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{{Player characters}}
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レオ Leo
[[File:Colosseum Wes 3D.png|{{{size}}}]]
Art from Pokémon Colosseum
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Orre
Relatives None
Trainer class Pokémon trainer, Player character
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum
Member of Team Snagem
Rank Former member

Wes (Japanese: レオ Leo) is a young man who lives in the Orre region of the world. He is the protagonist of Pokémon Colosseum.

Wes rides around Orre on a very high-tech hovering motorcycle.

Little is known of Wes' past. He has apparently been with his Pokémon, Umbreon and Espeon, for years, possibly since childhood. Wes joins Team Snagem for unclear reasons and presumably leaves once he becomes disgusted with their actions.

Before he does, he plants a bomb to totally destroy Team Snagem's headquarters and steals the portable version of the Snag Machine - a device that can turn Poké Balls into Snag Balls - which can be used to catch Pokémon already owned by other trainers.

Equipped with this device, Wes wanders around until he rescues Rui from some kidnappers in Phenac City.

Wes and Rui set off to uncover the conspiracy behind Cipher, Team Snagem, and Shadow Pokémon.

Wes' actions eventually attract the attention of both Ho-Oh and Celebi, indicating that he must care deeply for all Pokémon.

Wes' past is never fully explained, although some conjectures can be drawn from dialogue within the story. Wes fits in well at Pyrite Town, suggesting that he doesn't have that much of a problem with petty crimes like thievery. He seems to have once had some sort of father/son dynamic with the head of Team Snagem, Gonzap.

With this in mind, it's possible that when Wes initially joined Team Snagem, they were a petty organization that was limited to theivery and minor crimes. However, when Team Snagem started to kidnap Pokémon, Wes rebelled and abandoned the organization.

Wes is the oldest hero ever featured in a Pokémon game. While most other protagonists are intended to appear around 11, Wes was designed to be 17 years of age.

His whereabouts after the events of Pokémon Colosseum are unknown. Because neither he nor Rui appear in Pokémon XD, he may have followed Rui to her home town, a currently unknown location. The duo's heroic acts in bringing the first Shadow Incident to an end, are remembered by people in Orre, though their names are not mentioned to Michael, presumably due to the fact that the names are chosen by the player.

Optional names for Wes


  • Seth
  • Thomas


  • ユータ Yūta
  • タツキ Tatsuki

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