Zoey's Glameow

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Zoey's Glameow
ノゾミのニャルマー Nozomi's Nyarmar
Poké Ball
Zoey Glameow.png
Zoey's Glameow
Debuts in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!
Caught at Snowpoint City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Zoey
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Glameow Ikue Ohtani

Zoey's Glameow (Japanese: ノゾミのニャルマー Nozomi's Nyarmar) was Zoey's first Pokémon seen in the anime. It is also her main Pokémon.


Glameow first meeting Zoey

Glameow was first seen in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!, when it approached Dawn with her missing choker around its tail. It wasn't until the next episode, however, that it showed just how strong it really is.

In Arrival of a Rival!, Glameow was Zoey's choice for the Battle Round of the Jubilife Contest. Its first battle was against Ash's Aipom, which started with the purple-colored Pokémon using Focus Punch. Glameow waited for Aipom to get close enough and then used its curled tail to grab her three-fingered hand, stopping the move before spinning around to send her flying through the air. The Long Tail Pokémon quickly recovered though and used Swift, hitting Glameow and taking some of Zoey's points away. After that, Glameow went ahead with Fury Swipes, but Aipom used Double Team to distract it and attack with Swift. Despite this, Glameow was able to dodge and send the move back by using Fury Swipes once more. It then used Iron Tail to block Aipom's Focus Punch before straightening its tail to get a clean hit. With thirty seconds remaining, Ash ordered another Focus Punch and Zoey had Glameow using Shadow Claw to block the attack long enough for it to dodge and use Iron Tail again. Only ten seconds left on the clock and Aipom used one more Focus Punch, but time ran out before she could hit Glameow. Glameow won the battle on points with a big lead, advancing Zoey to the semifinals.

In the semifinal round, Glameow was matched against Dawn's Buneary. Their battle began with Buneary using Ice Beam, which was grabbed by Glameow's Shadow Claw and used to create a stunning contrast that cost Dawn a few points. After that, Buneary used Bounce and Glameow decided to jump too, using its tail to leap higher than her and surprise her with Fury Swipes. It then used Iron Tail, but Buneary managed to stop the attack using her ears. Seeing this, Zoey ordered Glameow to spin its tail, making Buneary spin and sending her flying. Buneary fought back with Ice Beam, which Glameow managed to dodge. However, the Ice-type move froze the stage, making Glameow slip up and allowing Buneary to attack it with Dizzy Punch and Bounce. When Glameow was about to be hit by another Dizzy Punch, it used Shadow Claw to break the ice covering the stage, sending shards towards Buneary before using Iron Tail to make her hit the ground. Time ran out after that and Glameow won the battle on points, granting Zoey a place in the finals.

In the Contest finals, Glameow battled Jessilina's Carnivine. Although it was shown being squeezed by Carnivine's Bind, it managed to free itself and escape from a Bite attack with a Shadow Claw. After that it displayed its incredible speed by using Fury Swipes, scratching Carnivine's face in quick succession and making the move look like multiple flashes of white light. It then dodged Bullet Seed and used Iron Tail to reduce Jessilina's points to zero, winning the match and giving Zoey the prestigious Jubilife Ribbon, her second Contest Ribbon overall.

In Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!, Glameow was revealed to have defeated Kenny's Prinplup in the final round of a Pokémon Contest. It was in this Contest that Zoey won her first Ribbon.

In Buizel Your Way Out Of This!, Glameow was sent out to battle a wild Buizel Zoey was trying to catch. Its first move was a Shadow Claw, which Buizel easily dodged before fighting back with SonicBoom. Glameow managed to defend itself from SonicBoom by knocking the attack waves away with Fury Swipes. It then used its tail to jump up and evade Buizel's Water Gun. After that, it used Shadow Claw and Buizel responded with Aqua Jet. The two moves clashed in midair but Buizel's came out on top and Glameow was sent smashing into the ground. Buizel then used another Aqua Jet, rendering Glameow unable to battle.

