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Wani-Wani (As a Croconaw) using Water Gun

Wani-Wani (Japanese: ワニワニ Wani-Wani) is Marina's Feraligatr. It was her starter Pokémon, obtained as a Totodile from Professor Elm on the same day that Vincent received his Chikorita and Jimmy received his Cyndaquil.

Unlike Jimmy's Typhlosion and Vincent's Meganium, it doesn't seem to be used as often, only appearing once during The Legend of Thunder!. This, of course, could possibly be just in the one episode, however.

It has had cameos as a Croconaw in the beginning of the 9th movie, and as a Feraligatr in DP041.

Attacks used


  • The nickname Wani-Wani comes from ワニノコ Waninoko, Totodile's Japanese name. Strangely, this was kept for the English dub, even though 4Kids is known for having a policy of Americanizing anime when they dub it.
  • It is believed by some that Wani-Wani was actually the same Totodile seen in Don't Touch That 'Dile. Professor Elm had mentioned that he was saving the Totodile for a girl starting her Pokémon journey the next day, which would, if the theory proves correct, be Marina.

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Marina's Pokémon
On hand:
160 Wani-Wani 
200 Little Miss 
039 Pink