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== Trivia ==
Despite being called a cube, it far more closely resembles a [[wikipedia:truncated octahedron|truncated octahedron]]. However, both share the same underlying octahedral symmetry.
* Despite being called a cube, it far more closely resembles a {{wp|truncated octahedron}}. However, both share the same underlying octahedral symmetry.
==In other languages==
==In other languages==

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Zygarde Cube
Zygarde Cube
Zygarde Cube
Zygarde Cube
Obtain sprite from Generation VII
Introduced in Generation VII
Generation VII Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items

The Zygarde Cube (Japanese: ジガルデキューブ Zygarde Cube) is a Key Item introduced in Generation VII. It holds Zygarde Cells and Cores.

A Reassembly Unit can use the Cells and Cores in the Zygarde Cube to assemble a new Zygarde. The Zygarde Cube can also memorize the moves retained by Cores it takes in and teach them to any Zygarde.

The Zygarde Cube was apparently found by Professor Sycamore.

In the games

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The Zygarde Cube allows the player to find and collect Zygarde Cells and Cores. Cells and Cores can be found in most locations in Alola, but until the player has the Zygarde Cube, none of them will be visible. Cells and Cores appear as small sparks of light on the ground, with Cells shining green and Cores shining pink. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, there are 95 Cells and 5 Cores to be found across the Alola region. The Zygarde Cube can hold a maximum of 999 Cells and Cores (by using the Reassembly Unit's separation function).

If the player selects the "Check" option on the Zygarde Cube, it will tell them how many Cells and Cores they have collected from the locations in their game and how many they currently have in total. As the player reaches certain collection milestones, Dexio and Sina will contact the player to explain the Zygarde Cube, Cells, and Cores.

Reassembly Unit

The Reassembly Unit is found on Route 16 in the Alola region. The Reassembly Unit can assemble a Zygarde using Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube or separate a Zygarde into Cells and Cores and store them in the Zygarde Cube. The Reassembly Unit will not be able to separate a Zygarde if it has a Classic Ribbon. Separating a Zygarde is much the same as releasing a Pokémon: it is essentially lost, including any moves it learned or Ribbons it earned. However, the Reassembly Unit can also add Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube to a Zygarde already in the player's party to upgrade its form without affecting other data.

The Reassembly Unit will always use the maximum amount of Cells and Cores it can in assembly operations.

  • 10 Cells/Cores: Zygarde 10% Forme with Aura Break
  • 50 Cells/Cores: Zygarde 50% Forme with Aura Break
  • 100 Cells/Cores: Zygarde 50% Forme with Power Construct

Although the Reassembly Unit refers to the amounts it will use in percent values, this is based on the assumption that the Zygarde Cube can only hold 100 Cells and Cores, when it can in fact hold more. That is, if the Zygarde Cube holds 200 Cells and Cores, it will still use only 100 to create a Power Construct Zygarde, not 100% (all 200).

If a Zygarde from the player's party is combined with Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube, the assembly will require fewer Cells and Cores in accordance with the Zygarde's form (e.g., upgrading a 10% Forme Zygarde to 50% Forme will only require 40 Cells and Cores). If Zygarde is assembled completely from Cells and Cores from the Zygarde Cube, its level depends on whether the player has become the Champion. Before the player has become Champion, an assembled Zygarde will be level 30, but after, it will be level 50.

The Reassembly Unit can perform operations on a Zygarde even if it is an outsider. Through separating one or more outsider Zygarde, it is possible for the Zygarde Cube to hold up to 999 total Cells and Cores. Even if the Zygarde Cube has already reached this capacity, Zygarde Cells and Cores can still be collected around Alola and the Reassembly Unit can still separate Zygarde, but the number of stored Cells and Cores will not increase.

The Reassembly Unit will not perform any operations on a Zygarde with Power Construct. The Zygarde Cube can freely change the form of a Power Construct Zygarde between 10% Forme and 50% Forme.

Teachable moves

Depending on the Zygarde Cores that the player has found, the Zygarde Cube will be able to teach certain moves to any Zygarde. These Cores cannot be obtained by separating outsider Zygarde.

Move Core location
Core Enforcer Ancient Poni Path (Hapu's room)
Thousand Arrows Iki Town (Hala's house)
Thousand Waves Route 17 (Po Town Police Station)
Extreme Speed Route 1 (player's house)
Dragon Dance Konikoni City (Olivia's room)


Games Description
SMUSUM An item to store Zygarde Cores and Cells. You can also use it to teach Zygarde moves.


Games Method
SM Heahea City (defeat DexioS/SinaM)
USUM Route 16 (defeat Dexio, after catching Zygarde in Resolution Cave)

In the manga

The Zygarde Cube in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

The Zygarde Cube first appeared in the Sun & Moon chapter. Sun was hired by Sina and Dexio to assist them in finding the remaining Cells and Cores of Zygarde scattered across Alola. To aid him in this job, Dexio gave Sun the Zygarde Cube in order to store any Cells and Cores he found.


  • Despite being called a cube, it far more closely resembles a truncated octahedron. However, both share the same underlying octahedral symmetry.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 基格爾德多面體 Gēigaakyíhdāk Dōmihntái
Mandarin 基格爾德多面體 / 基格尔德多面体 Jīgé'ěrdé Duōmiàntǐ
France Flag.png French Boîte Zygarde
Germany Flag.png German Zygarde-Würfel
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Zygarde Kocka
Italy Flag.png Italian Teca Zygarde
South Korea Flag.png Korean 지가르데큐브 Zygarde Cube
Poland Flag.png Polish Kostka Zygarde
Russia Flag.png Russian Куб Зайгарда Kub Zaygarda
Spain Flag.png Spanish Arca de Zygarde

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