Zoey and Glameow

In A Stand-Up Sit-Down!, Glameow and Misdreavus were seen looking for someone to help Zoey, who had sprained her ankle. They found Dawn and her friends and led them to their Trainer so that they could lend a hand. Later on, Glameow was paired with Shellos to show Dawn a Double Performance. Using Shock Wave, it charged Shellos's Mud Bomb with electricity, allowing Shellos to use Hidden Power to destroy the balls of mud and create a flashy fireworks display that highlighted their pose at the end. After that, Glameow was used alongside Shellos in a Double Contest Battle against Jessilina's Dustox and Seviper. The battle started with Jessilina combining Dustox's Poison Sting with Seviper's Poison Tail and Zoey ordering Glameow to use Iron Tail. The Steel-type move made the poisonous combo twirl and Shellos's Mud Bomb destroyed it, leaving a beautiful purple sparkle behind. The battle came to a close when Glameow attacked both of Jessilina's Pokémon with a Shadow Claw filled with small snowballs from Shellos's Blizzard.

In Dawn's Early Night!, Glameow was used along with Shellos in the Appeals Round of the Hearthome City Pokémon Contest. They both came out of Line Seals and Shellos kicked things off by firing a Mud Bomb that was quickly destroyed by Glameow's Iron Tail. After that Glameow used Secret Power to release a pink wave from its body. It then used Shadow Claw to absorb the Secret Power and give off a dazzling, rainbow-colored light. Following this, Shellos used a Water Pulse to surround Glameow with a spiraling stream of water and Glameow used its claws to split the Water Pulse in two, causing the water to merge with the colored light to create a beautiful rainbow. Their performance was praised by the three judges and assured Zoey's progression to the second round.

In Throwing the Track Switch, Glameow was used in a practice Contest Battle against Dawn's Buizel. Thanks to its Contest experience, it was able to use all of Buizel's moves to favor itself. It started by using Iron Tail to dissipate Buizel's Water Gun into glittering droplets. It then used Shadow Claw to defend itself from Buizel's Aqua Jet. However, contrasting the last time the two Pokémon clashed using these moves, Glameow emerged unharmed and looking appealing. The battle was called off after that as Zoey noticed that Buizel was paying more attention to Ash's Gym training than to Dawn's Contest preparation.

In Strategy with a Smile!, Glameow was called out to battle May's Beautifly in the semifinals of the Wallace Cup. Even though it started the battle being hit by Beautifly's strong Silver Wind, Glameow managed to reduce May's points by using its spring-shaped tail to jump. It then evaded a Psychic attack and used Shadow Claw, which Beautifly gracefully dodged. However, the real objective of the Ghost-type move was to hit the pool and raise a curtain of water, taking advantage of the water battlefield. Following this, Glameow used the water surrounding Beautifly to conduct its Shock Wave and hit the Butterfly Pokémon hard. It proceeded with Iron Tail, but Beautifly used Silver Wind towards the pool and another curtain of water was raised, leading Glameow to be caught off guard and surprised with Psychic. Afterwards, Beautifly healed itself with a beautiful Morning Sun and used a speedy Aerial Ace. Glameow responded this with a Shadow Claw and the two Pokémon collided center stage just as the time ran out. Glameow lost the battle on points, eliminating Zoey from the competition.

In Playing The Leveling Field!, Zoey used Glameow in a Contest Battle against Top Coordinator Fantina and her Mismagius. During the battle, Glameow failed to dodge Mismagius's Psybeam and ended up getting confused. It managed to fire a Shock Wave despite being confused, but it missed. After the confusion wore off, Glameow fired another Shock Wave. However, Fantina ordered a Magical Leaf, taking advantage of the resistance of Grass-type abilities to Electric-type moves to build her defense. Having blocked Shock Wave with Magical Leaf, Mismagius used Psywave to send the electrified leaves towards Glameow, knocking it out and giving Fantina the victory.

At the Grand Festival with Gallade

In Classroom Training!, Zoey told Dawn and her friends how she first met Glameow. She was on her way to school one cold morning when she found it in a cardboard box in an alley. She couldn't leave it that way so she took it home, but her parents said she couldn't have a Pokémon until she was a Trainer. They told her to take it to the Pokémon Center, but Zoey decided to secretly raise Glameow in a shed at her school and promised she would make it her partner when she became a Trainer. Mr. Honcho, the head teacher at the Snowpoint Trainers' School, found out what she was doing, but she refused to give it up. At that moment, Candice appeared and helped Zoey. Mr. Honcho eventually gave in but was on condition that both Zoey and Candice would be raising Glameow. The two raised Glameow together until Zoey became a Pokémon Trainer, at which point Glameow joined Zoey on her journey as her starter Pokémon.

