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* Zoey's Japanese name is Nozomi while Dawn's is Hikari. The ''{{wp|Hikari (train)|Hikari}}'' and the ''{{wp|Nozomi (train)|Nozomi}}'' are two {{wp|Shinkansen}} "bullet train" lines. The Nozomi is faster than the Hikari. This is shown when Zoey beat Dawn in the first Grand Festival.
* Zoey's Japanese name is Nozomi while Dawn's is Hikari. The ''{{wp|Hikari (train)|Hikari}}'' and the ''{{wp|Nozomi (train)|Nozomi}}'' are two {{wp|Shinkansen}} "bullet train" lines. The Nozomi is faster than the Hikari. This is shown when Zoey beat Dawn in the first Grand Festival.
* As of yet Zoey is the only major rival, one who appeared for almost throughout a [[region]], to win their major tournament.
* As of yet Zoey is the only major rival, one who appeared for almost throughout a [[region]], to win their major tournament.
* All of Zoey's pokémon are part of a two stage-evolutionary line.

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ノゾミ Nozomi
Zoey anime.png
Gender Female
Eye color Dark Red
Hair color Orange
Hometown Snowpoint City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Coordinator
Anime debut Mounting a Coordinator Assault!
English voice actor Emily Williams
Japanese voice actor Risa Hayamizu

Zoey (Japanese: ノゾミ Nozomi) is a recurring character of the Pokémon anime. She is a Pokémon Coordinator and Dawn's main rival. She first appeared in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!.


201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201

Zoey was first seen in Mounting a Coordinator Assault!, where she made fast friends with Dawn. When Dawn asked her about her career as a Coordinator, she said that she had competed in three Contests and won one. She was the first contestant to appeal in the Jubilife City Pokémon Contest, and the presentation of her Misdreavus took her to the Battle Round. In the following episode, she defeated Ash, Dawn, and Jessilina with her Glameow, winning the Jubilife Contest and earning her second Ribbon. Furthermore, it was revealed in Getting the Pre-Contest Titters! that her first Ribbon was won in a battle against Kenny's Prinplup. She has a Contest Pass for the Sinnoh region.

Young Zoey

In Buizel Your Way Out Of This!, Zoey joined Dawn and her friends, who were fishing in a lake on the way to Hearthome City. She told them that she had lost her last Contest and was taking a break. After failing to capture a Buizel, Zoey said that she would continue in the lake to try to capture a Water-type Pokémon.

In A Stand-Up Sit-Down!, she was rescued by Dawn after having sprained her ankle. Upon arriving at her camp, Zoey introduced the group her Shellos, which was captured in the same lake where Dawn caught Buizel. She also showed Dawn a video of a Double Performance, and said that the Hearthome City Contest would follow the rule. When Jessilina appeared and challenged Dawn to a battle, Zoey decided to fight instead. She was able to defeat Jessilina using beautiful and effective combinations.

In Dawn's Early Night!, Zoey met Nando for the first time and met up with Dawn again, but when Nando revealed his decision to participate in both Contests and Gym battles, Zoey said he needed to make up his mind. Later, she faced him in the finals of the Hearthome Contest and lost.

It was revealed in Tag! We're It...! that Zoey suggested Ash to enter Dawn in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition to give her a confidence boost after not making it into the second round of the Hearthome Contest.

Zoey was largely responsible for the trade of Ash's Aipom and Dawn's Buizel. In Arrival of a Rival!, she first suggested that Ash should give his Aipom to Dawn. In Throwing the Track Switch, she brought it up again, but this time she suggested a trade after she saw how Buizel had more of a love for battling rather than Contests. Ash and Dawn eventually agreed to it and traded their Pokémon.

In Team Shocker!, she was seen watching the Solaceon Town Contest from a Pokémon Center. After seeing Dawn failing to pass the appeals stage, she decided to meet her and tell her where she was going wrong, which she did.

Zoey reappeared in Staging a Heroes' Welcome! to compete in the Wallace Cup. It was revealed that she had captured a Finneon, and the wonderful appeal of the Wing Fish Pokémon took her to the battle stage. In Strategy with a Smile!, she lost to May in the semifinals of the event.

Zoey and Dawn

In Playing The Leveling Field!, Zoey was seen battling Fantina. She battled Fantina's Mismagius with her Glameow, but lost. It was also revealed that Shellos helped her earn her third Ribbon.

Zoey appeared again in Classroom Training!, where she welcomed Dawn and her friends to her hometown, Snowpoint City. She was showing the town to them when Candice, the Snowpoint Gym Leader, came up and joined them. It was revealed that Candice is a childhood friend of Zoey and that they went to the same school. Because of this, Zoey often calls her "Ms. Senior". She also appeared in Sliding Into Seventh!, watching Ash's Gym battle with Candice, and again in A Pyramiding Rage!, where she watched Paul's battle against Brandon. She left at the end of the episode with Candice.

