Worlds of Adventure

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Worlds of Adventure
Worlds of Adventure.png
ISBN: 9781840883558
Published: 2000
Publisher: Reader's Digest Children's Publishing
The Five Mile Press*
Author: Michael Teitelbaum

Worlds of Adventure is a picture book for beginning readers published by Reader's Digest Children's Publishing in 2000. The text is adapted by Michael Teitelbaum and Creative Media Applications, Inc. and details a variety of Ash's adventures throughout Kanto. The spiral-bound book also includes three sheets of stickers and a quiz section where clues derived from the anime direct readers to stick the correct sticker. Most of the illustrations are done by Leif Peng, except for two pictures which were completed by Ben Shannon and Steve Murray[1].


Read all about Ash and his friends as they capture and battle Pokémon in their quest to become Pokémon trainers.

Then take the Pokémon quiz. How well do you really know your Pokémon pals? Try this quiz and test your knowledge. Use the three sheets of fabulous Pokémon stickers to complete the quizzes.

So what are you waiting for? Pokémon readers - go!


The first story sees Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock making their way out of a forest. Ash boasts that he can now compete in the Pokémon League Tournament now that he has caught six Pokémon, but Misty rebuts, saying that some of them had been given to him, in which Brock agrees. In an attempt to prove them wrong, Ash dashes away and meets a Krabby. As Ash leans over to touch Krabby, it grabs Ash's finger with its pincer, making Ash shriek. Ash proceeds to catch the Krabby, but then the Poké Ball begins to glow white and vanishes from his hand. When Misty and Brock catch up and see a confused Ash, Misty comments that the Krabby had been transported to Professor Oak's Laboratory for safekeeping.

The second story sees Ash and his friends lost near a mysterious lighthouse. They go inside the lighthouse for help only to discover Kabuto, which Brock confusedly exclaims is an extinct Pokémon. However, a human voice from the Kabuto cries out that he is not a Pokémon but Bill, the famous Pokémon researcher and that he had become stuck in this costume. Ash helps Bill out, and Bill explains that he uses costumes to understand how Pokémon are like. Bill also tells them that he hopes to see a rare Dragon Pokémon, which he once recorded. When he plays the recorded song to them, the Dragon Pokémon suddenly appears floating in the ocean. Everyone exclaims at its appearance, but from nowhere, Team Rocket fires a rocket into the Pokémon. The Pokémon slams into Team Rocket and turns back into the sea, and Bill hopes disappointingly that it will return someday.

The third story starts as Ash and his friends reach Vermilion City. When they reach the Pokémon Center they see many injured Pokémon from battles with Lt. Surge. After some rest, they head to the Vermilion City Gym and meet Lt. Surge. Lt. Surge taunts Ash and his Pikachu and promptly sends out Raichu. Ash commands Pikachu to use Thundershock but Raichu simply counters with its own blast. Pikachu faints and the match ends. Ash rushes back to the Pokémon Center, and Ash exclaims that he wants a rematch. Brock advises Ash to use Pikachu's speed against the slower Raichu, and the next day, Ash returns to the Gym for a battle. This time, Pikachu runs and dodges the bigger, slower Raichu's Body Slams, until it knocks itself out. Ash wins and Lt. Surge apologizes that Ash is no baby.

The next story sees Ash and his friends boarding the St. Anne luxury liner. As the group enters the ship's main ballroom, they observe a Pokémon match in progress. A tall trainer's Raticate lunges out with a Hyper Fang and faints the opposing Starmie. The trainer asks if anyone else is brave enough to challenge his Raticate. Ash yells out that he is and sends out his Butterfree. The tall trainer orders Raticate to use Jump Kick, but Butterfree counters with Tackle. The trainer then calls Raticate to finish with Hyper Fang but Butterfree spins around and knocks Raticate from behind causing it tumble to the ground. Ash orders Butterfree to use Stun Spore, causing Raticate to become dazed. The tall trainer stops the battle and calls a draw. Shocked, Ash complains that he was winning.

The story continues with the tall trainer asking Ask to trade his Butterfree for his Raticate, commenting that it was a common practice to grow friendships. Ash is uncertain as he had raised Butterfree carefully but reluctantly agrees. As soon as the trade is over, panic breaks out as the waiters whip off their jackets to reveal Team Rocket. James announces that the whole cruise had been a set up to get all the Pokémon.

The story continues with all the Pokémon trainers tossing their Poké Balls. But, the Poké Balls become sucked up into vacuum backpacks worn by Jessie and James. Ash shouts that they must collaborate and tries to call out Butterfree. Misty reminds him that he had traded it away, and Ash instead sends out Pikachu. Ten other trainers also call out their Pikachu and the group of Pikachu form a pyramid. Combining their power, they fire off a tremendous Thundershock. Ash then calls out Charmander, followed suit by 20 other trainers. Together, the Charmander scorch Team Rocket, blasting them off. Afterwards, Ash tells the tall trainer that he'd like his Butterfree back, which the trainer happily agrees to do.

The next story sees Ash and his gang wandering through a Pokémon jungle. Seeing a Chansey, Ash starts to throw a Poké Ball. But before he can throw it, Jenny, the Preserve Ranger shouts out at them to freeze, saying that poaching was disallowed in the National Pokémon Preservation Area. Ash apologizes, saying that he hadn't known and Jenny lets them go. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and Jenny responds by hopping into her jeep. Ash and his friends follow. Nearby, Team Rocket had set up a trap for a herd of Kangaskhan and Jessie fires a bazooka which startles the Kangaskhan into a stampede. Team Rocket then spring their trap, releasing a net. Jessie tosses a Poké Ball into the trapped Kangaskhan, but it is quickly swatted back onto her head. A small boy swinging on a vine drops to the ground and cuts the Kangaskhan free. The herd surrounds Team Rocket's jeep and slams it flying.

The next story sees Ash being challenged by a mountain man trainer while on the way to the Cinnabar Gym. The stranger sends out Rhyhorn while Ash chooses Bulbasaur. Rhyhorn uses Take Down sending the ground shaking. Ash orders Bulbasaur to use Leech Seed, but before it can unleash it, Rhyhorn crashes into Bulbasaur. Ash sighs and attempts to send Bulbasaur back into its Poké Ball. But Bulbasaur dodges the energy beam from the Poké Ball, and Brock exclaims that Bulbasaur was determined not to give up. The stranger laughs at Ash but Ash counters by commanding Bulbasaur to use Vine Whip. The vines wrap Rhyhorn up, and Bulbasaur sends Rhyhorn into a spin. Rhyhorn teeters and faints. The stranger applauds Bulbasaur, but Misty comments that it was stubborn, just like Ash.

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