Wishing Bell Festival

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Wishing Bell

The Wishing Bell Festival (Japanese: 願いの鐘祭 Bell of Wishes Festival) is a festival held in the Unova region that relates to the Mistralton Tower. Miles hosted the festival in Climbing the Tower of Success!.

During the festivities, a contest is held and the winner will have the chance to ring the wishing bell on top of the Mistralton Tower in order to make a potential wish come true. The contest is divided into six portions: quiz, scavenger hunt, race across the lake, dress-up and impersonation, forest race, and the tower climb. Those who compete must pair with one of their Pokémon. Stephan and his Sawk were the contest winners in Climbing the Tower of Success!.

Contest portions

  • Quiz
The competitors are divided into two groups are asked generic questions relating to Pokémon or important people of the Unova region. The group that gives the most correct answers will move on to the second portion while the other group is disqualified.
  • Scavenger hunt
The competitors pick a card with a picture of an item on it and they must seek out the item under a time limit.
  • Race across the lake
The competitors and their Pokémon must get into a large wooden wash bucket and paddle their way across the lake without sinking.
  • Dress-up and impersonation
Once again, the competitors are to pick a card. Each card has a notable figure of Unova on it as well as their Pokémon. The competitor then has to dress like the person on the card while their Pokémon partner dresses as their Pokémon. They would also need to memorize the person's catchphrase and speak it aloud.
  • Forest race
The competitors and their Pokémon partners are to race across the forest and make it to the forest's edge where the Mistralton Tower. However, there are Pokémon in the forest that will attack the competitors. Those who make it through the forest unscathed can move on to the final round.
  • Tower climb
In the final contest portion, the last of the competitors most climb the spiraling staircase that leads to the top of Mistralton Tower. They are also give Litwick-themed candles to carry with them. If the flame on their candle goes out, they are disqualified. The tower inhabits Pokémon that will attempt to put out the candle's flame such as Frillish and Pidove. When the competitors reach the top, they must run one lap around the roof and cross the finish line.

Notable competitors

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