White Ruins (anime)

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White Ruins
白の遺跡 White Ruins
White Ruins.png
White Ruins
Region Unova
Debut Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!

The White Ruins (Japanese: 白の遺跡 White Ruins) are an anime-exclusive location in the Unova region. They are located above the Dragonspiral Tower, near Icirrus City.

The White Ruins were first mentioned by Cedric Juniper in New Faces...Familiar Faces! when he called his daughter, Professor Juniper, at her lab. He thought the ruins had something to do with Reshiram. Seeing how excited Ash and his friends were, he invited them to come visit him at the ruins and the group took a boat later in the episode that was on its way toward the White Ruins.

In Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!, the White Ruins were shown for the first time when Team Plasma was reporting to Ghetsis about their progress.

With the help of Cedric Juniper and Looker, Ash, Iris and Cilan were taken to visit them in BW120. There, they met with N. Before Ash and his friends arrived, Cedric Juniper had found the Light Stone, which contains Reshiram, but it was taken away by N. During their stay, the ruins were attacked by a large amount of Team Plasma Grunts.

In BW121, Team Plasma's plan continued, as they managed to control all of the worker's Pokemon using the device Colress created. Ash and his Pokemon tried to stop Team Plasma's plans, but it was late since Ghetsis appeared, took the Light Stone and went on to revive Reshiram.

In BW122, Reshiram finally awoke, and Colress put it under Team Plasma's control, while Anthea and Concordia arrived at the scene. They tried to battle against Team Plasma, only to find their Pokemon controlled by Colress as well. After a long battle with Pikachu and a talk with N, Reshiram flew away while Looker arrested Team Plasma. In the end, N with Anthea and Concordia left for their forest haven, Cedric Juniper stayed at the Ruins as Ash and his friends left, en route to Nuvema Town.

Pokémon seen in the White Ruins

Colress Timburr Conkeldurr.png
Timburr (multiple)
Colress Timburr Conkeldurr.png
Conkeldurr (multiple)
Colress Golurk.png
Golurk (multiple)
N Sawsbuck.png
Colress Reshiram.png

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