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ファイツ Whi-Two
Whitley Adventures.png
Age 12 (as of the eleventh chapter)[1]
Gender Female
Birthday September 16
Blood type B
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown White Forest
Region Unova
Relatives Mother
Trainer class Grunt, Trainer
Game counterpart Rosa
Member of Team Plasma
Rank Grunt (former)

Whitley (Japanese: ファイツ Whi-Two) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


Whitley is a former member of Team Plasma. She sided with the faction of Team Plasma who were with N's wish to liberate Pokémon from evil humans. She was tasked with guarding a memory card with the blueprints of a device able to counteract a machine created by Colress able to control Pokémon. After the team's defeat in the Black & White arc, she was forced to move away so that any traces of her past would be left behind. Despite this, she yearns for the return of Team Plasma's king, N. For her beliefs and attachment to the original Team Plasma's philosophy, she is given the title of "Liberator" (解放す者 Liberator).


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Black & White arc

Whitley first appeared in A Difficult Parting, as a Team Plasma Grunt. After Team Plasma was defeated by Black and his allies, Whitley, her mother, and several other Grunts decided to flee N's Castle to avoid arrest. Whitley asked if she could take the Pokémon N liberated from humans with them. Although her mother said they couldn't, Anthea and Concordia allowed Whitley to take a Foongus she bonded with and gave her a pendant containing a photo of N as a parting gift.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Whitley's pendant
Whitley as a member of Team Plasma

Whitley properly debuted in The Transfer Student, where she was transferred into the Aspertia City Trainers' School as a new student. Later, Whitley competed against her female classmates in a small tournament hosted by Cheren, the teacher. Whitley ended up winning by accident, earning herself a Pokédex from Bianca. Though she initially refused, Blake convinced her to keep it. Later that night, Whitley realized her mother made her switch schools as a way of breaking off any connections to her past as a member of Team Plasma. After sadly wishing for N to return, Whitley put on her old Grunt uniform to cheer herself up.

In Pokédex Lecture, Whitley was dragged to the Pledge Grove as a trip to fill the Pokédex with data. When Blake got too close, Foongy retaliated with Sweet Scent, accidentally attracting a Keldeo in the process. Keldeo immediately attacked, causing Whitley and Blake to fall off a nearby cliff. After saving himself, Blake carried the unconscious Whitley back to school.

In Movie Panic, Cheren took his class to a school trip at Pokéstar Studios. There, Whitley acted in a Brycen-Man movie where she faced the titular villain while playing the role of the superheroine Foongus Girl. She easily defeated Brycen-Man's Pokémon, but a Mecha Tyranitar from another movie set appeared and began running wild. Blake, as the Dewott Kid, stepped in to save the day, much to Whitley's embarrassment. After returning to school, Yuki, Maya, and Yuko consulted with the other girls on their plans for the upcoming cultural festival. When Hugh told the girls to go back to their dorms like Cheren said to, Yuki told him off, one of her comments angering him into attacking. The girls angrily went home, but Hugh ending up finding Whitley's pendant on the ground. Later that night, Hugh checked the memory card contained inside the pendant and discovered one of the girls in his class was a Team Plasma member. Having been the very first person who had their Pokémon stolen by Team Plasma, Hugh angrily swore to find the owner of the pendant and expose her true identity.

In Legendary Tornadus, Whitley realized her pendant had vanished. The next day in class, Blake dragged Whitley to Route 20 so they could search for supplies for the cultural festival that haven't arrived yet due to powerful winds in the area. Shortly after arriving, Blake and Whitley were attacked by Tornadus, who immediately turned into its Therian Forme. Blake managed to defeat Tornadus, but the shock of the situation caused Foongy to accidentally release its spores, putting Whitley to sleep. Whitley later awakened at the Virbank Gym, where she and Blake watched a live performance by Roxie and her band. Blake revealed he heard his classmates talking about inviting Roxie to the upcoming Choir Tournament and decided to do so after the concert was over.

In Choir Tournament, Whitley took part in the Autumn Choir Tournament as a member of Team Jigglypuff. After facing off against a variety of other teams in the tournament, Team Jigglypuff emerged as the winner. Roxie, who agreed to judge the competition after being asked by Blake, had her father take the winning team and their class to Castelia City to compete in the Unova Choir Tournament.

