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Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station logo

The Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station (Japanese: 週刊ポケモン放送局 Shūkan Pokémon Hōsōkyoku), also known as Hōsō, was a show that aired every Tuesday night on TV Tokyo from October 15, 2002 to September 28, 2004. It was preceded by Pocket Monsters Encore and succeeded by Pokémon Sunday. The episodes were hosted by Misty and Brock, who just introduced the episode and closed the episode.

It used Marching March as its ending theme.

Episode types

There were three types of episode:

  • Variety shows: These would often include episode clips and live action segments featuring KABA.chan, a Japanese celebrity who came out as a transgender woman in the mid-2010's, dressed in a Treecko suit, and a random group of elementary school children. KABA.chan, who is probably best known to non-Japanese for her cameos in Destiny Deoxys, including a scene where she got on a train moments before leaving, played a major role in most of the variety show episodes.
  • Encore - Sometimes, an old episode would be rerun, and other times full-length movies and TV specials would be aired. Many times these episodes would be requested by fans.
  • Side stories - New animated episodes featuring recurring side characters such as the Pichu Brothers, Casey and Ritchie. These episodes were dubbed into English for the series Pokémon Chronicles. These special episodes are commonly referred to by fans as "Hosos" or "Housous", a derivative of the show's title.

There were 91 episodes in total.

Opening animation

The series did not use a lyrical musical opening like its anime counterpart. The 10-second CGI clip showing an 8-story high 'TV Pokémon' building is displayed while an announcer introduces the show. A large Poké Ball is on the top of the building. Just before the clip ends, the Poké Ball opens and is converted into a satellite antenna. The Poké Ball antenna then shows electric bolts, signifying that it is transmitting, and the logo appears on screen. The building then fades out and, Misty and Brock appear and introduce the clips for the day's episode.


  • Misty (カスミ Kasumi)
  • Brock (タケシ Takeshi)
  • Treecko's Tail (キモリのシッポ Kimori no Shippo)
    • Treecko (キモリ Kimori)
    • KABA-chan (KABA.ちゃん)
    • Manami Aihara (相原真奈美)
    • Eraibā (エライバー)
  • Shio Koshō (塩コショー)


