Wobbuffet Village

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Wobbuffet Village
ソーナンスのむら Sonans Village
Wobbuffet Village.png
Wobbuffet Village
Region Johto
Debut Wobbu-Palooza!

Wobbuffet Village (Japanese: ソーナンスのむら Sonans Village) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is a small village located between Goldenrod City and Ecruteak City. Its first and only appearance is in Wobbu-Palooza!.

The village's citizens all own a Wobbuffet, including the local Officer Jenny. The reason for the township's affiliation for the Pokémon is unknown even to the villagers. Wobbuffet Village also hosts the annual Wobbuffet Festival to commemorate the Patient Pokémon's traditionally easygoing and happy nature.

In Wobbu-Palooza!, Ash and his friends followed a group of Wobbuffet into the village, just in time to see a trio of festival crashers disrupt the Wobbuffet Festival. The festival crashers sought revenge for their defeat during the previous year's festival by Lulu. Ash and his friends tried to intervene, but Officer Jenny quickly stopped the battle. She informed everyone that battles are prohibited during the festival to honor the spirit of Wobbuffet never attacking first. While Ash and his friends complied, the vandals turned their attention to the festival symbol, a large Wobbuffet statue, and began destroying it.

However, due to the hospitality Team Rocket received from Lulu earlier, they intervened with Jessie's Wobbuffet single-handedly defeating the festival crashers's Pokémon. The festival crashers left the town, and the festivities proceeded just as planned.

Pokémon seen in Wobbuffet Village

Lulu Wobbuffet.png
Wobbuffet (multiple)

In other languages

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Wobbuffet-kylä
Italy Flag.png Italian Villaggio dei Wobbuffet
Poland Flag.png Polish Wioska Wobbuffetów

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