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ミツル Mitsuru
Wally Adventures.png
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Green
Hometown Petalburg City
Region Hoenn
Relatives Parents, Wanda (cousin), Riley (Wanda's husband)
Trainer class Trainer

Wally (Japanese: ミツル Mitsuru) is a male character of the fourth chapter of Pokémon Adventures. Wally was once believed to be a representation of Emerald because of his all-green team and mainly green wardrobe. However, he is not a Pokédex holder and has debuted long before any announcements of Pokémon Emerald appeared. This means he wasn't intended to be the Emerald representation and due to that, a new character was created for that role.

Although many may see him as a main character due to him being based on a rival in the 3rd Generation games, he is not. The writers of Pokemon Adventures have confirmed that Emerald, not Wally, is a main character.


Wally is a young boy that is stricken with an unknown illness although according to his symptoms, may be asthma. As the series goes on, Wally slowly becomes healthier and his lungs become stronger, though he still needs to use his respirator suit.

Wally is a caring boy who always puts others before himself and puts trust in his Pokémon. At first, he was frail and weak but after going on his adventure Wally becomes much stronger, more confident in his abilities, and a powerful Trainer.


Wally first appears in the Petalburg Woods crouching down in pain after failing to capture some wild Pokémon. He is found by Ruby who quickly takes a liking to him after Wally praised his Pokémon. Ruby offers to help him capture another Pokémon but Wally declines his offer stating that someone else is already helping him.

Suddenly, once the person who is helping Wally starts walking towards them, Ruby immediately grabs him and jumps into the bushes, realizing that the person Wally was talking about is his father, Norman of the Petalburg Gym.

After defeating a wild Breloom, Norman tells Wally to come out of the bushes. Wally complies and asks if Norman will teach him how to capture a Pokémon now. Norman refuses his request, stating that he was not told of Wally's illness and that his worried parents are taking him to another town to recuperate the next day. Norman states that he cannot ensure the ill Wally's safety in the dangerous world of Pokémon they live in.

After Ruby dodges an attack from Norman after he is found hiding in the bushes, he finds Wally unconscious on the ground. Ruby takes Wally to his house where Wally is put onto a bed and hooked to a respirator. After his parents thank Ruby and leave, Wally realizes that they must have told Norman to not teach him how to capture a Pokémon. Ruby, noticing Wally's visible anger, lends him his Ralts, Ruru, and takes him to the outskirts of Petalburg so he can capture his own Pokémon.

They quickly find a wild Kecleon and Wally decides to capture it, much to Ruby's disappointment. They chase the Kecleon and Wally sends out Ruru to battle it; after failing to capture it once, Wally states that he's beginning to enjoy the battle. Thanking Ruby for his help, Wally gives him a Pokénav on the condition that he stays with him a little longer. After the Kecleon begins to get tired, Wally finally throws a Poké Ball and successfully captures his first Pokémon; ecstatic, Wally states that he can move to Verdanturf Town without any regrets.

His joy is quickly shattered when a sudden earthquake breaks the piece of land that Ruby is standing on and sends him in the ocean. Later, Wally wakes up in his new house in Verdanturf Town and goes to tell the adults about Ruby's situation. Ruru stops him and Wally realizes that Ruby is still alive because Ruru can pick up his emotions with her horn.

Much later, Wally appears at Pacifidlog Town with two new Pokémon, a respirator suit, and an ally of an old man who wishes to see Mirage Island. It is revealed that the old man had taken Wally to Pacifidlog due to it being an even better place for recuperating from his illness. As they sail through the storm created by Kyogre, Wally notices a bag with a Treecko still inside of its Poké Ball. Wally pins the bag to a wall, rescues the Treecko, and heals it with his Pokémon.