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Segment titles English translation Japan broadcast
EP01 「痛い」がテーマ、R団コスプレ、カスミ&トゲピー特集他 Ranking - Sports Player and the Talented Pokémon / Rocket-Dan Wonderful Costume Special October 15, 2002
EP02 「ハプニング」R団メカ、タケシのおねえさん特集他 Ranking - Working Pokémon / Rocket-Dan Mecha Special October 22, 2002
EP03 ミュウツー!我ハココニ在リ1 Mewtwo! I Exist Here October 29, 2002
EP04 ミュウツー!我ハココニ在リ2 Mewtwo! I Exist Here November 5, 2002
EP05 ミュウツー!我ハココニ在リ3 Mewtwo! I Exist Here November 12, 2002
EP06 「効いた!」サトシとピカチュウの友情物語、R団アルバイト他 Ranking - Pokémon to their Friends / Rocket-Dan Part-Time Job Special Edition Eternal Preservation Edition! Satoshi's and Pikachu's Tale of Friendship November 19, 2002
EP07 タケシ!ニビジムをすくえ! Takeshi! Save Nibi Gym! December 3, 2002
EP08 ハナダジムのリベンジマッチ! Revenge Match at Hanada Gym December 10, 2002
EP09 がんばれ!前向きロケット団 Persevere! Look Forward, Team Rocket December 17, 2002
EP10 クリスマスSP「クリスマスであそぼ! ・デリバードのプレゼント」 Pikachu's Winter Vacation - Christmas Night ・Delibird's Dilemma December 24, 2002
EP11 ピカチュウ3番勝負・かくし芸他 Pikachu's Third-Best Match / The Hidden Assembly at the Tokyo University of Arts and Music January 7, 2003
EP12 オーキド邸だいけっせん!! Huge Battle at Okido Residence January 14, 2003
EP13 リクエスト大会、コダック特集他 January 21, 2003
EP14 ポケモン衝撃映像99連発、ニャースがしゃべれる理由他 The 99 Continuous Pokémon Crash Images! The Rocket-Dan's Painful Memories January 28, 2003
EP15 ぼくたちピチューブラザーズ・風船騒動の巻 We Pichu Brothers February 4, 2003
EP16 恋するポケモン&R団恋愛ランキング、サトシゲライバル対決他 The Rocket-Dan's Love Story February 11, 2003
EP17 頼れるポケモンランキング、プリン特集他 Purin's Famous Scene Collection February 18, 2003
EP18 カスミ!ブルーバッジをゲットせよ! Kasumi! Get the Blue Badge!! February 25, 2003
EP19 出会いのミレニアムタウン / アルバイトはたいへんニャース!? The Millennium Town Meetup March 4, 2003
EP20 チコリータとの出会い、先生にしたいランキング他 Ranking - Wonderful Teachers March 11, 2003
EP21 ヒロシ特集、一緒に花見に行きたいポケモンランキング他 Ranking - I Want to Go Flower-Viewing with the Pokémon March 18, 2003
EP22 劇場版ポケットモンスター「セレビィ・時を超えた遭遇特別編」 Theatrical Edition - Celebi, A Timeless Encounter March 25, 2003
EP23 ポケモン捜査網!オーキド博士をさがせ!! A Pokémon Dragnet! Search for Dr. Okido!! April 8, 2003
EP24 ポケモン!きみにきめた! Encore - Pokémon! I Choose You! April 15, 2003
EP25 春にピッタリのポケモンランキング、ポケモンおかし話、他 A Funny Pokémon Story / Ranking - The Perfectly-Fit Pokémon of Spring / The Pokémon Song Special Feature April 22, 2003
EP26 ワニノコはだれのもの!?サトシvsカスミ! Whose is the Waninoko!? Satoshi VS Kasumi! April 29, 2003
EP27 春を感じさせるポケモン、キモリの花火、サトチュウ特集他 A Funny Story - The Mariru of the Sleeping Forest / Nyasu's Dislike of Pokémon May 6, 2003
EP28 キモリの花火、カスミのファッションショー他 A Funny Story - Undertaking Pochiena and the Walking Stick / An Unusual Play, a Good Effort May 13, 2003
EP29 はぐれポケモン・ヒトカゲ Encore - Stray Pokémon - Hitokage May 20, 2003
EP30 ふっかつ!?かせきポケモン! Resurrection!? Fossil Pokémon! May 27, 2003
EP31 リザードンのたに!またあうひまで!! Encore - Lizardon Valley! Until We Meet Again June 3, 2003
EP32 おかし話「奥様はコダック」キモリの花火完結、さよならラプラス、他 June 10, 2003
EP33 迷探偵ニャース参上!/ メイッコルリリは大迷惑?/ 映画「ピカチュウのドキドキかくれんぼ」 June 17, 2003
EP34 リングマでドッキリ!! Encore - Ringuma in Shock! July 1, 2003
EP35 林明日香インタビュー、キモリのレポート他 Movie News - Hayashi Asuka-san's Interview, etc. July 8, 2003
EP36 劇場版ポケットモンスター「水の都の護神ラティアスとラティオス」 Theatrical Edition - The Water Capital's Protector Spirits Latias and Latios July 15, 2003
EP37 劇場版ポケットモンスター「ピカピカ星空キャンプ」 Theatrical Edition - Sparkling Starlit Camp July 22, 2003
EP38 ランキング「ジムリーダー」おかし話「棚からドゴーム」 A Funny Story - The Dogohmu from the Rack / Ranking - Gym Leaders July 29, 2003
EP39 増刊ポケモン放送局「アズマオウ!フィッシングバトル!!」 Encore - Azumao! Fishing Battle!! August 2, 2003
EP40 増刊ポケモン放送局「映画特報」 Movie News Flash August 9, 2003
EP41 「一緒に踊りたいポケモン」「プリン太郎」ヒノアラシゲット秘話他 August 12, 2003
EP42 カスミ真剣勝負!命かけます!? Kasumi's Earnest Struggle! Life or Death!? September 2, 2003
EP43 なみのりピカチュウのでんせつ Encore - Legend of Surfing Pikachu September 9, 2003
EP44 イカした老人グランプリ、おかし話「笑ってソーナンス」他 A Funny Story - Laughing Sonansu September 16, 2003
EP45 ソーナンスとポケモンこうかんかい!! Encore - Sonans and the Pokémon Exchange September 23, 2003
