2006 McDonald's promotional Pokémon toys

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The 2006 McDonald's promotional Pokémon toys were a set of toys distributed at McDonald's restaurants in February 2006. Each toy came with one of 10 TCG cards from the McDonald's Collection.

Pokémon Toys

Pokémon Function
Minun Shoots out discs with Minun images on them
Lucario Shoots out discs with Lucario images on them
Pikachu Shoots out discs with Pikachu images on them
Munchlax Place down suction cup of burger piece, pull on string and watch Munchlax run towards it
Mew Runs when wound up
Charizard Flaps wings and tail lights up, head and arms can be moved
Plusle Shoots out discs with Plusle images on them
Blastoise Moves forward with cannons moving when wound up

Possible Cards

The toys were accompanied by a random card from the McDonald's Collection 2006.

McDonald's Collection 2006
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
1/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Sceptile Grass
2/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Latias δ Fire
3/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Squirtle Water
4/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Latios δ Water
5/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Pikachu Lightning
6/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Wobbuffet Psychic
7/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Flygon Fighting
8/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Pidgey Colorless
9/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Meowth δ Darkness
10/10 TCG2 A01 Bulbasaur.png Chimecho δ Metal

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