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! Z-Crystal
! Z-Crystal
| ''{{m|Hyper Sprint Attack}}''
| {{m|Hyper-Sprintangriff}}
| [[File:Normal Z-Move.png|200px]]
| [[File:Normal Z-Move.png|200px]]

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Artwork for Z-Moves

A Z-Move (Japanese: Zワザ Z-Move) is a special type of move in which a Trainer and their Pokémon's wishes combine to unleash an attack comprising the full power of both. These moves are very powerful, but they can only be used once per battle.

There are two different kinds of Z-Moves: Z-Moves that power up a move depending on its type and can be used by any Pokémon, and special Z-Moves that can only be used by specific Pokémon. The Z-Move that a Pokémon can perform depends on the Z-Crystal it holds. There are 18 different Z-Crystals that correspond to each of the 18 types, and several others that correspond to specific Pokémon. If a Pokémon is holding a Z-Crystal corresponding to one of the types, then it must also know a move of that type in order to perform that Z-Move.

A Z-Ring is also required in order to perform Z-Moves. A Pokémon can only use a Z-Move if its Trainer is wearing a Z-Ring with a Z-Crystal set in it that matches the Z-Crystal the Pokémon holds.

Z-Moves were introduced in Generation VII.

List of Z-Moves

For each type

Name Type Image Z-Crystal
Hyper-Sprintangriff Normal 200px
SM Normal-Z.png
unknown ??? 200px
unknown ??? 200px
Inferno Overdrive Fire SM Prerelease Inferno Overdrive 2.png
SM Fire-Z.png
Hydro Vortex Water SM Prerelease Hydro Vortex 2.png Waterium Waterium Z
Bloom Doom Grass SM Prerelease Bloom Doom 2.png Grassium Grassium Z
Gigavolt Havoc Electric SM Prerelease Gigavolt Havoc 2.png Electrium Electrium Z

For specific Pokémon

Name Image Z-Crystal
Pulverizing Pancake 200px Snorlium Z Snorlium Z
Stoked Sparksurfer 200px
SM Raichu-Z.png

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese Z招式 Z-Jīusīk
Mandarin Z招式 Z-Zhāoshì
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Z-útoky
France Flag.png French Capacité Z
Germany Flag.png German Z-Attacke
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Z-Mozdulatok
Italy Flag.png Italian Mossa Z
South Korea Flag.png Korean Z기술 Z-Gisul
Poland Flag.png Polish Ruch-Z
Russia Flag.png Russian Атака-Z Ataka-Z
Spain Flag.png Spanish Movimiento Z

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