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May with a Wailmer Pail

Watering cans (Japanese: じょうろ watering can) are items that allow a user to water Berry plants in the Pokémon world. In the games they are always key items.

In the games

In the Pokémon Dream World

Watering Can

In the Pokémon Dream World, the player starts off with the Décor item Watering Can, which can be used to water Berry plants in people's gardens. While the Watering Can has its own category in the Plain Catalogue, there is only one type.

A Berry cannot be watered as soon as it is planted; it must dry out first before it can be watered. The player can water others' Berries up to 20 times per trip, as of the April 2011 Dream World update. Prior to this update, there was no limit. There is no limit on watering the player's own Berries.

In the anime

James used a SquirtBottle on a wild Sudowoodo in Type Casting. Another SquirtBottle appeared in Johto Photo Finish where Mimey was watering the plants in the Ketchum residence. A SquirtBottle belonging to Miranda appeared in The Princess and the Togepi, and was used to water her garden. Unlike in in-game sprites, SquirtBottles have legs in the anime.

A Wailmer Pail appeared in The Lotad Lowdown used by Rita to water her Berries in the Flower Shop.

A Sprayduck was briefly seen in Oh Do You Know The Poffin Plan, where it was used by Forsythia and her Roserade to water the plants around her house. It made a brief cameo along with Forsythia in Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Magma Admin Courtney was seen using a Wailmer Pail when she was off duty.

Platinum used a Sprayduck in Honey for Combee.

In the Pokémon Gold and Silver: The Golden Boys manga

Whitney's Cleffa was shown using a SquirtBottle.

In other languages


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese コダックじょうろ Koduck Jōro
France Flag.png French Kwakarrosoir
Germany Flag.png German Entonkanne
Italy Flag.png Italian Sprayduck
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고라파덕물뿌리개 Gorapaduck Mulppurigae
Spain Flag.png Spanish Psydugadera


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ハスボーじょうろ Hassboh Jōro
France Flag.png French Nénurrosoir
Germany Flag.png German Loturzelkanne
Italy Flag.png Italian Irrigalotad
South Korea Flag.png Korean 연꽃몬물뿌리개 Yeonkkotmon Mulppurigae
Spain Flag.png Spanish Lotadgadera


Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ゼニガメじょうろ Zenigame Jōro
France Flag.png European French Carapuce à O
Germany Flag.png German Schiggykanne
Italy Flag.png Italian Annaffiatoio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 꼬부기물뿌리개 Kkobugi Mulppurigae
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Regadera

Wailmer Pail

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese ホエルコじょうろ Hoeruko Jōro
France Flag.png French Seau Wailmer
Germany Flag.png German Wailmerkanne
Italy Flag.png Italian Vaso Wailmer
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cubo Wailmer

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