow Cloak
Snow Warning (Hidden)
Ninetales Ninetales  Fire  Flash Fire
Drought (Hidden)
Alolan Ninetales  Ice  Fairy  Snow Cloak
Snow Warning (Hidden)
Diglett Diglett  Ground  Sand Veil or Arena Trap
Sand Force (Hidden)
Alolan Diglett  Ground  Steel  Sand Veil or Tangling Hair
Sand Force (Hidden)
Dugtrio Dugtrio  Ground  Sand Veil or Arena Trap
Sand Force (Hidden)
Alolan Dugtrio  Ground  Steel  Sand Veil or Tangling Hair
Sand Force (Hidden)
Meowth Meowth  Normal  Pickup or Technician
Unnerve (Hidden)
Alolan Meowth  Dark  Pickup or Technician
Rattled (Hidden)
Persian Persian  Normal  Limber or Technician
Unnerve (Hidden)
Alolan Persian  Dark  Fur Coat or Technician
Rattled (Hidden)
Geodude Geodude  Rock  Ground  Rock Head or Sturdy
Sand Veil (Hidden)
Alolan Geodude  Rock  Electric  Magnet Pull or Sturdy
Galvanize (Hidden)
Graveler Graveler  Rock  Ground  Rock Head or Sturdy
Sand Veil (Hidden)
Alolan Graveler  Rock  Electric  Magnet Pull or Sturdy
Galvanize (Hidden)
Golem Golem  Rock  Ground  Rock Head or Sturdy
Sand Veil (Hidden)
Alolan Golem  Rock  Electric  Magnet Pull or Sturdy
Galvanize (Hidden)
Grimer Grimer  Poison  Stench or Sticky Hold
Poison Touch (Hidden)
Alolan Grimer  Poison  Dark  Poison Touch or Gluttony
Power of Alchemy (Hidden)
Muk Muk  Poison  Stench or Sticky Hold
Poison Touch (Hidden)
Alolan Muk  Poison  Dark  Poison Touch or Gluttony
Power of Alchemy (Hidden)
Exeggutor Exeggutor  Grass  Psychic  Chlorophyll
Harvest (Hidden)
Alolan Exeggutor  Grass  Dragon  Frisk
Harvest (Hidden)
Marowak Marowak  Ground  Rock Head or Lightning Rod
Battle Armor (Hidden)
Alolan Marowak  Fire  Ghost  Cursed Body or Lightning Rod
Rock Head (Hidden)

Similar concepts

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A Valencia Island Butterfree

Prior to Generation VII, there were already certain Pokémon that had variations depending on their native geographical area, but, unlike regional variants, these Pokémon do not appear to have adapted to selective pressures; rather, their differences are purely aesthetic, with their type, moves, Abilities, height, and weight remaining the same.


  • When a Pokémon undergoes evolution into a regional variant, the background in the evolution animation is green, as opposed to the blue background for all other Pokémon. Conversely, when a Pokémon Egg hatches into a regional variant, the background is blue instead of yellow. Additionally, a different arrangement of the evolution music is played in both of these situations.
  • All non-Alolan Pokémon that can evolve into an Alola Form have a signature move.

In other languages

Regional variant

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 地區形態 Deihkēui Yìhngtaai
Mandarin 地區形態 / 地區形态 Dìqū Xíngtài
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Regionální variant
Denmark Flag.png Danish Regional variation*
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Regionale variant
Finland Flag.png Finnish Alueellinen muunnos
France Flag.png French Forme régionale
Germany Flag.png German Regionalform
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Regionális változat
Italy Flag.png Italian Forma regionale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 리전폼 Region Forme
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Regional variasjon
Poland Flag.png Polish Regionalny wariant
Odmiana regionalna*
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Forma regional*
Variante regional*
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Variante regional
Russia Flag.png Russian Региональный вариант Regional'nyy variant
Spain Flag.png Spanish Forma regional
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Regional variant
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Bölgesel çeşitlilik

Alola Form

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 阿羅拉的樣子 Alòhlāai-dīk Yeuhngjí
Mandarin 阿羅拉的樣子 / 阿罗拉的样子 Āluólā-de Yàngzi
Denmark Flag.png Danish Alola Form
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Alola Form*
Finland Flag.png Finnish Alola-muoto
France Flag.png French Forme d'Alola
Germany Flag.png German Alola-Form
Italy Flag.png Italian Forma di Alola
South Korea Flag.png Korean 알로라의 모습 Allora-ui Moseup
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Alola Form
Poland Flag.png Polish Forma Alolańska
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Forma Alola
Russia Flag.png Russian Форма региона Алола Forma regiona Alola
Spain Flag.png Spanish Forma de Alola
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Alola Form
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Alola Formu

Alolan <Pokémon>

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Alolan <Pokémon>
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Alolan <Pokémon>
Finland Flag.png Finnish Alolalainen <Pokémon>
France Flag.png French <Pokémon> d'Alola
Germany Flag.png German Alola-<Pokémon>
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Alola <Pokémon>
Italy Flag.png Italian <Pokémon> di Alola
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Alolan <Pokémon>
Poland Flag.png Polish <Pokémon> Alolański
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese <Pokémon> de Alola
Russia Flag.png Russian <Pokémon> региона Алола <Pokémon> regiona Alola
Spain Flag.png Spanish <Pokémon> de Alola
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Alolan <Pokémon>

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