In Double-Time Battle Training!, Glameow was seen battling Rebecca's Shuckle in the final stage of the Brussel Town Pokémon Contest. Although Glameow was unable to break through Shuckle's Withdraw with its Fury Swipes attack, it used Shadow Claw to send the Mold Pokémon flying in the air and take it out of its shell. It then used its powerful Iron Tail to lend a critical hit, knocking Rebecca's Pokémon out and giving Zoey her fifth Contest Ribbon.

After competing in several Pokémon Contests throughout the Sinnoh region, Glameow was used in the battling stage of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. In Coming Full-Festival Circle!, the Catty Pokémon was revealed to have helped Zoey in defeating her opponent in the quarterfinals together with long Double Performance partner Gastrodon. In A Grand Fight for Winning!, it fought alongside Gallade in the final round of the competition against Dawn's skillful Piplup and graceful Togekiss. During the battle, Glameow displayed techniques it perfected long ago as well as some new creative Contest combinations. The way it used its tail coupled with how quickly it responded to Zoey's commands earned praise from Johanna, and after a fierce battle, Glameow and Gallade won by a small margin of points, making Zoey the winner of the entire Festival and giving her the prestigious Ribbon Cup as well as the title of Top Coordinator.

Personality and characteristics

Zoey cared for Glameow ever since she was young. Despite her parents protest in keeping Glameow, Zoey still wanted to be with it as she refused to give up Glameow to the Pokémon Center in Snowpoint City. After Zoey was old enough to go on her journey, Glameow was relied on numerous contests in which it was able to win them for Zoey.

Moves used

Zoey Glameow Iron Tail.png
Using Iron Tail
Zoey Glameow Shock Wave.png
Using Shock Wave
Move First Used In
Shadow Claw  Arrival of a Rival
Iron Tail  Arrival of a Rival
Fury Swipes Arrival of a Rival
Shock Wave A Stand-Up Sit-Down!
Secret Power Dawn's Early Night
Fake Out  A Grand Fight for Winning!
Thunderbolt  A Grand Fight for Winning!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Signal-Tail combination
Electrified-Psycho Cut combination
  • Shadow Claw Bluff first appeared in Arrival of a Rival! with the battle with Zoey vs Ash at the Jubilife Contest. Zoey instructs Glameow to use Shadow Claw to counter Aipom's Focus Punch, but its real objective was to use Iron Tail from above. Later in that episode, it was used in the battle with Dawn to grab Buneary's Ice Beam and use it to its advantage. It was used again in the Wallace Cup episode Strategy With a Smile when Zoey and May battled. Once Beautifly dodged, the Shadow Claw hit the water and created a curtain of water; its real objective was to block Beautifly and hit with a Shock Wave. Its last known appearance was in a A Grand Fight for Winning! when Glameow used it once again to confuse Dawn into a trap. When the flash of Gallade and Piplup's attacks collided, Glameow sprung its tail to jump onto Togekiss' back.
  • Mud Bomb-Shock Wave combination: Zoey had her Shellos fire a Mud Bomb into the air, which Glameow used Shock Wave on, dotting up Shellos's attack.
  • Shadow Claw-Blizzard combination: Zoey had her Glameow use Shadow Claw, and then Shellos would use Blizzard on the Shadow Claw, making it look like the blizzard is coming out of Glameow's paw, making it a much more powerful and beautiful attack.
  • Signal-Tail was a move used by Zoey during her battle against Dawn in the final of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. For the move, Zoey's Gallade would fire a Signal Beam at Glameow while it was using Iron Tail. By twirling its tail around, Glameow could capture the Signal Beam and create a spiral effect, which it would then fire at the opponent.
  • Electrified-Psycho Cut was the final attack against Dawn, it starts off with Gallade doing a flip while using Psycho Cut, then Glameow puts its tail up, which Gallade jumps onto. Glameow uses Thunderbolt on Gallade. His blades are now charged with electricity and they start to glow yellow, and he fires his Electrified Psycho-Cut toward Dawn's Sky Attack-Peck Combination, ending her battle with Dawn and thus giving Zoey the win.


  • There was a common error in the credits of some episodes that credited Chinami Nishimura as Glameow's voice actress. Despite what it claimed, Nishimura was absent from the credits in some of the episodes that Glameow appeared in. Nishimura does, however, voice Johanna's Glameow, which could explain why the mix-up occurred.
  • Glameow is one of two signature Pokémon belonging to rivals that is unevolved; the other is Tyson's Meowth.
    • Interestingly, both are based on cats.

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