Zoey's Glameow

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Zoey's Glameow
ノゾミのニャルマー Nozomi's Nyarmar
Poké Ball
Zoey Glameow.png
Zoey's Glameow
Debuts in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!
Caught at Snowpoint City
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Zoey
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Glameow Ikue Ohtani

Zoey's Glameow (Japanese: ノゾミのニャルマー Nozomi's Nyarmar) was Zoey's first Pokémon seen in the anime. It is also her main Pokémon.


Glameow was first seen in Mounting a Coordinator Assault! when it approached Dawn with her missing choker around its tail. It wasn't until the next episode however, that it showed just how strong it really was. During the Jubilife Contest, it managed to take out Ash's Aipom, Dawn's Buneary, and Jessie's borrowed Carnivine, earning Zoey the Jubilife Ribbon. Later on it was revealed that it defeated Kenny's Prinplup as well.

It appeared again in Buizel Your Way Out of This! where it battled a wild Buizel Zoey was attempting to catch. However after an impressive battle it was knocked out by Buizel's Aqua Jet. In The Stand-Up Sit-Down! along with Misdreavus it found Ash and his friends so they could help Zoey. Later, along with Shellos it showed Dawn a Double Performance using its Shock Wave with Shellos's Mud Bomb to create a dazzling performance. Then Jessilina appears and uses her Dustox and Seviper in a Double Battle with Glameow and Shellos. Jessilina had some good combinations but was no match for Zoey and was defeated.

Zoey uses Glameow in the Hearthome City Contest where it, along with Shellos, was used in the first round, creating an astonishing performance. In Throwing the Track Switch!, Glameow is used in a battle against Dawn's Buizel to gain its experience in Contests.

Zoey and Glameow

Zoey used it again to battle Fantina's Mismagius in Playing The Leveling Field!, but it was defeated by a combination of Magical Leaf and Psywave.

Zoey used Glameow in the Wallace Cup's semifinal round against May and her Beautifly. However, it lost to Beautifly, knocking Zoey out of the competition.

It also appeared in Classroom Training! where it was revealed how it was caught by Zoey. She found Glameow abandoned in a box in an alley one cold day. Her parents wouldn't let her keep it, saying she was too young to be a Pokémon Trainer. They told her to take it to a Pokémon Center, but she decided to hide it in a shed and take care of it in secret as well. Zoey and Candice both raised Glameow together until Zoey became a Trainer, at which point Glameow joined Zoey on her journey as her starter Pokémon.

In Coming Full Festival Circle! it helped Zoey to the semi-finals alongside her Gastrodon, and in A Grand Fight for Winning! it was a key Pokémon in Zoey's victory in the Sinnoh Grand Festival final against Dawn and alongside Gallade.

Glameow also appeared alongside Zoey during the credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Moves used

Zoey Glameow Thunderbolt.png
Using Thunderbolt
Zoey Glameow Secret Power.png
Using Secret Power
Move First Used In
Shadow Claw  Arrival of a Rival
Iron Tail  Arrival of a Rival
Fury Swipes Arrival of a Rival
Shock Wave A Stand-Up Sit-Down!
Secret Power Dawn's Early Night
Fake Out  A Grand Fight for Winning!
Thunderbolt  A Grand Fight for Winning!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Signal-Tail combination from A Grand Fight for Winning!
  • Shadow Claw Bluff first appeared in Arrival of A Rival with the battle with Zoey vs Ash at the Jubilife Contest, Zoey instructs Glameow to use Shadow Claw to counter Aipom's Focus Punch but, its real objective was to use Iron Tail from above. Later in that episode it was used in the battle with Dawn to grab Buneary's Ice Beam and use it to its advantage. It was used again in the Wallace Cup episode Strategy With a Smile when Zoey and May battled, once Beautifly dodged the Shadow Claw hit the water and created a curtain of water, its real objective was to block Beautifly and hit with a Shock Wave. Its last known appearance was in a Grand Fight for Winning when Glameow used it once again to confuse Dawn into a trap when the flash of Gallade and Piplup's attacks collided, Glameow sprung its tail to jump onto Togekiss' back.
  • Mud Bomb-Shock Wave combination Zoey had her Shellos fire a Mud Bomb into the air, which Glameow used Shock Wave on, dotting up Shellos's attack.
  • Shadow Claw-Blizzard combination Zoey had her Glameow use Shadow Claw, and then Shellos would use Blizzard on the Shadow Claw, making it look like the blizzard is coming out of Glameow's paw, making it a much more powerful and beautiful attack.
  • Signal-Tail was a move used by Zoey during her battle against Dawn in the final of the Sinnoh Grand Festival. For the move, Zoey's Gallade would fire a Signal Beam at Glameow while it was using Iron Tail. By twirling its tail around, Glameow could capture the Signal Beam and create a spiral effect, which it would then fire at the opponent.
  • Electrified-Psycho Cut was the final attack against Dawn, it starts off with Gallade doing a flip while using Psycho Cut, then Glameow puts its tail up and Gallade jumps onto Glameow's tail. Glameow uses Thunderbolt on Gallade. His blades are now charged with electricity and they start to glow yellow, and he fires his Electrified Psycho-Cut toward Dawn's Sky Attack-Peck Combination, ending her battle with Dawn and thus giving Zoey the win.


  • There was a common error in the credits of some episodes that credited Chinami Nishimura as Glameow's voice actress. Despite what it claimed, Nishimura was absent from the credits in some of the episodes that Glameow appeared in. Nishimura does however voice Johanna's Glameow which could explain why the mix-up occurred.
  • Glameow is one of two signature Pokémon belonging to rivals that is unevolved; the other is Tyson's Meowth.
    • Interestingly, both are based on cats.

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