Suddenly, an obscured figure appears and questions his choice of using Needle Arm to save the Treecko when it could have just as easily harmed it. Wally responds that he trusts in his Pokémon to be strong even though he himself is weak. The figure reveals himself as Norman and states that he intends to train Wally just as he was asked to in the past. Wally accepts his offer and the two fly off to the Sky Pillar as it is the only place that is not being plagued with the storms and droughts that is currently hitting Hoenn.

Wally climbing the Sky Pillar

Wally begins his training, to climb the Sky Pillar and reach Norman who is waiting for him at the top. Wally climbs the tower, using his Pokémon to battle against the wild ones and eventually reaches the 50th floor after defeating a wild Dusclops and Treecko evolving into a Grovyle. Wally eventually reaches Norman, who is proud of his efforts and reveals that Wally's lungs have grown stronger and he is able to breathe easier, even on the thin air of the 50th floor. Norman gives Wally his Flygon and they begin their training while thinking that Wally still has one more task on the peak of the Sky Pillar.

Wally's respirator suit and gauntlet

Later, Wally and Norman are seen having a battle; Wally ends up being defeated but is praised for being able to get Norman to try hard. Wally questions his actions, as he is using the Pokédex despite it not belonging to him along with Treecko and Ruru, both Pokémon who are not his, having evolved. Norman assures him that it is alright but Wally still states that he should not use things that do not belong to him. Norman, after learning from his friend Scott that Ruby is battling Groudon and Kyogre, tells him what he took Wally to the Sky Pillar for: to find the third legendary Pokémon on top of the peak and awaken it.

Norman sends Wally to the peak and Wally manages to find the Pokémon covered in a fog of ozone. Wally uses Grovyle and successfully awakens the third Pokémon, Rayquaza, and passes out from exhaustion while Norman takes Rayquaza to help Ruby.

Wally is last seen writing a letter to Professor Birch and Ruby about returning the Pokédex and Ruru to them.


This listing is for Wally's Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

On hand

Wally's Kecleon
Kecleon was the first Pokémon that Wally caught with Ruby's help. He uses his long tongue to grab objects from a distance. He has a Jolly nature and the ability Color Change.

Kecleon's only known move is Astonish.

Debut VS Kecleon
Wally's Cacturne
Cacturne was caught as Cacnea and evolved into a Cacturne both offscreen. He was first seen rowing a boat during the flood caused by Kyogre. He has a Lax nature.

Cacturne's only known move is Needle Arm.

Debut VS Treecko
Wally's Roselia
Roselia is another of Wally's Pokémon that was caught offscreen. Roselia was used to heal Treecko after Wally saved it. He has a Timid nature.

Roselia's known moves are Aromatherapy and GrassWhistle.

Debut VS Treecko
Wally's Flygon
Flygon was originally a Pokémon that belonged to Norman that was given to him during his climb of the Sky Pillar.

Flygon's known moves are Fly and Sand Tomb.

Debut VS Treecko


Emerald's Grovyle
Main article: Emerald's Sceptile

Grovyle was a Treecko that was intended for Emerald but due to the flood caused by Kyogre he ended up lost at sea and eventually ending up in Wally's hands. Wally used him in his climb up Sky Pillar where he evolved into a Grovyle. However, he became lost in sea again when Rayquaza's awakening sent him flying into the water, unable to be returned to Professor Birch. He eventually washed up on a desert island where he evolved and was knocked out by Guile Hideout and smuggled into the Battle Frontier to drive the press out. He then became Emerald's main Pokémon after being reacquired in the Battle Factory.

Debut VS Torchic
Ruru is a Pokémon that originally belonged to Ruby, but was lent to Wally so that he could use her to capture his very own Pokémon. They were then separated by an earthquake and Ruru ended up in Wally's hands for a while afterwards. She evolved into a Kirlia offscreen during Wally's training on the Sky Pillar (which he did not want to happen) and stayed in Wally's possession until The Final Battle VIII, where Wally returned her to Ruby. She has a Gentle nature and the ability Synchronize.
Debut VS Cacnea


  • All of the Pokémon that Wally owns are colored green, matching his green hair and respirator suit.

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