Whitley as Foongus Girl

In Angry Boy, the class arrived at Castelia City, only for Roxie to encounter an injured member of the executive committee for the Unova Choir Tournament whose Karrablast was stolen by Team Plasma. Hoping the Team Plasma members might know of N's whereabouts, Whitley decided to join Blake, Hugh, and Roxie in finding the culprits. Their search led them to the Castelia Sewers, where they encountered several Plasma Grunts wearing black uniforms. The group was forced to scatter when the Grunts sent their Muk to attack, causing Whitley and Roxie to get separated from the others. By using the knowledge she acquired at school, Whitley easily defeated the Grunts' Muk, forcing them to retreat. In order to get some answers, Whitley decided to use the Xtransceiver to call her mother. Her mother revealed the black-suited Grunts are from a faction of Team Plasma that opposed N's ideals and wished to use liberated Pokémon for their own ends. She also revealed a scientist named Colress was made the new leader of Team Plasma and created a device capable of controlling Pokémon known as the Colress Machine. The members of Team Plasma that sided with N created a memory card containing data on a device that could counteract the Colress Machine and hid it inside Whitley's pendant. Whitley was asked by her mother to find the missing pendant and take it to Rood or Gorm.

In Therian Forme III, Whitley and Roxie left the sewers to meet with the others at Prime Pier. Whitley decided to wait so she could figure where she last saw her pendant. Hugh appeared and revealed to everyone that a student was a member of Team Plasma and presented Whitley's pendant as proof. When Hugh revealed he planned to leave school to fight Team Plasma, Whitley appeared to stop him. Finding her behavior suspicious, the class began suspecting Whitley, but were affected by Foongy's spores. After the others fell asleep, Hugh realized Whitley was the Team Plasma member he was searching for.

In Frozen World, Hugh offered to return the pendant if Whitley helped retrieve the Purrloin taken from his sister years ago. Before they do anything, Whitley and Hugh were alerted to the Plasma Frigate, a flying ship that used a cannon to freeze several buildings and civilians in an instant. Hugh managed to push Whitley and himself out of the way in time, but ended up falling unconscious. Rood appeared shortly after, having been alerted of the situation by Whitley's mother. Rood revealed the International Police had been arresting members of the Seven Sages and that the Plasma Frigate is powered by the Legendary Pokémon Kyurem. Rood's subordinates discover the memory card isn't on Hugh's person, meaning he must have left it back at the Trainers' School. Rood suggested heading to the school to search for it, but Whitley didn't want to leave her classmates behind while they were still suspicious of her. To remedy this, Rood had a Zorua N was friends with take Whitley's form with Illusion to fool the others while they searched.

A Mandibuzz was sent from the Plasma Frigate and attempted to capture Rood, only for Whitley to push him out of the way, causing her to get captured instead. After she was locked inside an empty cabin, the door was opened by Blake, who claimed he was captured as well. When he tried asking where and when she was captured, Whitley realized that Blake's constant advancements were to uncover her connection to Team Plasma. Whitley accidentally revealed her allegiance to Team Plasma, but claimed she never participated in their crimes. Having confirmed his suspicions, Blake handcuffed Whitley and told her he was an International Police officer. After assuring that he only wanted to talk, Blake asked Whitley where the memory card was located, but she agreed to tell only after they freed Kyurem from Colress's control. After battling through several Grunts, Whitley and Blake arrived at Kyurem's chamber and destroyed it, only to find it empty. Colress appeared and revealed that they drained Kyurem of enough energy to freeze all of Unova. Colress then had Kyurem freeze Blake and Whitley solid before commanding some Grunts to toss them into the ocean.

In N Returns, Blake awakened at the Abyssal Ruins, where he and Whitley were taken to by Kelden after it used an Aspear Berry to break free of the ice. Despite the handcuffs being broken, Whitley chose to stay and keep Blake warm while he recovered. Blake was taken to the frozen bodies of Kelden's masters, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, who had been frozen solid by Genesect's Techno Blast in their previous encounter with it. Reasoning that a Fire-type Techno Blast could melt the ice created by an Ice-type version of the same move, Blake sent out Genesect to free Kelden's masters, but was stopped by Whitley, who feared the faulty Burn Drive could explode and seriously harm Genesect. Confused, Blake revealed he cannot feel emotions such as pity or fear and stated he was using what he believed to be the most effective way to free Kelden's masters and that Genesect could simply be healed afterward. Techno Blast successfully frees Keldeo's masters, and as an act of gratitude, Cobalion used its sword to remove the Burn Drive, preventing the explosion from harming Genesect.

Blake decided that if they were to face Team Plasma again, he and Whitley would need more team members. After reluctantly catching a wild Karrablast, Whitley traded it for Blake's Shelmet, causing both to evolve into an Escavalier and an Accelgor. Afterward, the ruins started ejecting everyone out of it, forcing Whitley and Blake to ride on Kelden's back and head outside along with Kelden's masters. Kyurem's influence caused the DNA Splicers in Blake's bag to rapidly pull him, Whitley, and Kelden to the surface towards it. To Whitley's shock, she found N and Zekrom in battle with Ghetsis and Kyurem. Blake flew towards Kyurem, but was knocked out by the DNA Splicers' power and fell back into the ocean, forcing Whitley and Kelden to dive back in to rescue him.

