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イエロー Yellow
Age 14 (as of the fifth chapter)
Gender Female
Hometown Viridian Forest
Region Kanto
Relatives Wilton (uncle)
Trainer class Pokémon Healer

Yellow (Japanese: イエロー Yellow), or Amarillo del Bosque Verde (Japanese: イエロー・デ・トキワグローブ Yellow de Tokiwa Grove) is the fourth main character of the manga series Pokémon Special. She first appeared in volume three, when she was saved by Red from a rampaging wild Dratini.

When Red goes missing, Blue sends Yellow out to find him, and has her disguise herself as a boy. Most of the characters did not learn her real gender until the end of the G/S/C saga. Yellow's straw hat hides her ponytail as well as containing the Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing.

Yellow's first Pokémon is a Rattata that Red caught for her. Her starter Pokémon is Red's Pikachu which travels with her when she searches for Red. She later obtained her own Pikachu, Chuchu, which made a Pichu egg with Red's Pikachu at the Johto Pokémon daycare.

Yellow's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon healing and is called the "healer" (癒やす者). She received psychic abilities from the Viridian Forest, which include the ability to read the emotions of Pokémon and heal their wounds. Yellow is physically small and can still pass for a boy even at 14, something that is a running gag within the manga.


This listing is for Yellow's Pokémon (updated to the end of the GSC Saga).

Chuchu (Lv.31)
Kitty (Lv.20)
Ratty (Lv.25)
Dody (Lv.33)
Omny (Lv.42)
Gravvy (Lv.59)
  • Pikachu♀ (Chuchu; チュチュ Chu Chu)
  • RattataRaticate♂ (Ratty; ラッちゃん Ratchan) - The first Pokémon she caught, with help from Red. It evolved after she caught her Caterpie.
  • DoduoDodrio♂ (Dody; ドドすけ Dodosuke) - Received from her uncle Wilton between her first appearance and when she shows up at Oak's lab. It evolved after the battle with Lance after she lost Red's Pokédex.
  • OmanyteOmastar♂ (Omny; オムすけ Omsuke - Received from Misty to aid in her while searching for Red. It evolved after the battle with Lance after she lost Red's Pokédex.
  • GravelerGolem♀ (Gravvy; ゴロすけ Golosuke) - Received from Brock to aid her while searching for Red. It evolved after the battle with Lance after she lost Red's Pokédex.
  • CaterpieMetapodButterfree♂ (Kitty; ピーすけ Piisuke) - She saved it from being caught in the cross fire in the battle with Agatha's Gastly. It then followed her to where she was training with Green and she caught it. While it was a Caterpie she mainly used it for its String Shot. It evolved twice after the battle with Lance after she lost Red's Pokédex.


  • Briefly caught then released.


  • Slowpoke - Borrowed from a Swimmer to enter in a Surfing contest for a chance to win a Dragonair and returned it before the battle with Lance.
  • Pika - Taken from Prof. Oak's Laboratory to search for Red who was kidnapped by the Elite Four. After being reunited, he lent her Pika again for the time he was in Mt. Silver's Springs to overcome the frostbites Lorelei's Pokémon gave him.
  • Mewtwo - Ended up in her care after her and it ended up separated from Blaine. She kept it in its Master Ball the whole time.


Being born with special abilities, Yellow was taught how to use them by Green and has demonstated several as of the Fifth chapter. Her abilities demonstrated include:

  • Limited telekinesis, enough to manipulate a Poké Ball on a string.
  • The ability to read the minds, emotions, and memories of Pokémon, humans, and occasionally plants.
  • Healing abilties, thus far only used on Pokémon.
  • Able to "synch spirits" with her Pokémon to boost their levels into the mid 80's in times of need.


In other languages

Language Name Reference to
Japanese イエロー Yellow From Pokémon Yellow game.
English Yellow From Pokémon Yellow game.
French Jamy From Pokémon Jaune
Korean 옐로 Yellow From Pokémon Yellow game.
Chinese (Taiwan and Hong Kong) 小洛 Xiǎo Lũo
Chinese (Mainland China) 小黄 Xiǎo Húang 黄 means yellow.

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