Yes, It Is Morning!

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Yes, It Is Morning! (Japanese: Hai Asa Desu Yo!) is a song sung by Suzukisan, though it is mainly sung by Imakuni?.

Japanese Lyrics

Medama-yaki o ni-ko tabete
Kuruma ni notte dekakemasho
Ooki na mado kara keshiki o mireba
Anna tokoro ni saboten da
Kotchi no saboten shioreteruu
Taiyaa ni nani ka sasatta!
Korya saboten no toge da!
Panku shita mama tonneru e
O-saki makkura Kore makura
Na~n da Kore tte Kabigon no yume ka!


English Lyrics

Eating two sunny-side-ups
I ride the car Let's go out
When I look at the scenery from the big window
Over there is a cactus
The cactus here has wilted
Something pierced the tire!
It's a cactus spike!
We headed for the tunnel still with a flat tire
A while ago it's pitch-black dark This is a pillow
What the heck Is this Kabigon's dream!


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