Which One ~ Is It?

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Get Fired up, Spiky-eared Pichu!
Japanese ending themes


Dotchi ~ Nyo?
Which One ~ Is It?
DP ED 05
Artist MooMoo Milk and Araki-san
Lyrics Yoshikawa Chouji & the Asakusa Kids
Composer Araki Keiroku
Arrangement Araki Keiroku
Pikachu Records single
Catalog no.

Which One ~ Is It? (Japanese: ドッチ~ニョ? Dotchi ~ Nyo?) is the fifth ending song of the Diamond & Pearl series. It debuted in DP146, replacing Get Fired up, Spiky-eared Pichu!‎.

Ending animation: DP ED 5





In bubbles


TV Size

Japanese English
あっち〜の こっち〜の どっち〜なの?
だっちゅ〜の グラチェ〜の 考え中なの?
ドッチ〜ニョ ドッチ〜ニョ
どっち どっち ドッチ〜ニョ
ドッチ〜ニョ ドッチ〜ニョ
どっち どっち ドッチ〜ニョ

ニドリ〜ナ ニドリ〜ノ
キトサンに〜 トサキント
みやぶるに〜 かぎわける〜って 違いわかる?
まぎっらわし ややっこしい でも楽しい でしょ!
ポケモンをGETして チャンピオンロード!

青いカラナクシ どっちのうみ?
ホーホーのあしは さゆうどっち?
ああああああああ〜 ああああああああ〜

ドッチ〜ニョ タマンタ タマタマ
ドッチ〜ニョ ビーダル ビードル
ドッチ〜ニョ ラプラス ラブカス
ドッチ〜ニョ マンキー マンムー
ドッチ〜ニョ ハッサム ハンサム
ドッチ〜ニョ 今日はどっちだ?
ドッチ〜ニョ うえかな したかな
ドッチ〜ニョ ひだりか みぎかな
ドッチ〜ニョ ドッチ〜ニョ
That~ one, this~ one, which~ one?
Or rather~ grazie~ are you thinking?
Which~nyo? Which~nyo?
Which, which, which~nyo?
Which~nyo? Which~nyo?
Which, which, which~nyo?

"Nidori~na, Nidori~no"
"Chitosan and~ Tosakinto"
Do you know the difference between "seeing through~" and "scenting out~"?
Confusing, puzzling, but it's fun, isn't it!
Get Pokémon and walk Victory Road!

Which sea has the blue Karanakushi?
Is Hoho's leg the left or right one?
Ahhhhhhh~ Ahhhhhhh~
Ahhhhhhhh~ ah~ ah~

Which~ nyo? Tamanta, Tamatama
Which~ nyo? Beadull, Beedle
Which~ nyo? Laplace, Lovecus
Which~ nyo? Mankey, Mammoo
Which~ nyo? Hassam, Handsome
Which~ nyo? Which is it today?
Which~ nyo? Is it up or down?
Which~ nyo? Is it left or right?
Which~ nyo?
Which~ nyo? Which~ nyo?
Which~ nyo?
Up~! / Left~!! / Right~!! / Down~!!




  • The last shot of the ending sequence changes according to the chosen direction: Up with Pikachu, Left with Buneary, Right with Croagunk and Down with Piplup, just like the third to last scene.

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Get Fired up, Spiky-eared Pichu!
Japanese ending themes


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