EP46 ロケット団、愛と青春の原点 キモリの大リーグレポート Team Rocket - The Origin of Love and Youth / Kimori's Major League Report September 30, 2003
EP47 もうひとつのセレビィ伝説 Another Legend of Serebii October 7, 2003
EP48 マサラタウン、ポケモントレーナーの旅立ち Masara Town, Pokémon Trainer’s Journey Begins October 14, 2003
EP49 サニーゴでアミーゴ!おうがんとうのたいけつ!! Encore - Sunnygo the Amigo! Showdown on Yellow Rock Isle!! October 21, 2003
EP50 キモリがポケモンセンターをプロデュース、どっちのポケモンショー「ハスボーVSコダック」他 October 28, 2003
EP51 けっしょうリーグ!フルバトル6VS6!! Encore - Tournament Finals! Full Battle Six vs. Six! November 4, 2003
EP52 ライバルたいけつ!カメックスVSリザードン!! Encore - Rival Showdown! Kamex vs. Lizardon! November 11, 2003
EP53 新コーナー「キモリのシッポ!」「チコリータVSリザードン」他 Kimori's Tail / Pokémon Free Game / The 'Which Pokémon is it?' Show November 18, 2003
EP54 ピカチュウ百面相、「ブルーVSプリン」「キモリのシッポ!」他 Kimori's Tail / The 'Which Pokémon is it?' Show / The Many Phases of Pikachu's Life November 25, 2003
EP55 2004年ポケモン映画特報、幻、伝説のポケモン特集他 Kimori's Tail! / The 2004 Pokémon Movie Information December 9, 2003
EP56 ルージュラのクリスマス Encore - Holiday Hi-Jynx December 16, 2003
EP57 サトシがゲットしたポケモン全部紹介、キモリのシッポ!他 Kimori's Tail! in Christmas / An Introduction to All of Satoshi's Captured Pokémon December 23, 2003
EP58 ジョーイさん特集、キモリのシッポ!他 Kimori's Tail! / Takeshi's Special Report on the Joy-san / The Poké-Show Game January 6, 2004
EP59 ピカチュウとピチュー! Encore - Pikachu and Pichu! January 13, 2004
EP60 カスミの困っちゃうなー、ロケット団のいろはカルタ他 Kimori's Tail! / Kasumi's Embarrassment / The Poké-Show Game January 20, 2004
EP61 キモリの突撃リポート、KABA.ちゃんが歌う新しいポケモンソング他 Fire Red and Leaf Green Special Report / Kaba-chan's New Pokémon Song January 27, 2004
EP62 ニビジムのたたかい! Encore - Battle of Nibi Gym February 3, 2004
EP63 映画「水の都の護紳ラティアスとラティオス」&「ピカピカ星空キャンプ」 Theatrical Edition - The Water Capital's Protector Spirits Latias and Latios / Sparkling Starlit Camp February 17, 2004
EP64 サトシのウルトラC、キモリのシッポ!他 Kimori's Tail! / The Poké-Show Game / Satoshi's Ultra-C February 24, 2004
EP65 ポケモンの進化の瞬間特集、キモリのシッポ!他 Kimori's Tail! / The Moment of Evolution Special Report March 2, 2004
EP66 ハナダジムのすいちゅうか Encore - The Water Flowers of Cerulean City March 9, 2004
EP67 ポケモン研究者シゲルと復活のプテラ Pokémon Researcher Shigeru and Revival of Ptera March 16, 2004
EP68 仲良しポケモン全員集合、キモリのシッポ! Kimori's Tail / The Bosom Buddy Pokémon March 23, 2004
EP69 ニャースのあいうえお Encore - Nyarth's A-I-U-E-O March 30, 2004
EP70 キモリVSストイコビッチ真剣勝負、新曲紹介他 Kimori VS Stoikovic Serious Match / New Introduction Tune April 6, 2004
EP71 もえろゼニガメだん!ほのおのように!! Encore - Burn a Zenigame Squad! Like a Fire! April 13, 2004
EP72 ポケモン映画最新情報、キモリのシッポ!他 Kimori's Tail / Latest Movie Information April 20, 2004
EP73 かくれざとのフシギダネ Encore - Fushigidane of the Hidden Village April 27, 2004
EP74 ポケモンアドベンチャーにようこそ!、キモリ他 Welcome to the Pokémon adventure! May 4, 2004
EP75 にせオーキド!?ポケモンせんりゅうたいけつ!! Encore - A Fake Okido-Hakase !? Comic Haiku Showdown!! May 11, 2004
EP76 キモリが見た壮大な夢とは!? 、シッポ他 What is the grand dream that Kimori had?? May 18, 2004
EP77 ライバルとうじょう! Encore - Rival Enters! May 25, 2004
EP78 セキエイスタジアム!VSヒロシ! Encore - Sekiei Stadium! VS Hiroshi! June 1, 2004
EP79 ピカチュウジャンボその2、キモリのシッポ朝霞 June 8, 2004
EP80 ムチュールにもうむちゅう!スーパースターはポケモンがおすき? Encore - Muchul is Daydreaming!! Do Superstars Like Pokémon? June 15, 2004
EP81 裂空の訪問者直前情報、キモリ潜入レポート、他 July 6, 2004
EP82 映画「七夜の願い星ジラーチ」 Theatrical Edition - Wishing Star of Seven Nights: Jirachi July 13, 2004
EP83 ポケモン花火特集、キモリのシッポ! Kimori's Tail / Pokémon fireworks feature July 20, 2004
EP84 映画「おどるポケモンひみつ基地」 Theatrical Edition - Secret Base of the Dancing Pokémon July 27, 2004
EP85 ピカチュウのもり Encore - Forest of Pikachu August 3, 2004
EP86 キモリとKABA.ちゃんの夏休み! Summer vacation of Kimori and KABA. August 10, 2004
EP87 映画「幻のポケモンルギア爆誕」 Theatrical Edition - Legendary Pokémon Lugia: Explosive Birth August 17, 2004
EP88 ほのおのポケモンだいレース! Encore - Fire Pokémon Big Race! August 24, 2004
EP89 カスミとラブカス!ラブバトル! Misty and Luvdisc! Love Battle! September 14, 2004
EP90 ナナコとリザードン!炎の猛特訓! Those Darn Electabuzz! September 21, 2004
EP91 天駆ける伝説 ヒロシとファイヤー! The Search for the Legend September 28, 2004

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