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In a laboratory, [[Xerosic]] has a Team Flare admin start the experiment. Green beams affect Z-2, who wails in pain. Xerosic comments Z-2 is formidable and did not expect such great results from it. Sensing Z-2, Squishy becomes sad and goes on top of Bonnie's head. Bonnie holds Squishy and sings a song to it, cheering it up. As the heroes continue going through Jackal Town, Serena finds an advertisement of a jewelry exhibition, held in a hotel. Ash permits going there, cheering Bonnie and Serena up. On a rooftop, at night, a man with a strange hat moves away. After arriving to the hotel, the heroes are sad to see the exhibition is closed for the day. Ash proposes they could stay at the hotel for the night and visit the exhibition in the morning.
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The man with the strange hat sneaks into the chamber with the diamond and uses a lockpick and his own Pokémon to unlock the case. As the heroes walk to their room, they hear an alarm. Two guards pass by, going for the jewel exhibit. The heroes go to the chamber, where the exhibition is located. There, they find policemen, who find nothing was stolen, only seeing a lock opened. The man with the strange hat on the rooftop claims he was the one that picked the lock. The man introduces himself as "the Master Thief Keys" and throws a card of himself and his Pokémon, then runs off. Jenny, after arriving to the crime scene, investigates the room. A Pokémon hides behind a case, wondering what's going on. A man appears and notices the opened lock, knowing he made that lock. Jenny introduces the heroes to the man, Ed, who is a locksmith. Jenny explains Knuckle's recent crimes involve picking all of Ed's locks. Officer Jenny suspects this Thief must be hating Ed for some reason.
Team Rocket watches the situation and think of asking Keys to join the organization, allowing them to unlock any lock. As the heroes move on to their room, Serena is disgusted by Keys, since the exhibit is closed until further notice. The heroes encounter a Pokémon, who lands onto Bonnie's head. Ash and Clemont give a steady pull, removing the Pokémon, who starts attacking Ash and Clemont, then returns on top of Bonnie's head. Ash scans this Pokémon with the Pokédex, learning it is a Binacle, who usually lives with another Binacle on a single rock. Clemont suspects the fact Binacle is alone has to do with the fact it won't come off Bonnie's head. Ed comes to the heroes, seeing his Binacle, Righty, whom he had a fight earlier. Ed demands Righty to come back to his house. Righty refuses, forcing Ed to yell at the former. Ed knows well Righty is actually searching for his apprentice, Locke. Ed was not pleased how Kobushi made his locks, remarking that locks are like people; to open, one must be gentle. Ed claimed Locke needed more training and that night, Locke left with his own Binacle, nicknamed Lefty.
Ed explains he allowed Righty to search for Lefty and Locke, but it is time for it to go home. Righty simply taunts Ed, who becomes really angry. Clemont and Bonnie calm Ed down, asking if they can borrow it for the day. Ed permits them this, asking Righty not to cause the kids too much trouble. Ash plans on going with his friends tomorrow to search for Lefty and Locke. Later, gazing at his lock, Ed knows Locke, aka Keys, was the one that opened the lock to the case of the jewel, since he only revealed him the secret to open that lock. Elsewhere, Locke sits down, knowing well Ed must only recognize the talent Locke has in opening locks when he sees the lock he opened recently. Team Rocket spies on Locke and seeing the other Binacle with him him, deduce he must be Keys. James throws a cube, trapping Locke. Team Rocket approach Locke, who claims he is no thief and did not steal a jewel. Jessie replies their plans involve Keys and the Binacle, Lefty.
The following morning, the heroes exit the hotel, ready for their search for Locke and Lefty. Since they need some clues to start off, Clemont, with his shining eyeglasses, introduces a new machinery, equipping it on Righty, to search for Lefty. Clemont activates the switch and finds the location of the other Binacle. At the Pokémon Center, Team Rocket force Locke to open a lock for the Pokémon Center. Meowth removes the rope from Locke, who goes to the door. Team Rocket thinks of capturing many Pokémon, but Locke turns on them, having Lefty use Brick Break on Meowth, hitting his head. As Locke and Lefty run off, Jessie sends Gourgeist and James with Inkay, who use Seed Bomb and Psybeam to pursue Locke and Lefty. Locke finds Nurse Joy and asks her to call Officer Jenny, since Team Rocket intends on stealing the Pokémon from the Center. Gourgeist and Inkay repeat their attacks, but instead of hitting Locke, they damage a machine. The machine explodes, blasting Team Rocket off, starting a fire and causing Nurse Joy to drop a key.
The heroes notice smoke in the air and go to investigate. Nurse Joy is troubled by this fire, since the smoke is going inside the Center, where the sick Pokémon are located. The heroes find Nurse Joy and Locke; Righty sees Locke and Lefty, who are told Righty has been searching them for some time. Nurse Joy runs off to call the firefighters, while Locke and Lefty run off in the fire to unlock the door and save the Pokémon. Ash sends Greninja, who uses Water Shuriken, to douse the fire. Ash, Clemont and Serena spray water, while Righty uses Water Gun to douse the fire. While everyone is putting out the fire, Squishy watches as Lefty and Locke try to unlock the door. Lefty and Locke enter the building and collect all the Poké Balls. A log, which is lit on fire, falls on the door and damages the lock. Lefty and Locke try to exit, but fail. Locke yells he is stuck, causing Righty to control Bonnie, who goes off somewhere. While the fire department arrives, Bonnie and Righty arrive to Ed, who is troubled by the news.
Bonnie, Righty and Ed arrive to the scene. Ed knows well his apprentice is stuck behind the door and ignoring the firefighter's orders, Ed rushes towards the door. Ed gains Locke's attention, who is ready to unlock the door with his master. Ed and Righty use lockpicks to support the lock, while Locke and Lefty try to pick the lock. As the fiery logs start falling down, Locke confesses he was Keys and he only wanted to gain Ed's approval. Ed knows that already, since he and Locke are the only ones who could pick those locks and admits he approves of Locke. After some moments, Ed and Locke manage to unlock the door and Locke immediately runs out with the Poké Balls. Later, while Jenny is inspecting the damage, Ed clarifies Locke must answer for his own crimes. Locke confirms this, though Lefty leaps onto Locke's shoulder, while Ed promises he will be waiting for Locke to come to Ed and continue being the apprentice. Locke enters Jenny's car, though Ed knows much better Locke will only receive a warning, since Jenny did clarify Locke only opened locks and never stole anything. The heroes are amazed and, a moment later, bid farewell to Ed, as they move onwards to continue their journey.
==Major events==
==Major events==

