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ホワイト White
White Adventures.png
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer

White (Japanese: ホワイト White) is the fifteenth main character of the manga series Pokémon Adventures and one of the female main characters for the Black & White chapter.


White is the president of the BW Agency, a company that has a large supply of Pokémon actors that can be used for commercials, plays, movies, and stunts. Whenever her company's reputation is put on the line, she'll do anything to prevent it from happening.


White first appears watching the shooting for a Xtransceiver commercial when she encounters Black shouting out his ambition to become a Master Trainer. When she discovers he has a male Tepig, she decides to hire him, due to her hearing that she needed to bring only a female Tepig, only to learn she really needed both genders. When Black is suspected of sabotaging White's commercial shooting, she tries to prove his innocence (actually just trying to not get him arrested, due to the fact that if he was arrested, so would his Tepig) and watches as he finds the real culprit, a Galvantula, and defeating it at the cost of the shooting equipment. She pays for the destroyed equipment and states that she hired Black for her company, forcing him to call her "President."



Bubu-chan (Japanese: ぶぶちゃん Bubu-chan) is one of the Pokémon seen in White's BW Agency. She was one of the two Tepig that White was supposed to bring for her commercial shooting, but due to a mixup, she only brought a female Tepig. She seems to get along with Black's Poka as they quickly decided to play together when they first met. None of her moves are known as of yet.
Debut Black & White chapter


  • White and Black are currently the second pair of characters to share a starter Pokémon with another main character, with both owning a Tepig. The other two are Red and Yellow.
  • White is currently the only character named after a main series game to no be a Pokédex holder.

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