1998 KFC promotional Pokémon toys (purchasable)

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A screenshot of a commercial used to promote the toys

KFC promotional Pokémon toys were sold at KFC stores in the United States. These promotional toys featured beanbag plush toys of Vulpix, Dratini, Seel, and Zubat which could be purchased with any meal at KFC for $4.99USD[1] between November 9 and December 20, 1998.[2] Unlike the other toys offered in 1998, these were not bundled with Kids, Meals, and instead were sold separately. Each plush toy came with a circular shaped "Special Edition" tag attached to the toy itself, which identifies the toys as part of this promotion. The toys were made by Applause Inc. which created other Pokémon Plush Toys as well.


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Fast-food chain promotional Pokémon toys
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Subway: 2005
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