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[[es:Eevee, ¿a dónde vas?]]
[[es:Eevee, ¿a dónde vas?]]
[[it:Eevee, Where Are You Going?]]

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Eevee, Where Are You Going? (Japanese: イーブイどこいくの? Eievui, Where Are You Going?) is a series of short stories that occurs after the ending of episodes in the Sun & Moon series of the Pokémon anime. Following the initial Japanese airing of the episode, the segments were uploaded to the official Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel for a limited time.

Introduced in SM093, each segment contains a part of a wild Eevee's journey until it meets Ash and his classmates.

List of segments

Code Screenshot English title Japanese title US broadcast Japan broadcast Time between
* Episode 1 No English title 第1話
Episode 1
No airdate
has been announced
October 21, 2018 269 days
since Japanese airing

Episode 1


An Eevee is walking along a dock, happily, until it realizes that is hungry. It spots a nearby food bowl, full of Pokémon food and a Houndour's face on side of the bowl. It eats the food, until the Houndour comes across Eevee and gets angry that it is eating its food. Eevee runs off, with Houndour angrily chasing it to a crowd of people. Eevee chooses to hide behind a man who is walking aboard a nearby ship to escape the Houndour.

After getting on the ship, Eevee walks until it comes over to the side of the ship. It uses one of its paws to brush away the bangs that are in front of its eyes, so that it can see more clearly. It looks out at the ocean, with an excited face, before the ship sails to its next destination.





By ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル
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