In Dream World, Whitley and Blake were found on a beach by Black and White. While Whitley was unconscious, Blake introduced himself to the others. Once Whitley had awakened, she was informed of the situation and decided to join her fellow Unova Pokédex holders in stopping Team Plasma. After tracking Kyurem's whereabouts to the Giant Chasm, Whitley and the others rode on Black's Reshiram's back to chase after Ghetsis.

Whitley graduating from the Trainers' School
Whitley and her Pokémon

In Giant Chasm, the group arrived at the Giant Chasm, where they were joined by Iris and Gorm. Tired of waiting for the heroes, Colress revealed himself and told Kyurem to freeze the surrounding area. When Kyurem stopped listening to Colress, Rood appeared, revealing his allies used a machine to disrupt the Colress Machine's effect. With Team Plasma's influence on it severed, Kyurem began rampaging, first releasing the Dark Stone before absorbing Reshiram to become White Kyurem. Frustrated at his machine's defeat, Colress threw the device away and fled, revealing he decided to quit Team Plasma. While Blake chased Coless, Whitley decided to find N, who was held captive aboard the Plasma Frigate. To help Whitley, White lent her Gigi, a Tepig belonging to N, before sending her onto the ship. While inside, Whitley reunited with Hugh, who had been told the truth about Team Plasma by Rood. After Hugh apologized for his earlier behavior at Castelia, Whitley found the room where N was held and managed to wake him up. N promised to return Hugh his stolen Purrloin, but only after they stopped Ghetsis. While on their way, Hugh encountered a pair of Grunts he had a personal grudge against and decided to stay behind to face them. Foongy decided to side with Hugh and assist him.

Whitley and N encountered Looker and Alder in Ghetsis's room. Alder revealed he and Looker battled Ghetsis, but the latter managed to escape and hide himself. After N found Ghetsis, a sudden explosion tore the Plasma Frigate apart from the inside, sending everyone flying. Whitley and the others watched in horror as N's attempt to rescue Ghetsis only resulted in him being beaten and seriously injured. Once Hugh returned, N's wounds were healed by Foongy and his body was put onto Reshiram so he could be taken to safety. The Plasma Frigate crashed into the abandoned N's Castle, setting it ablaze and putting the liberated Pokémon Team Plasma left behind in danger. Once everyone got to safe ground and regrouped, Blake decided the best option to stop the fire was to combine the might of all three stages of the Unova first partner Pokémon. Teaming up with Gigi again, Whitley, Blake, Black, White, Hugh, Cheren, Bianca, Benga, and Cedric Juniper unleashed a triple Fire, Grass, and Water Pledge combination attack, successfully dousing the flames. Later, as he was arrested by the International Police, Ghetsis swore to one day return and restart his ambition to manipulate and lead the people. Whitley assured Ghetsis that his schemes would never succeed, stating that even if he were to somehow fool humans into following him, the Pokémon hurt by Team Plasma wouldn't be tricked and would never forgive him. Noticing the liberated Pokémon had begun to glare at him with anger in their eyes, Ghetsis fearfully broke down and walked into the police helicopter for his own safety.

In Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony, Whitley went to speak with Rood, who had been taken into International Police custody. She revealed that Blake and Hugh agreed to keep her status as a Team Plasma member secret, allowing Whitley and her mother to continue living their normal lives. During the Trainers' School graduation ceremony, Whitley was informed by Blake that he'd be leaving Unova to go on another mission under a different identity. Sometime later, Whitley worked together with N, Anthea, and Concordia to return all the Pokémon liberated by Team Plasma back to their original owners. To Whitley's relief, Foongy's original Trainer didn't want it back and allowed Whitley to keep it.

X & Y arc

In Magearna Moves, Whitley was given Delphox from Trevor in the hopes that the Fox Pokémon would accept her, as she had not opened up to him or his friends. She later had a video call with X, showing him that she had made some progress in getting Delphox to trust her.


Due to being a former member of Team Plasma, Whitley refuses to keep her Pokémon in Poké Balls, though has done so in certain circumstances.

On hand

Main article: Foongy

Foongy (Japanese: ダケちゃん Dake-chan) is Whitley's first known Pokémon. He was originally a Pokémon liberated from humans by N and was secretly given a nickname despite Rood advising against it. After Team Plasma's defeat, Anthea and Concordia allowed Whitley to keep Foongy. He has a Naive nature and his Characteristic is "impetuous and silly".

