Zoroark: Master of Illusions (manga)

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(Japanese: 幻影覇者 ゾロアーク Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark) is the manga adaption of the movie of the same name. It was adapted by 井上桃太 Momota Inoue.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shōgakukan First
Japan Shōgakukan September 28, 2010 ISBN 9784091410832
First Edition by VIZ Media First
North America VIZ Media September 20, 2011 ISBN 9784091410832
First Edition by kurokawa First
France kurokawa April 28, 2011 ISBN 9782351426463

Differences between the anime and the manga

  • The characters of Peg and Template:Mo are removed from the manga. While Peg was an extremely minor character with less than two minutes of actual screentime, Tammy had a prominent role. Tammy's Tangrowth is also removed.
  • Due to Tammy being removed it is Template:Mo who instead spots Celebi arriving in the city.
  • In the film, upon finding Zorua being surrounded by several Vigoroth, Ash and Dawn send out Infernape and Mamoswine to scare them away. In the manga neither are used, and Pikachu is the one to scare the Vigoroth away.
  • When a Ninjask carries Zorua away in at the beginning of the film, Zoroark is restrained by several energy bolts, whereas in the manga Zoroark simply stands there.
  • In the film Zorua transforms into Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, Scizor, Skiploom, Vigoroth and Celebi at various points in the movie, while Zoroark transforms into all three Legendary Beasts and later Pikachu. Most of these transformations are removed from the manga, with Zorua only transforming into Ash, Pikachu, Celebi and Karl while Zoroark only transforms into the Legendary Beasts.
  • In the film, Goone manages to recapture Zoroark by luring it towards a trap with a projection of Zorua. In the manga however, Goone recaptures it while it is simply wandering Crown City.
  • In the manga, Kodai reveals he doctored the footage of Zoroark 'destroying' Crown City and warns the gang to leave and when Ash tries to grab him it's revealed Kodai is simply a projection. In the anime, Kodai delivers the same warning but does so in person.
  • In the movie, the gang end up at Joe's house after Joe's Mightyena and Tammy's Tangrowth catch Zorua destroying a monitor (after seeing Kodai on it) and, thinking it to be a threat, gang up on it and put it to sleep with Tangrowth's Sleep Powder. In the manga, Joe simply invites everyone into his house.
  • In the movie, Zorua squeezes through a gate Pikachu and Piplup follow and encounter the Pokémon living in the area who are ready to attack Zorua until Celebi calms them creating the friendship between Zorua and Celebi while the trainers are trapped by Kodai and Goone. In the manga, Pikachu and Piplup don't follow and are captured along with their trainers. Meanwhile the Pokémon living in the area don't appear and the friendship between Zorua and Celebi begins when Celebi saves the Tricky Fox Pokémon from falling into a stream.
  • It is explicitly stated in the movie that while Zorua is able to transform into Celebi it cannot fly (which is a factor in tricking Kodai later in the film), whereas there is no mention of this in the manga.
  • The fight on the tree between Pikachu and Piplup and Goone's two Scizor is completely cut from the manga (since Pikachu and Piplup were captured earlier). As a result, Togekiss' role in the story (saving Pikachu and Piplup from their fall) is removed.
  • Goone has two Scizor in the film, which respectively battle Sudowoodo and Croagunk during the attempt to get Celebi back to the Ripple of Time, whereas in the manga Goone only has one Scizor which battles Croagunk.
  • The roles of Raikou, Entei and Suicune in the manga are greatly reduced from those in the movie. In the film, the Beasts destroy Kodai's airship and then have an extended battle against Zoroark. In the manga, it is Zoroark who destroys the airship and the battle between Zoroark and the Beasts is completely removed. The real beasts only turn up towards the end when they prevent Kodai from reaching the Ripple of Time.
  • At the end of the film, Kodai falls into the Pokémon Baccer stadium and is knocked out and, upon waking, the tape secretly recorded by Karl where he confesses to destroying the plant life in Crown City twenty years previously and was planning to do so again is playing and he is arrested by Officer Jenny. In the manga, Kodai's fate is left ambiguous as he is shown falling into the stadium but is not seen again. It is never revealed if he survived the fall, nor is it revealed if the residents of Crown City learned of his misdeeds.

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