Zoey and the Ribbon Cup

Zoey's next appearance was in Double-Time Battle Training!, where she was shown winning her fifth and final Ribbon required for the Grand Festival. She, along with Candice, helped Dawn train for the Daybreak Contest and the two had a Double Battle with Zoey winning. In Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn!, she and Candice were seen watching Dawn's performance on TV.

Zoey entered the Sinnoh Grand Festival in Last Call — First Round!, where it was revealed that her Shellos and Finneon had evolved into Gastrodon and Lumineon, respectively. She managed to pass the Appeals Round with the impressive performance of the two aforementioned Pokémon, and in the next episode, she won her first battle at the event. In Coming Full-Festival Circle!, she battled Nando with her Mismagius and Leafeon for a spot in the finals of the competition, this time winning. In A Grand Fight for Winning!, she found herself up against Dawn once again. The two had a hard-fought battle, with Zoey's Glameow and Gallade against Dawn's Piplup and Togekiss. It was clear that the battle could go either way, but when the time ran out, Zoey won by a few points. Having won the Grand Festival, she was awarded the Ribbon Cup as well as the title of Top Coordinator. After the competition, she said that she was going back to Snowpoint City, where Candice was waiting for her with a party to celebrate her victory. She invited Dawn to the party, but she refused saying that she wanted to cheer for Ash in the Sinnoh League. Zoey then said goodbye and left.

She made a cameo appearance in Zoroark: Master of Illusions.


Zoey is very loyal to her friends but has no problem giving them tough criticism when the time calls for it. However if one of her friends is being mistreated, she wastes no time sticking up for them. Such examples include her sticking up for Dawn when she was being made fun of by Jessilina in A Stand-Up Sit-Down!. Despite having a sprained ankle, she still battled in Dawn's defense. She also defended Ash after she felt Paul was being rude to him in A Pyramiding Rage!.

She initially had harsh opinions of people who competed in both Contests and Gym battles, saying they needed to make up their minds. This is seen in her reactions to Ash in Arrival of a Rival! and Nando in Dawn's Early Night!. For that she apologized to Ash for her behavior in Staging a Heroes' Welcome! after realizing that it was good to learn from both types of Trainers. It was revealed in Classroom Training! that the reason for this trait in her character was that while she wanted to be a Top Coordinator, Candice wanted to be a Champion Trainer. They promised each other to follow their goals and as such Zoey looked down on people who did both since she thought they weren't taking them seriously.

Zoey's tough demeanor suggests that she is a tomboy. This is further seen in her short haircut and her choice in Contest outfits, which are stylized suits rather than dresses.


The following are Zoey's known Pokémon:

On hand

Zoey's Glameow
Main article: Zoey's Glameow

Glameow is Zoey's main Pokémon. It was first seen in Mounting a Coordinator Assault! when it approached Dawn with her missing choker around its tail. In the next episode it was used in the Jubilife Contest, and managed to take out Ash's Aipom, Dawn's Buneary, and Jessie's borrowed Carnivine, earning Zoey the Jubilife Ribbon.

Zoey used Glameow again in the Wallace Cup's semifinal round against May and her Beautifly. However it lost to Beautifly, knocking Zoey out of the competition.

It helped Zoey get to the Semi-finals alongside Gastrodon and was a key Pokémon on Zoey's victory in the Sinnoh Grand Festival final against Dawn.

Debut Mounting a Coordinator Assault!
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Ikue Ohtani
Zoey's Misdreavus

Zoey's Mismagius
Misdreavus → Mismagius
Mismagius made its debut in the start of the Jubilife Contest in Mounting a Coordinator Assault! as a Misdreavus. It made its appeal by coming out of its Poké Ball covered in a purple fog. It was silhouetted in the mist making only its shadow visible, thus making it look much more ominous and frightening.

Misdreavus was later seen in A Stand-Up Sit-Down! searching for someone to help Zoey alongside Glameow. It was also seen defeating a Mothim in the Wallace Cup in Pruning a Passel of Pals!.

In Coming Full Festival Circle!, it was revealed to have evolved into a Mismagius since the Wallace Cup. Zoey used it along with her Leafeon against Nando in the Semi-Finals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival where they helped Zoey advance to the final round.

Mismagius's known moves are Double Team, Confuse Ray, Shock Wave*, Lucky Chant and Psywave.

Debut Mounting a Coordinator Assault!
Voice actors
Japanese Miyako Itō
English Kayzie Rogers (as Misdreavus)
Sarah Natochenny (as Mismagius)
Zoey's Gastrodon
Shellos → Gastrodon
Main article: Zoey's Gastrodon

Zoey caught Gastrodon as a Shellos shortly after the events of Buizel Your Way Out of This. After failing to capture Buizel, she stayed in the area to find another Water-type Pokémon. Shellos then made its first appearance in A Stand-Up Sit-Down!. It was seen at the Hearthome Contest in Dawn's Early Night.