Debut A Difficult Parting
Blake Shelmet Adventures.png

Whitley Accelgor Adventures.png
Shelmet → Accelgor
Accelgor is Whitley's second known Pokémon. As a Shelmet, it was caught by Blake at the Abyssal Ruins in preparation for another confrontation with Team Plasma. It was immediately traded for Whitley's newly-caught Karrablast, causing both to evolve.

Accelgor's only known move is Acid Spray.

Debut Abyssal Ruins
Whitley's Delphox
Main article: Whitley's Delphox

Trevor received Fennekin from Professor Sycamore in the hopes that X would want to leave home and go on a journey with her. She was lost in an explosion caused by Xerxer and Yveltal's battle. Fennekin was later found by Malva, who raised her into a Braixen and Delphox. After Team Flare's defeat, Clemont gave Trevor a Poké Ball with Delphox inside. She was later given to Whitley.

Debut An X-cuse to Come Out and Play

Traded away

Whitley's Karrablast
Whitley caught Karrablast at the Abyssal Ruins. It was traded to Blake for his Shelmet so that both could evolve. It is housed in a Quick Ball.

None of Karrablast's moves are known.

Debut Abyssal Ruins


Main article: Gigi

Gigi (Japanese: ぶぶ Bubu) is a Pokémon originally owned by N. She was lent to Whitley so that she could find N aboard the Plasma Frigate by tracking his scent.

Debut Lights, Camera...Action!
N's Zorua
Main article: N's Zorua

Zorua was first seen in a flashback of N's childhood. He was first seen in person at Castelia City, where he harassed Black's Tep and spied on Black under N's instructions. At the Driftveil Drawbridge, he caused havoc by preventing the bridge from lowering, but was defeated by Black. He was seen with N at Dragonspiral Tower, when he was awakening Zekrom. Later, he faced Alder's Accelgor with Gigi and distracted Accelgor long enough for Gigi to defeat it. He fought Bo, Amanda, and Cedric's Samurott, but was defeated. When Black arrived at N's Castle, Zorua used his Illusion Ability to take on Zekrom's appearance. Despite N releasing his entire team, Zorua refused to leave N's side, much to N's confusion. When Black revealed that Zorua truly wants to be with his Trainer, N sympathized with him, but left him behind as he bid his farewells. In the Black 2 & White 2 arc, Zorua returned to N.

Debut Listening to Pokémon


Liberated Pokémon
Liberated Pokémon
Back when she was a Team Plasma Grunt, Whitley helped care for a group of Pokémon liberated by N in N's Castle. This group included a Shelmet, Solosis, Petilil, Roserade, Houndoom, Sandile, Pidove, Swadloon, and Ducklett. These Pokémon were meant to be released back into the wild after N's victory, but he was defeated in the end, thus ruining Team Plasma's plans. They were released into the wild after Team Plasma's defeat while a group of Team Plasma Grunts, including Whitley and her mother, escaped being arrested.

None of their moves are known.

Debut A Difficult Parting


Whitley's Jigglypuff
This Jigglypuff was partnered with Whitley during the Autumn Choir Tournament. Together, they performed in Team Jigglypuff and faced off against other students. In the finals, Team Jigglypuff faced off against Team Sawsbuck, but eventually came out on top.

Jigglypuff's known moves are Sing and Hyper Voice.

Debut Choir Tournament


  • Rather than simply being named after the games, Whitley and Blake's Japanese names are corruptions of how the titles Black 2 and White 2 are pronounced in Japanese.
  • Her hobby is stargazing, her favorite color is blue, her favorite food is an ice cream sundae, and her favorite flower is Gracidea.
  • Whitley is the only Pokédex holder to own a first partner Pokémon that debuted in a generation other than her own.
  • Whitley has owned the least amount of Pokémon out of any Pokédex holder, with only four.
  • Blake initially affixed the honorific ちゃん -chan when addressing Whitley, but switched to the honorific くん -kun after both of their identities were exposed to each other.
    • She is also referred to as (Japanese: ファイツちゃん Whi-Two-chan) and (Japanese: ファイたん Whi-tan) by Yuki, Maya, and Yuko.
  • Whitley is 4'11" (150 cm) tall and weighs 94 lbs (43 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ファイツ Whi-Two A corruption of ホワイト White 2
English Whitley Similar to White
French Blandine Similar to Blanche (white)
German Weissy Similar to Weiß (white)
Korean 화이츠 Whi-Two From 화이트2 White 2
Chinese (Mandarin) 白慈 Báicí Similar to her Japanese name. Contains 白 bái (white)
Vietnamese Whi-Two Same as her Japanese name

Whitley's Pokémon

Main article: Foongy → Names


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