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2012: Junior Division Challenge
ジュニアせかいおうじゃに いどめ! Challenge the Junior World Champion!
Battle Rules: Double Battle
Double Battle. Use four Pokémon.
Levels will be set to Lv. 50.
No duplicate Pokémon or held items.
Battle the Top 4 Finalists from the
2012 Pokémon World Championships!

The 2012: Junior Division Challenge (Japanese: ジュニアせかいおうじゃに いどめ! Challenge the Junior World Champion!) tournament feature the top four contestants from Junior Division from the World Championship Nationals that were held in Hawaii in August 2012. It is part of the series of tournaments based off of the tournament finalists. Its distribution began on October 21, 2012 in the United States and Canada; however, it was released on October 22 in the rest of the world.

The tournament is conducted under Double Battle rules; therefore, the opponents will pick four of their six Pokémon to battle with. All Pokémon will be set to level 50. No duplicate Pokémon or held items are allowed, and no moves are banned. The Soul Dew is the only held item banned.

Due to an error in World Finalist Brendan's team, a fixed version of the tournament has been released on October 23, 2012. The original can be differentiated from the updated version by the colon on the title (originally being 2012 Junior Division Challenge).


World Champion Abram

World Runner-up Brian

World Finalist Brendan

Initial team

This party was available from October 21 to 23, 2012 for international releases and October 22, 2012 to October 24, 2012 for Japanese games.

Updated team

This party was used starting on October 23, 2012 for international releases and October 24, 2012 for Japanese games due to the inaccurate team information.[1]

World Finalist Kippei


  • Junior Division World Champion Abram Burrows as "World Champion Abram"
  • Junior Division Runner-up Brian Hough as "World Runner-up Brian"
  • Junior Division 3rd Place Finisher Brendan Zheng as "World Finalist Brendan"
  • Junior Division 4th Place Finisher Kippei Takaki as "World Finalist Kippei"

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ジュニアせかいおうじゃに いどめ!
France Flag.png French Défi catégorie junior 2012
Germany Flag.png German Junioren-Herausforderung 2012
Italy Flag.png Italian Categoria Junior 2012
Spain Flag.png Spanish Reto Categoría Júnior 2012


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