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XY110 : An Electrifying Rage!
XY series
XY112 : Master Class Is in Session!
Unlocking Some Respect!
XY111   EP910
Left and Right! The Kametete's Swaying Heart!!
First broadcast
Japan March 10, 2016
United States June 18, 2016
English themes
Opening Stand Tall
Japanese themes
Opening XY&Z
Ending プニちゃんのうた
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 吉村文宏 Fumihiro Yoshimura
Assistant director 仲野良 Ryo Nakano
Animation directors 篠原隆 Takashi Shinohara
荻野美希 Miki Ogino
Additional credits

Unlocking Some Respect! (Japanese: レフトとライト!揺れる心のカメテテ!! Left and Right! The Kametete's Swaying Heart!!) is the 111th episode of the XY series, and the 910th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on March 10, 2016 and in the United States on June 18, 2016.

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Our heroes check out a gem exhibition, but it’s canceled when Master Thief Keyes picks the lock! He often targets the work of locksmith Ed, whose apprentice Locke recently quit. Ed has his suspicions...

When a fire starts at the Pokémon Center, Locke gets trapped inside! Ed comes to help, and the two locksmiths and their Binacle friends work together to open the tricky lock. Locke confesses that he became Master Thief Keyes to earn Ed’s respect—and Ed says he already knew!

The lock comes open, and Officer Jenny arrests Locke, but lets him off with a warning. Ed, Locke, and their Binacle are reunited, and all is well!


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Who's That Pokémon?: Binacle (US and international)
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The title card segment focuses on Bonnie for this episode


  • When Team Rocket is watching Ash and his friends, Jessie's mouth disappears for a few frames when she grins.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, "Portuguese" is misspelled as "Portugues" in the credits.

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XY110 : An Electrifying Rage!
XY series
XY112 : Master Class is in Session!
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