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The Winstrate family ready for the battle.

The Winstrate family (Japanese: カチヌキ Kachinuki, French:Stategie, German:Sihgers, Italian:Vinci, Spanish:Estratega) are four family members who are obsessed with Pokémon battles and battling. Victor is the father, Victoria the mother, Vivi is the daughter, along with a son, Vito. Grandma Vickey also lives with the family. They live in a house on Route 111, north of Mauville City. In German their surname is Sihgers and they are called: Viktor, Viktoria, Sieglinde and Vicky. In Italian their surname is Vinci and they are called Vincenzo, Vittoria, Viviana and Vicky.

Their son, Vito, left to challenge the Pokémon League of Hoenn.

In the anime

On their way to Fallarbor Town, Ash, May, Brock, and Max come upon the Winstrate Family. After giving them a tour of their house and yard, they decide to challenge them to a 4 on 4 battle. First, Brock battles against Victor. Brock's Mudkip is defeated by Victor's Zigzagoon as it knows Thunderbolt, a practical source of electricity. Next, May, who uses Beautifly, fights against Victoria and her Roselia. May wins this round by using a strategy similar to that of the one she used against Drew and his Roselia in the Slateport Pokémon Contest. In the next round, Max borrows Ash's Corphish to fight against Vivi and her Marill. Corphish defeats Marill, giving Max the win, but it is a hollow victory, as he had a crush on Vivi and she now shows no interest in him. For the final round, Ash and Pikachu go up against Vicky and Camerupt. Team Rocket and the other Winstrate, Vito, interfere with the battle, but Vito eventually stops helping Team Rocket to save his family. The match between Pikachu and Camerupt comes to a draw, and Ash and Co. leave.


In the games

The Winstrates are a family who challenge any strong Trainer they meet. They fight in a row, one after the other. According to Vivi, Vito was the best Trainer. Then Grandma Vicky, herself, her mother, and her father.

They use a Template:I to toughen up their Pokémon, but they'll give it to the main character of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire or Pokémon Emerald, if they're defeated.

Vito can be battled on the bottom floor of Victory Road in between two waterfalls.


The Winstrate Challenge:

  • Level 16 Taillow (Victor)
  • Level 16 Zigzagoon (Victor)
  • Level 16 Roselia (Victoria)
  • Level 15 Marill (Vivi)
  • Level 15 Shroomish (Vivi)
  • Level 15 Numel (Vivi)
  • Level 18 Meditite (Vicky)

Victory Road:

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