Zoey's Gastrodon

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Zoey's Gastrodon
ノゾミのトリトドン Nozomi's Toritodon
Poké Ball
Zoey Gastrodon.png
Zoey's Gastrodon
Debuts in A Stand-Up Sit-Down!
Caught at Around Route 205
Evolves in Last Call, First Round!
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Zoey
This Pokémon spent Between 52 and 133 episodes as Shellos.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Shellos Megumi Hayashibara Sarah Natochenny
As Gastrodon Megumi Hayashibara Sarah Natochenny

Zoey's Gastrodon (Japanese: ノゾミトリトドン Nozomi's Toritodon) is a Pokémonn owned by Zoey in the anime. It is used in many of her contests.