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Gorgeous Box redirects here. For the item in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, see Treasure box → Gorgeous Box.

The wood boxes are two types of box that contain a trophy decoration.

If a Pokémon earned as a reward for clearing the Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium is traded to a Generation II game, that Pokémon will be holding one of the two wood boxes. A Pokémon earned in Round 1 will be carrying a Normal Box, which contains a Silver Trophy; a Pokémon earned in Round 2 will be carrying a Gorgeous Box, which contains a Gold Trophy.

Wood boxes


  • SilverTrophySpriteGSC.png Silver Trophy - Obtained from the Normal Box
  • GoldTrophySpriteGSC.png Gold Trophy - Obtained from the Gorgeous Box

In other languages

Normal Box

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 木箱 Muhk sēung
Mandarin 木箱 Mù Xiāng
France Flag.png French Coffre Normal
Germany Flag.png German Schachtel
Italy Flag.png Italian Scat. Normale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 나무상자 Namu Sangja
Spain Flag.png Spanish Caja Normal

Gorgeous Box

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 桐木箱 Tùhngmuhk Sēung
Mandarin 桐木箱 Tóngmù Xiāng
France Flag.png French Coffre Luxe
Germany Flag.png German Schatulle
Italy Flag.png Italian Scat. Lusso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 오동나무상자 Odongnamu Sangja
Spain Flag.png Spanish Caja Grande

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