Windswept Sky (Dream World area)

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Windswept Sky ???
Open Sky
Windswept Sky.png
After obtaining 2,500 Dream Points

Windswept Sky (Japanese: ひらけた空 Open Sky) is an area of the Island of Dreams in the Pokémon Dream World.


Pokémon Level Availability Ability Notable Moves
012 Butterfree Lv. 10 Default Tinted Lens Air Cutter Flying
Roost Flying
016 Pidgey Lv. 10 Default Big Pecks Secret Power Normal
Steel Wing Steel
021 Spearow Lv. 10 Default Sniper Faint Attack Dark
Steel Wing Steel
041 Zubat Lv. 10 Default Infiltrator Hypnosis Psychic
Super Fang Normal
142 Aerodactyl Lv. 10 Default Unnerve Assurance Dark
Stealth Rock Rock
163 Hoothoot Lv. 10 Default Tinted Lens Night Shade Ghost
Recycle Normal
165 Ledyba Lv. 10 Default Rattled Bug Bite Bug
ThunderPunch Electric
187 Hoppip Lv. 10 Default Infiltrator Bounce Flying
Encore Normal
193 Yanma Lv. 10 Default Frisk Feint Normal
Giga Drain Grass
198 Murkrow Lv. 10 Default Prankster Confuse Ray Ghost
Roost Flying
207 Gligar Lv. 10 Default Immunity Feint Normal
Tailwind Flying
225 Delibird Lv. 10 Default Insomnia Focus Punch Fighting
Ice Shard Ice
276 Taillow Lv. 10 Default Scrappy Endure Normal
Twister Dragon
278 Wingull Lv. 10 Default Rain Dish Shock Wave Electric
Twister Dragon
333 Swablu Lv. 10 Default Cloud Nine FeatherDance Flying
Roost Flying
397 Staravia Lv. 14 Default Reckless FeatherDance Flying
Tailwind Flying
227 Skarmory Lv. 10 After 7500
Weak Armor Drill Peck Flying
Roost Flying
357 Tropius Lv. 10 After 7500
Harvest Leech Seed Grass
Silver Wind Bug
425 Drifloon Lv. 10 After 7500
Flare Boost Hypnosis Psychic
Skill Swap Psychic
441 Chatot Lv. 10 After 7500
Big Pecks Nasty Plot Dark
Role Play Psychic
  • If the Pokémon is available by Default, the Pokémon is available upon unlocking the area.
  • The abilities listed are the abilities the Pokémon will obtain when obtained from Dream World.
  • The moves the Pokémon has when obtained will depend on the points gained after completing mini-games.


Item Availability
Quick Ball Quick Ball Default
Hyper Potion Hyper Potion Default
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry Default
Persim Berry Persim Berry Default
Aguav Berry Aguav Berry Default
Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry Default
Pomeg Berry Pomeg Berry Default
Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry Default
Qualot Berry Qualot Berry Default
Hondew Berry Hondew Berry Default
Grepa Berry Grepa Berry Default
Tamato Berry Tamato Berry Default
Pass Orb Pass Orb Default
Ultra Ball Ultra Ball After 7500 Points
Stardust Stardust After 7500 Points
SilverPowder SilverPowder After 7500 Points
Metronome Metronome After 7500 Points
Star Piece Star Piece After 10000 Points
Wide Lens Wide Lens After 10000 Points
  • If the item is available by Default, the item
    is available upon unlocking the area.

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