In Last Call, First Round!, it was revealed to have evolved into a Gastrodon, used by Zoey in the Appeals Round and later the first battle round of the Grand Festival, where it easily helped her pass both stages.

Debut A Stand-Up Sit-Down!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Tom Wayland
Zoey's Finneon

Zoey's Lumineon
Finneon → Lumineon
Lumineon as a Finneon first appeared in Staging a Heroes' Welcome!. Zoey sent it out to perform in the appeal round of the Wallace Cup, and its performance was impressive enough to advance Zoey to the next round.

In Last Call, First Round!, it was revealed to have evolved into a Lumineon. Zoey used it along with her Gastrodon in the Appeals Round and first battle round where its grace and beauty easily helped her pass both stages.

Lumineon's known moves are Silver Wind, Safeguard, Waterfall and Aqua Ring.

Debut Staging a Heroes' Welcome!
Zoey's Kirlia

Zoey's Gallade
Kirlia → Gallade
Gallade first appeared in Double-Time Battle Training!, where he defeated Dawn's Cyndaquil and Mamoswine in a practice battle as a Kirlia alongside Zoey's Leafeon.

Before the Grand Festival, Zoey evolved Kirlia into a Gallade and used him in the final round alongside Glameow against Dawn's Piplup and Togekiss, where he narrowly gave Zoey the victory.

Gallade's known moves are Magical Leaf, Psychic, Signal Beam, Psycho Cut, Swords Dance and Vacuum Wave.

Debut Double-Time Battle Training!
Voice actors
Japanese Satsuki Yukino
English Tom Wayland
Zoey's Leafeon
Leafeon first appeared in Double-Time Battle Training!, where it defeated Dawn's Cyndaquil and Mamoswine in a practice battle alongside Zoey's Kirlia.

Leafeon later reappeared in Coming Full Festival Circle! where it was used by Zoey in the Semi-Finals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival alongside her Mismagius where it went up against Nando's Kricketune and Lopunny. Although Leafeon was weakened by Kricketune's Bug Buzz it was eventually able to strike back thanks to an incredible Aerial Ace-Psywave combination move that allowed it to grow wings and hit back with Leaf Blade. Although it was a hard fought competition, Leafeon and Mismagius were able to secure Zoey her place in the final.

Leafeon's known moves are Magical Leaf, Leaf Blade, Double Team, Energy Ball and Aerial Ace.

Debut Double-Time Battle Training!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Chinami Nishimura


Zoey's Chimchar
Zoey used a Chimchar when she was younger in the Snowpoint Trainers' School, as seen in a flashback in Classroom Training!. It is unknown if it actually belonged to her or if it was one of the many Pokémon used by youngsters in the Trainers' School.
Debut Classroom Training!


Zoey's Ribbons as of Classroom Training!

Ribbons obtained

Sinnoh Ribbons

Grand Festival

Zoey has competed in the following Grand Festival competitions:


Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 早水リサ Risa Hayamizu
English Emily Williams
Dutch Hetty Heyting
European French Claire Tefnin
German Gabrielle Pietermann
Hebrew מורן נהור Moran Nahor
Italian Cinzia Massironi (DP011-DP049)
Loretta Di Pisa (DP055-present)
Polish Katarzyna Pysiak-Owczarz (seasons 10 and 12)
Monika Wierzbicka (season 11)
Portuguese Brazil Luciana Baroli (DP011-DP093)
Samira Fernandes (DP126-present)
Portugal Sandra de Castro (DP011-DP049)
Isabel Queirós (DP055-present)
Spanish Latin America María Fernanda Morales (DP011-DP049, DP174-present)
Marisol Romero (DP055-DP093)
Carla Castañeda (DP126-DP128)
Angélica Villa (DP155)
Spain María del Mar Jorcano


  • Counting only regular characters, Zoey is the first female rival in the anime.
  • Zoey's Japanese name is Nozomi while Dawn's is Hikari. The Hikari and the Nozomi are two Shinkansen "bullet train" lines. The Nozomi is faster than the Hikari. This is shown when Zoey beat Dawn in the first Grand Festival.
  • As of yet Zoey is the only major rival, one who appeared for almost throughout a region, to win their major tournament.
  • All of Zoey's pokémon are part of a two stage-evolutionary line.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ノゾミ Nozomi Possibly a reference to the Nozomi bullet train, that goes in the opposite direction of the Hikari bullet train.
English, German Zoey Similar to her Japanese name.
French Zoé From Zoey.
Spanish Zoe From Zoey.
Korean 소망 Somang Means "hope" (所望 in Hanja), literal translation of the Japanese name.
Chinese (Taiwan) 小望 Xiǎo Wàng 望 is from Japanese 望み nozomi, hope. Literally "young hope".

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