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ゼンガイ Zengai
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Member of Great Gavel
Rank Warrior

Zengai (Japanese: ゼンガイ) is a villain in the Pokémon RéBURST manga. He is a member of the Great Gavel Organization and is one of their Seven Warriors.


Zengai seems to be the cowardly type of fighter. He prefers to fight dirty and even attacks his opponents from a distance, doing so repeatedly until they become far too injured to even move. If his opponent seems too strong for him to defeat, Zengai will fake surrender only to attack when they let their guard down.


After Ryouga wakes from his training, he and Rend decide to have a quick sparring match which shows how much Ryouga has improved. After Ryouga destroys one of his strong attacks, Rend is suddenly shot by an attack that pierces through his powerful defense. After Rend falls to the ground, Zengai introduces himself as the Carracosta warrior of Great Gavel.

Zengai quickly attacks Rend several more times, this time forcing his Burst to cancel and turning him back into his normal self. He goes to Rend's unconscious body and grabs his Burst Heart, laughing giddily from his victory. Suddenly, Ryouga appears right next to him and delivers a powerful punch to Zengai's back, destroying a good piece of his carapace in the process along with sending Zengai flying into a fence. Zengai gets up and is shocked to find his shell with a huge hole in it. Zengai decides to go on the offensive, firing several of his Water Laser's at Ryouga only for him to easily block them.

Realizing that he is way over his head, Zengai quickly starts begging Ryouga for forgiveness. Zengai takes Ryouga's brief moment of confusion to get up and attack Ryouga's friends. Ryouga decides to use the new power he recently gained and fires his new technique, the Lightning Pāvu, at Zengai. The force of the attack is so powerful that it sends Zengai flying through several fences and out of the town.


As a user of Burst, Zengai can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with: his Carracosta. When using Burst, Zengai can manipulate water, allowing him to shoot at his opponents with power strong enough to pierce flesh and even stone.

Known techniques

Water Laser (Japanese: 水矢線 Water Arrow Line; read as ウォーターレーザー Water Laser) - Zengai throws a powerful blast of water that is strong enough to pierce flesh.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ゼンガイ Zengai Possibly from 全壊 zenkai (complete destruction), 海 kai (sea), and 害 gai (harm).

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